Monday, February 1, 2010

Save for later

So after I put this outfit on today, i realized that I should have saved it for later. Its actually a cute little number.. way to cute to waist on running errands and going to the mall for lunch with my cousin. She needed to find an outfit to wear during AllStar Weekend coming up. So she asked me to accompany her to look for something. I didnt mind. I love putting outfits together (and spending other people's money too). We found a cute outfit for her (I should have taken a pic, oh well.. next time).

As I was taking my first pic below, i realized that it was pretty nice outside ... and i could take an outside pic,, yipeeeee!!! And this was the outside pic. I guess I need to figure out the angle of the sun so I dont have a huge shadow lurking behind me.. but i think the pic did come out brighter. And I like it..

Today's outfit
Grey jeans - Ashley Stewart
Orange tank - Ashley Stewart
Printed cardi - Macys (I really could have used a bigger size, but oh well. I still wear it)

And taadaaaaah! these are the socks that I had on today. cute striped penguin socks.

These are the shoes that I actually wore. the other shoes are cute but not to appropriate for mall and errands.

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BBM said...

i think the cardi looks great! and nikes all the way!