Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still snowed in ...Valentine's Day Red Challenge-Day #2

Well I guess I will be doing in home fashion shows all this week. I am still home in the snow, so no work today either. But I did get dressed just for the challenge. I figure, hey, I have picked out all these outfits, I may as well wear them. My sister thinks I'm crazy for getting dressed when I'm snowed in.. but its fun, so I told her to leave me alone.
Today's outfit
Red dolman sleeve shirt - Macys
Black ruffle skirt - Fashion Bug (this is a reaaallly bad pic of this skirt, which has the cutest ruffle detail. See pic below)

Black patent slingback pumps - Macys (I never really wear these often cuz the sling back never stays up.. but they look cute)
Pearl necklace and flower brooch - Ashley Stewart


Andie said...

very cute! red is a good color for you-

and re: slingbacks.... I have the same problem. There are these little strips you can buy to put in your slingbacks that help them stay up pretty well....

BBM said...

oooohhh! i LOVE this on you! i have the same skirt girl ... dont you love it? its so comfy and fits so well! i have both colors (black and red) and the red one is on my list this week to wear ... yay!

im glad you dressed up even though youre snowed in. you look GREAT!

love the pearls too, yum! :-)

Zuzuli said...

This is a fabulous outfit and red is your colour! I adore the necklace!!

Maria said...

I love your pear necklace. I've been looking for something similar and haven't found it yet.