Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happiness is Infectious - TAG

I was honored to be tagged by NikStar on her happiness post. And it has taken me this long to develop my list. I know - sad, but I know the things that make me happy, its just hard to pin them into 10 things.. and even harder for me to develop a list. I feel like I am going to miss something or leave something out. But I guess I can always write another list… So on this my 50th fashion blog post, I am happy to tell you some of the things that make me happy:

1. God is my Source – It makes me happy to know that God is my Source. Although I am blessed with a pretty good career, one that I actually like going to most days. Its not the job, its GOD. All of the things and experiences that happen in my life are because of God, and I am grateful! Thanks GOD!

2. Loving my husband – It makes me happy to love my husband. No matter how that reflection of love comes forth.

3. Spending time with my family – Whenever I am around my family for holiday dinners or just to hang out, I have a blast. They really make me happy. It also makes me happy to be able to spend time with my maternal grandparents (grandma is 84 and granddad also known as BayBay just turned 86). Spending time with them puts a smile on my face and theirs too!

4. My friends – Any time I spend with my friends is happy times. I have a variety of different cicles of friends. Im not sure if that’s strange to anyone else. MY BFFs, well you know they are the best. The one keeps me grounded while the other keeps me laughing (she is truly the funniest person that I know). Then there are my sorority sisters, my coworkers, the girls I grew up with, and a few different homies from random points in my life.

5. Relaxing and doing nothing or Relaxing and doing something – As much as I like people, sometimes I just want to do nothing. And then there are other times when I want to do everything. It just makes me happy to be able to live the life of my choosing.

6. A delicious meal – I am a sucker for a delicious meal. Now a good restaurant with great food, that makes me happy all the time.

7. Blogging and reading comments – After two months I have made 50 blog posts and I have 30 followers. It makes me happy to know that I am not the only one going through something. It makes me happy to read all of your comments (even the ones that I questioned). This blogging community is very supportive and provides the best feedback! Its awesome.

8. Painted fingernails and toenails – have you ever heard the expression, “Smiling on the inside” well that’s how I feel when I see my nails or toenails painted is a gorgeous color. There is something about painted nails that brings a smile to my face.. and makes me happy.

9. Realizing and witnessing growth and unfoldment for other people – This one is a little harder to explain. But when someone makes a change in their life and they are able to move forward with a goal, aspiration or even better clarity on something that was troubling them, that makes me happy. I like to see people moving in the right direction, especially when they are struggling with something. To see that a person has made a breakthrough in their thinking and now they can manifest something great in their lives truly makes me happy (ok, I know that one was really heavy, oh well).

10. Being alive – nuff said!

And since I was asked.. I am passing the happinesss on. If you have done this before, I apologize, you know I'm still fairly new and I may have missed it. Please make sure that you repost back to whomever tagged you (im not even sure how to do this, but it was part of the directions) and then tag 10 other people! Fun fun fun! I could have come up with plenty more wonderful blogs, but here goes …
.. and BBM gets and Honorable Mention, but NikStar tagged her in the post too!


Courtney said...

Happiness is definitely infectious! #9 is deep but I can definitely relate. Just reading that reminds me of "my list" and the things I would like to accomplish in the next 5 years.

NikStar said...

I love your list! <3 I really like your #9. I stepped out on faith and moved away from my family and friends to a city in which I maybe knew 2 people. It was the best move I ever made. I have found peace of mind and clarity, although I'm not on the exact path in which I hoped I would be, but God works in mysterious ways. && Right now your India Arie song playing over there is making me all emotional, but in a good way ;) *tissue*

P.S. You tagged the ones that I wish I could've tagged!

Andie said...

Thank you! I will do this over the weekend! :)

misss_e said...

Oooo Im going to do it today and post it tomorrow! Its going to take me a minute to come up with my list. LOL

Maria said...

Hey, I just realized you tagged me. Thanks! I will get to it tonight.

BBM said...

aaawwww kameel, this blog truly proves that ure a great person. girl, let me know if ure ever in daygo. ill hook u up with good food ... thats a promise. ;-P

thanks for the shout-out (again). i still need to do this tag. sheesh!

Nina said...

Wow I just saw this, thanks for the tag! I will do this either tomorrow or the weekend, gotta think of the things that make me happy! :)Just like everyone else #9 is such a great one.