Monday, February 15, 2010

What do you do ?

Well, today I stayed in all day so there wasnt an outfit to post. But ofcourse I will be back at it tomorrow. It has been a fun day "blog surfing" and reading all the fun things that people did to celebrate the Love Holiday! I am happy for you all.

On another note, i got a pretty weird comment today. Do you all keep your "interesting" (and I use the term loosely) comments? I decided to leave the comment and just add a response. But I guess I can totally see how someone (blog writer) could get frustrated by a comment that someone writes to their blog. Everyone is entitled to their comments and thats fine.. so this was a nice test.. Thanks Anonymous, you really made me grow in that respect. Because what I really wanted to do was rip you a new one in a new post. But I decided not to.

I have only read two other blogs where there were not so kind comments left on their page (clearly much worst than the comment that I got). One person was about to stop blogging all together and the other blogger just made a new post which had some excellent points. I decided to do neither and just left a response after the post.

What would you do if a person left a nasty, not so favorable comment on your blog? How would you or have you responded?


Honeybunches of Roses said...

I too have a problem with the written english language...LOL, my husband gets on me all the time because of it. Personally I'm just happy I have time to post the pictures its hard for me to sit there and re-read everything.

I think that is why I only have a certain amount of followers too, but I'm ok with that...I rather have people that can see past my faults and enjoy the friendly blogging friendship we share.

I will try to do better though...we'll see. I wouldn't worry about it thought, it really wasn't to bad. I was thinking she was attacking your clothes or each its own I say.

BBM said...

personally, i dont allow comments from "anonymous" people. i only allow comments through google and the openID thing ... wat is openID anyway? and if i ever get a negative comment, i think ill just delete it like it never happened.

i think its silly anyway to make negative comments. if i dont like someones style/outfit that day, i just wont comment. simple as that. no drama that way.

DivaInDeepThought said...

Well, I don't know if you meant that I was the one who made a post addressing the issues. But that is what I did. I mean... i have no problem with criticism. I mean I am putting myself out there. But if you are going to put that negativety out there... than you have to be man or woman enough to say who you are. I left the comments up because... you never know who may agree. But after that, I made it so that anonymous comments can not be put on my blog. Comment... be honest... I live for it... but don't hide behind the moniker "Anonymous"

Totally Inspired said...

@ Honeybunches - Thats just the thing. I dont struggle with the english language. Now I mayuse slang every now and then.. or a little texting language too (ie lol). but for the most part, i could not understand where that comment was coming from. Besides that.. who said that I wanted more readers anyway. but hey, maybe thats what they are after.

@BBM - thats exactly what I was thinking. if you dont have anything kind to say, dont say anything. Didnt we all learn that in elementary school?

@DivaIDT - I was referring to you in my post. But I wasnt gonna put you out there. Since you did, I just want you to know that you were quite elloquent in your response. Actually when I read it, I was like, dayum, someone must have said some hurtful things.. and then I get a crazzy comment... I totally agree with you. Dont provide a comment and then hide behind "Anonymous"

misss_e said...

Oh you handled it soooo well. Im with BBM...I'd click delete. That person was just being a jerk and then to turn around and spell grammar wrong. I mean come on.