Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eShakti Review

A few weeks ago, I bought this dress from eShakti for BFF Court.
still available in the salfe section for $35.95 in sizes 1X (18W) and L (12).
 She had no idea what she was going to wear to the event for her mom, and I think this dress was the perfect selection. Since I made this purchase for her, I figured I would do a review of the dress. Sadly, I didnt take a pic of her in the dress by herself, but this is a good roundup of how the dress looked! (sorry for the repeat photos from previous post)

Details (from eShakti website):
A rolled high collar frames the decorative buttons at the back on a harvest toned fleece knit dress fashioned with matching buttoned large flap pockets. Pleats beneath the inset waist ease the fit through the skirt.

  • Slips on over head, partial side hidden zip closure.

  • Princess seaming to shape.

  • Knee length.

  • 100% Cotton, loop knit fleece, light stretch, midweight.

  • The REVIEW:
    The material and quality of this dress is impeccable. I had some slight trepidation when I read that this dress had no lining, but the heavy fabric was of good quality and the lining was not needed.  The pockets on this dress are darling. And since BFF Court is a shorty.. the length fit her nice.  The high waist band and large box pleats offered a very slimming effect to her midsection which is always an added plus.

    I dont have a good pic, but I wasnt pleased with the collar. It didnt really stand, or droop like I would have wanted it to. Im not sure if the fabric was too stiff or if it was the cut of the collar. In the first pic, the collar looks nice. In the other pics it looks a little off.  I think if this dress were made with out the collar it would be just as nice.  Although, the collar is somewhat the element that makes this dress unique.  So, the verdict is still out on the collar, because it may look different without the need for the cold weather accessories (ie cardi).

    Because of the weather, she wore a black cardi over the dress with black tights and tall knee boots.  The weight of this fabric would suggest that this is a Fall dress, but because there are no sleeves, its needs a cover (ie cardi) or a tshirt to cover your arms. I dont think that it will be a summer dress, but it may very well transition from Fall to Spring.. (and even winter with the right added garments).  I can see wearing this dress with a variety of different colors especially yellow. That would be really cute.

    In my opinion, I have had good outcomes with the custom sizing on eShakti. I have read that others have not had as much good luck. Although this dress was not custom sized, it fit perfectly. The bodice fit well and because it was an Aline bottom, you cant really go wrong.  Overall, this was a great dress selection for a great occasion.



    Monday, December 20, 2010

    I know I've been missing ... but Im here (pics heavy)

    Its been exactly one month since I lost my BayBay.. and Im still a little sad. So I havent really been in the bloggy spirit.  But Imma get my mojo back. I have taken a few pics in the month of December, so I will do a December Roundup.. (for anyone who is still out there, lol)

    I've been reading a few blogs and I kind of miss the holiday spirit that's in the air. I would have really liked to participate in one of the git exchanges. But my mood is so wishy washy right now, Im not sure that I could even live up to the challenge.

    Since I've been gone, I've helped BFF Court with a surprise birthday brunch for her mom. It was fabulous... and here are a few pics to prove it!
    EnJOY! ... and Happy Birthday Ms JOYce!

    Me - getting all choked up while talking about the love from this great family: BFF Court, her brother (Chris), her Dad (Noah) and ofcourse her Mom (Joyce). I wore - dress - Macys, black tights - ?, black knee boots - Macys, watch and necklace - gifts from Hubby.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Holiday Highlight video

    Here is another photo session that I did a few weeks ago for my cousin (and Godbrother) Derek and his family (April, Alexis and Robert).  They too were a fun family to work with. April wanted some pics for the holidays, and photos of each family member doing their hobby.

    I think it turned out pretty good. And they all enjoyed the photo session ... and the pics!

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Quiet Mourning

    Clarence Lee Jones
    February 22, 1924 - November 20, 2010

    Today was a sad day for me. I lost my grandfather - BayBay. He quietly passed in his sleep.
    Here are a few pics of BayBay! I love me some him!




    Alot has happened this year in my life and in my family.
    My little cousin wrote on facebook,"U nva really know wut life will throw at u. Pray I'm prepared for anything plz don't let anything else happen so soon thou."