Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the regularly scheduled program ... more boots with bows

Today I finaly joined Kimberly with the February Inspiration Calendar. If you read yesterday, I was supposed to wear an outfit from the calendar, but it didnt work out. Today is a pretty good combo.
I bought this dress awhile ago from Macys. And when I got it, I was going to take it back because i think it makes me look pregnant (which, Im not). Its actually sleeveless (i shoulda snapped another pic of the dress without the jacket, maybe next time). But when I did my usual fashion show for Hubby (whenever I do a big haul, I will do a fashion show for Hubby. He just laughs at me) this is one of the items that I was going to return. He suggested that I keep it and Im glad that I did. The dress has an asymetrical hem line, but you cant really see it in the pics. With the tights everything looks black on the bottom. The pearls actually came with the dress. (I know, more pearls.. I shoulda named my blog something about pearls.. any name suggestions, maybe I will use it one day)
Today's Outfit
Black sleeveless dress - Macys
Tan jacket - Lane Bryant
Pearls - came with the dress
Boots - Macys

More boots with bows. I guess I like bows and pearls, lol! (name suggestions???)
Oh, and see that watch.. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch. More details later. I will probably do one big post of some of my regular/staple "wardrobe favorite things" .. but let it be known. This watch is a staple in my closet!


Becky said...

Lovin the jacket layered over the dress-it gives it a great silhouette! Killer boots, too (again!)

misss_e said...

Love it all! The black really give you a killer shape...and you cant go wrong with bows!

Anonymous said...

Lovely comob and I ditto Becky - those boots are kiler!

Monique said...

Great Look! Pearls are classic! They go with everything.

BBM said...

girl... everytime i visit ure blog. mary gets stuck in my head! hehehe!

another stunner look! pearls and bows ... thatll be a cute blog name!

and props to ure hubby making u keep that dress!

BBM said...

oohh! and i LOVE watches! i wanna see a close-up! hehehe! sorry, im nosey!

Totally Inspired said...

Ok Ok ok ... imma change the order of the songs today. AH HAAAAA... the infamous watch~ I'll make a great post about it one of these days! But you can bet, it will definitely be on my arm most of the time (unless I forget).