Saturday, February 20, 2010

BFF Blog #3 - Ladies NIght

So the three amigos went out last night for some much needed laughs. All of our lives are going through different changes and although we talk often (atleast once a day), we still needed some laugh time. So we went to a place and had a few drinks and some dinner. The food was ok, but the drinks were good so that more than made up for mediocre food.

One thing about us is that we can laugh at the most random stuff in the whole wide world. But it will keep us laughing for hours and every time one of us mentions the incident the laughs start all over again. I am smiling on the inside just thinking of how much fun we had.

My outfit last night was the same as the post. I was supposed to roll the cuffs of the jacket, but yea, that didnt happen. So the outfit looked the same. Maybe next time. But either way, this is what the BFFs had on! (I am so happy that they play along and take the pics for my blog, lol)

BFF Outfit
Grey sweater (with the cutest button detail on the sleeve) - LaneBryant
Grey jeans - NewYork&Co (although when I asked her she said "Lerner" Its so sad that we still refer to NY&Co as Lerner.. I guess we are telling our age, lol)
Black boots - NineWest []
Heart necklace - cart in the mall

BFF Outfit
Camel leather peplum coat (that I totally adore!) - One Stop Plus
Brown Sweater - gift from mom's closet
Belt - shop in New Orleans, LA bought during the Essence Festival
Jean skirt - Gap
Boots - Ninewest


NikStar said...

Hey now, I remember it as Lerners too! haha I love your friends brown boots!

BBM said...

looks like look you guys had a fun, fashionable night!