Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Red for Women's Heart Health

So I didnt actually go to work today, I was a "Snow Chicken" scared of the pending 20 inches of snow. so I stayed home. But I still had a few errands to prepare for the pending blizzard. I had to run past the market to get some junk food for my pseudo super bowl party (which only includes me, mom and hubby .. we watch the commercials and eat fun food). Then I had to go pick up mom, she wanted to hang with us for the pending blizzard. So now I have her reading all my past blogs and she is totally wrapped up in it now. She wants me to sell stuff.. and do a video introduction (great idea that I showed her from Gilding the Frilly and Bright Side Dweller.. thanks ladies for a great idea)

Ok, so you know I dont get to go outside often.. but here ya go! Today's outfit
Red Sweater - Macys
Skinny Jeans _ Lane Bryant
Black clogs ( that I am hiding in the snow) - Nordstrom

And these are socks from christmas.. "I HEART PRESENTS"

The guest blogger didnt come over last night, so I guess you will see them another time. Mom has already agreed to be a guest blogger.. and you will be in for a serious treat when she gets to blogging.

I was going to make a full fashion show of all my red items.. but instead, I will use them next week and join BBM in her theme of wearing red all week!! Im wit ya babes! Lets go!!!!


BBM said...

you're wearing red with me next week and shopping for me at ?!?!? you're an angel. :-) thanks girl! and tell your mom i said "hey!!!". i could already tell she's super cute!

... let me know what you scored at !!!

woohoo! friday!

Ashley Louise said...

Those socks are awesome! And red is my favourite colour, so I'm always looking for an excuse to wear it! haha.

Thank you so much for the comment! In response to your question I'm moving from California to Portland, Oregon come June. But I'll deffinatly be on the lookout for historical places to photograph!