Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Reunion - Day 3 Departure

Today's Outfit
dress - Ross in RockyMount (yup I bought this dress the day before)
gold sandals - Macys

This was our stop for breakfast. Biscuitville. Have you heard of it? It reminded me of fast food, but homemade country breakfast. The food was definitely tasty!


The last day of the reunion was a church service. It was awesome!!! The message was filled with family unity. The scripture reading was Proverbs 4:1-7 and it talked about "get understanding and get wisdom" I truly enjoyed it and we all left well spiritually fed.

Family Reunion - Day 2 Activities

Today we got to wear our reunion tshirts, which state:
Joe & Mary Cofield
Honoring our Yesterday
Celebrating Today
Looking Towards Tomorrow...
Cofield Family Reunion
RockyMount, NC
June 25-27, 2010
Today's Outfit
white capri - AshleyStewart
family reunion tshirt
gold sandals - Macys
The day started with a family meeting and breakfast. BALTIMORE has been selected as the 2012 reunion location... (that means I need to get started working.. get ready for more blog posts, lol.. and a new blog - u gonna join this one too?) The rest of the day was filled with shopping and a visit to the Harley Davidson store in Rocky Mount. Then that evening we had a banquet where we honored my great-great aunt and my grandmother on their 88th and 84th birthdays, respectively.

Family Reunion - Day 1 Arrival

The trip started out well. We drove for about two hours and we stopped at Joe's Crab Shack in Fredericksburg, VA. A few different members in the family had seen the commercials and wanted to eat there, but there isnt a location near Baltimore. We had a great time enjoying the seafood and the family fun times.

Today's Outfit

grey tank - LaneBryant outlet

white leggins - Ashley Stewart

My little cousin was all smiles.. aawwwll!

and Hubby was ready to get crackin on those crab legs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The weekend is almost here

I am definitely getting ready for the weekend.. and a nice week long vacation. I cant wait. I need to get my feet into a pool or walk on some sand... something.. just make it fun!!! .. (oh, and least I forget, eat some good food!!! yeaaaa)

Today's Outfit
denim dress - Rainbow Plus (serious score... only$10)
black wedges - NY&Co
crown necklace - a gift from Hubby.. he asked me to wear it today cuz I couldnt figure out what I wanted to wear as a neck accessory... Thanks Hubby!! great idea.
silver floral bracelet - ???
Yesterday FLASHBACK:
Nurmisur asked in her comment what I was packing.. here it IS!! [lol] .. a mess..I will post better pics tonight.

There are strapless sundresses, capris (jean, black and white), tshirts (striped-OldNavy), fun shirts (floral-H&M), leggins (black and white), tunics, swimsuit, sun hat and cookies,lol!
After work, I stopped past to see my grandfather at his new assisted living home. He was happy to see me.. and liking his "new digs" very much.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today I give you ...

... multiple poses, lol.
Today's Outfit
shoes - Avon
brown capris (with cute side buttons) - AshleyStewart
orange peasant top (and its a size to big) - LaneBryant Outlet
belt - from my BFFs romper
necklace - Avon

I am almost packed for vacation. I have all my pretty sundresses, a few capris (jean, white, black) and tshirt. Tonight and tomorrow, I will add in the jewelry, shoes and necessities.
Also, I got my hair done last night..."vacation hair" but it was to big to wear out to work. Maybe tomorrow I will wear it out, since I will be on cruise control (lol) to my vacation (eventhough I have a day full of meetings tomorrow).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why wait??? .. - Eshakti Review

So I was offered to review an item for eShakti. And when I was asked, I was totally elated. As we all know how much I like their styles and craftsmanship. I blogged about them here and here.
I selected this dress to review, and I must admit the experience was awesome!!! I LOVE this dress. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I was so excited to wear it that I could hold off on this one, I had to wear it today.
So here is my REVIEW:
PROS : This dress fits amazing. I love how it feels and it really is perfect in all the places that I tend to have issues with other garments (ie arm hole to large, or not fitting properly in the top). The color is perfect and I love the flowers at the shoulder. The black bands hit at the perfect location to cinch in my waist and are very comfortable. This is a goodversatile dress for day or night. It feels very comfortable on and it was a great choice.
CONS: Mostly the cons for this dress are all my fault. As you can see I have on a pair of crop leggins. When I ordered the dress, I said that I wanted it to hit me mid thigh (I ordered the dress 'Above the knee').. bad choice, clearly this was a misjudgement on my part because eShakti sent me the dress exactly as I requested (thats a good thing ofcourse). But I think its a little to short [on me], especially for work so I wore leggins. If I wasnt going to work I would have worn the dress without the leggins (maybe). I think I will be sure to request that all my future dresses/skirts are atleast knee length or mid-calf in some cases depending on the dress. Previously I had issue with non-existant linning on the skirt I reviewed. This dress could have had a linning too, but its not needed as was the case for the skirt. But it would have been a nice bonus to the construction of the dress. The last thing, Im not sure about is, how will this dress hold up after washing. I will let you know.
And since we are considering virtual shopping. Here are a few more items that I would love to have from eShakti. And I will probably order a few more dresses before the summer is over. some of these styles I have liked since I first found their website.
(All photos from eshakti.com)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My First Hair Cut

ok ok.. not me.. its my sister, but she let ME (who has never cut hair before, nor ever been to cosmetology school) cut her hair. I tried to get her to let me take a before pic (which would have made these pics waaaaay more dramatic) but she didnt like the hair before.. so she wanted no reminder of what it looked like.

She posted on her facebook status "I am about to let Kameel cut my hair, this should be interesting" One person responded.. "you must not like your hair very much" .. we thought that was HILARIOUS.. and true.. she is not connected or attached to hair at all. She said if it didn't turn out right, she would just add some more (a weave) or cut it shorter. But she liked it enough to keep it until tomorrow.. so we will see what the verdict is then. I'll keep you posted.. But I liked it. and she did too (when she left my house).

Vacation Packing

Hi readers, I need some help. I am packing for a week long vacation and I need some packing ideas.
First we will be at the family reunion in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for the weekend.

Then we will be spending a week at Berkeley Hall near Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Since we are so close, we plan to take a day trip over to Savannah, Georgia.

I need your help...
What should I pack????

Friday, June 18, 2010

Love Peasant

This is my casual Friday outfit today. But I am sooo ready for the weekend, although I have a gazillion things to do. Im sure this weekend will flyyyy by! vvvrrrooooooooooMMM!!!

Today's Outfit
paisley peasant top - Macys
jean peasant skirt - Burlington
brown wedge sandals - Wilson Leather
floral necklace - Avon

This is going to be a long and interesting day because I left my cellphone home... AND my favorite watch.
I feel bare!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of the questions from the Love & Forgiveness event was ..
What does LOVE look like??
Most of the time we think that LOVE looks like romance or doing something kind. But LOVE is an enerygy, a vibration. LOVE is more powerful than light and can penetrate everything. LOVE can heal bodies and minds. LOVE can be channeled in any place that we command. It takes courage to say and promote LOVE. Its the most healing power on the planet and we all have access and command over LOVE.
I want to say I LOVE YOU .. and as you read this, I am channeling LOVE your direction.

Today's Outfit
red damask dress - Ashley Stewart
black shoes - rack room
blue shrug - LaneBryant

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Giveaway - BigBeautyfulMess(BBM)

Its giveaway time again....
BBM is hosting a giveaway
Check out her blog and try your luck!

Change Everything - Love and Forgive

I am that I am!
"Healing comes when I let LOVE change me"
Today's Outfit
floral skirt - Macys
black tshirt - OldNavy
ruffle sandals - FashionBug
turquoise cardi - LaneBryant
necklace and bracelet - some vacation I was on,....Mexico, maybe??
Last night was so awesome! There was a "healing activitiy", each of the groups talked about their activities, then a Keynote speaker and lastly, there were the Love&Forgiveness Drummers. Just a really "loving" event.
The Healing activity was helpful for me. Each table had a phrase and we all said it together. After we said it, we all had candles to light. So the room was just filled with candle light by the end of the activity. It symbolized a strong pressence and power and true solidarity on a common cause.
"Where there is brokenness, may Love & Forgiveness move us toward healing."
The Keynote Speaker was Maria Broom. She used to be a news achor here in Baltimore. Now she is a world renowned actress and dancer, and ofcourse "love advocate". She has worked in the Baltimore City Public Schools with several different hats, but all the time she has been an advocate of love. Her speech was really good and very inspiring to want to promote "love." She had us all laughing because she said that she was talking to several 'big wigs' in the school system and they all were trying to figure out what we can do to promote diversity, she suggested we "love' the students. The 'big wigs' told her that you cant "fund love".. because "love" is not measurable and quantifiable. But with this project, The Love and Forgiveness Campaign, someone was able to "fund love". It was a great speech.
One of the highlights of the evening was the Love & Forgiveness Drummers. Teenagers, all who have been working on Love&Forgiveness for the past four years. They were so good. They each spoke about their experience in the process and you could tell there were some serious breakthroughs in the group. The drumming was like the icing on the cake. They had the title of this post on their tshirts - Change Everything - Love and Forgive.
I had a great evening. I decided that I will have a group session about Love & Forgiveness. We got some flashcards at the event to use as discussion topics, so I think that will get the group going.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RISE and SHINE and Give GOD the Glory

Today is my first day back at work. So that means I was up and out of the house at 6:15am. My regular work time is 7a and it takes me about 20 min to get to work. So I was a little early today which is good so that I can start fresh.
Today's Outfit
dress - Macys
shoes - RackRoom
earrings - SugarLand Boutique
black floral bracelet - Andie's giveaway
I am a little dressed up for my first day back to work, because after work, I have a dinner to attend with my mom. This will be the ceremonial dinner for The Campaign on Love and Forgiveness. (my mother has a quote on their website, Rev. Bernette Jones) I went to this dinner last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it (mom was the keynote speaker last year). And this year, I thoroughly NEED it. Just being in the room with the vast variety of loving people is an inspiration for my soul. And a sistah could really use that right now.
So what is this campaign?? Well you can read about it here and here. But basically, its a movement to get people talking about love and forgiveness and bring these concepts into their daily lives. During the last 4 years, there have been various community events and workshops. In addition Maryland Public Television (and several otherpublic stations) has shown several programs about love and forgiveness. And in the end, the goal is to create a community of love and forgiveness!
from the website:
What can I do? How can I bring more love & forgiveness into my world?
Join our Campaign mailing list to learn about upcoming events and activities: outreach@mpt.org.
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." – George Sand
Write a letter to a loved one. Letter writing tips (requires Adobe Reader)
Hug a family member.
Say "thank you" with meaning.
Help a neighbor in need.
Donate your time to a cause you believe in.
Be present. The one thing you have for sure is this moment.
Find one thing to be thankful for when you wake up.
Find one thing to be thankful for before you go to sleep.
Reflect on the many ways that loving actions have changed your life.

Ofcourse I had more errands to run. I did go to the hair dresser. Then I had to meet a social worker for my grandfather (just to get some paper work completed). Then we went over and talked to the owner/manager of the Assited Living Facility where grandpa will be staying. He has a move in date of next week and he is ready to go. I think this move will be good for him. He is getting to an age where he doesnt want to be a burden on the family, so when the fire happened at their home, he asked to be moved to an Assisted Living Facility where he would be able to live comfortably without any worries or cares at all. So I have been working hard these last few weeks to make this work for him.
Errand Outfit
dress - OldNavy
shoes - Payless
Accessories - Avenue and OldNavy