Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pink and Orange Flower Booties

Eventhough it was cold as "Dick's hatband" (something my mom says when its reaaaaaaly cold) outside this morning, i still decided to wear a skirt.. I dont knwo what I was thinking, but I liked the outfit, so I said to myself, go ahead and wear it anyway. I was running late this morning, so hubby had to be my stand in tripod and take the photo.
Today's outfit
Pink sweater - Macys
Grey skirt - Target (maternity... nope, not pregnant yet)
Black tights - JC Penny
Pink and orange flower boots - Naturalizer
You all may be in for a treat tonight. I might have a guest blogger again. we'll see, it depends if the person is comfortable with their outfit....

These are a pair of my favorite boots. I luv the flower detail on them, and they are super comfortable.. the heel is really short, but they still have a sexy look to them. I get so many compliments when I wear these boots. They are like 4 years old and when I saw them, I had to have them.


Becky said...

Those boots are SO cute! And, I wear skirts all the time, even when it's below freezing out. I find tights and boots are warmer than wearing pants for some reason! Did I mention your boots are SO cute?!

BBM said...

hey, we ladies are tough huh wearing skirts through the cold ... we are somethin' and ure outfit today is somethin! super cute and those boots ... they are LOVELY! naturalizer suprisingly have really cute stuff sometimes. i LOVE it!

Totally Inspired said...

Becky - I think I turned your outfit from yesterday .. inside out.. lol

BBM - I was just as surprised to find those in a Naturalizer.. and I have been wearing them ever since.. luvs them

Thanks ladies~!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

Such a pretty pink!!

Zuzuli said...

Umm, those booties are to die for! Love the toe and the heel!

P.S. As for what I packed in my bag, I wore my longjohns, jeans and boots to the chalet to save space in the bag. I pre-planned my outfits so I would bring the exact clothes I was wearing and truly nothing extra. I ended up purchasing a cozy new sweater at the ski resort. Plus, I used the rolling technique to pack all my clothes which, due to work travels now, is my mainstay in folding.

Hope that helps a bit! And have fun!!