Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not my best dress

Well today was really not my best work when it comes to putting together an outfit. Actually After looking at the pic, I thought this outfit is pretty boring. The shirt has pretty nice details, but the colors are all so subtle. And there is nothing going on... I guessI thought this would be much better. Oh, and never mind the hair, it wasnt combed yet, and i didnt really have a good shoe choice this morning, soI wore clogs..

Today's Outfit
Creme sweater with rhinestone buttons - Macys
Grey slacks - JC Penny
Black clogs - Nordstrom

The details here arent to bad. The buttons are dainty rhinestones, and the sleeve has a nice rouching (sp?).

Ok, so this is what I was supposed to wear today. I was pulling an outfit from the February Inspiration Calendar. Today called for a dress worn as a jacket, but for me, this look just wasnt doing it. The dress is nice by itself, but over this sweater its not really working for me. I just didnt feel comfortable, so I took it all off. Again, not my best look (it actually looked better in the pics that in person), but its a trial and error process.


bellisimama said...

love the belt! shows off those curves. so glad to find your blog. thanks for joining mine!

EvaNadine said...

we appreciate seeing the fashion misses too!
i dont think the outfit looked bad with the dress overtop of it, but in the end, if youre not comfortable in it, thats what matter most!

Taylor said...

I think if the jacket-dress were a few inches shorter you would've rocked it. It just hits at an odd place as a jacket. But I bet as a dress you look totally fab in it!

BBM said...

hey girl, we all have misses sometimes. :-) the jacket wouldve worked if it was shorter. but i do love the detail in the blouse!