Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 at 50 or 51 .. who's counting?

After two months of fashion blogging, I am happy to say that I have 30 followers and this is my 50th or 51st blog post. Surely when I started I had no idea who would be reading this blog (other than Hubby and my BFFs, they all read daily, lol). But happily, I have found a new community and you gals are all awesome. I appreciate you all visiting and reading each day, and ofcourse all the comments that you leave. I couldnt be more happy!! (so thanks - a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck)

I tried to pull together a little something today. These are a few pieces that I got on Valentine's Day when we went to the outlet. I actually got a few other things too so I will just let you see them a little at a time.
Today's Outfit
Grey striped shirt (new from internet shopping) - Old Navy
Oatmeal long cardi (new fromoutlet shopping) - Old Navy
Jean skirt - Fashion Bug
Grey tights - Avenue
Belt - ?
Necklace - NewYork&Co
Cowboy boots - Scottsdale, Arizona

Camel booties - NineWest
So which did I wear? The camel booties or the cowboy boots?


Courtney said...

I love how you coordinated the colors. I never imagined oatmeal and grey together but it looks great!

I prefer the cowboy boots. It makes the outfit funkier.

EvaNadine said...

i also prefer the cowboy boots, but i might recommend trimming an inch or two off the length of the skirt -- it looks like it might hit you in a better place if it were a wee bit shorter...

misss_e said...

Cowboy boots all the way! You ready for our challenge??!!

Chelsea said...

cowgirl boots! I just love anything cowgirl :) and this outfit is fabulous... great mix of neutrals!

(and I haven't heard "bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck" in yearsssss! reminds me of my dad.)

cheeky curves said...

You look great but I agree with EvaNadine, above the knee and straight skirt would give you great silhouette

Cynthia said...

This Texas gal hopes it was the cowboy boots. I am now following you!

Totally Inspired said...

Well ladies.. I wore the booties... sad to disappoint. But I thought that the cowgirl boots (*wink* to Chelsea) made my legs look shorter. Cutting the skirt is an interesting idea, but I am going to work ladies. But we'll see. Thanks so much your comments are great.

BBM said...

booties? cool! i liked both anyway! ;-)