Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday and Today

So this is what I came up with yesterday... but it didnt start out this way. Originally, i had on leggins with this shirt. This is a shirt similar to the one I wore when I went to the movie with mom, but this one has thinner stripes and a cute short sleeeve detail so I had to add a long sleeve black henley tee.

I was preparing to go to a sleepover for my neice, and i was fully dressed. then i looked out the window and saw that it was snowing a "white out".. so i had to change the pants. I just threw on a pair of denim pants. and this is what i cam up with.. not really my favorite outfit because it makes me look a little wider than i really am.. oh well.. thats what it was for saturday...

Yesterday's Outfit
Black henley tshirt - (GAP, men's section)
Long striped shirt dress - (Ashley Stewart)
Denim trousers - (JC Penny)
Black belt - (Lane Bryant)
Coach scarf - for hair protection, lol
Pink and black bag - my overnight bag, reusable bag from Macys

Today, i just have on a red track suit / yoga suit / jummper cuz we were just getting dressed and leaving the sleepover.. so now, im home and in my PJs on the couch... that party was draining.. but i think the little ladies (14 year olds) had a good time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have you heard the news???? ....

Have you heard the latest news.....I am a WINNER!!!!!
and I am very excited.. Thanks KIM!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the Winner Is ....

The winner of the Shoes Got Sole giveaway from CSN Stores is ...


Congratulations!! I'll be in touch shortly!

from Sneakers to Stilettos - New Giveaway Ladies

I found this new blog, from sneakers to stilettos which is soo cute. she is really fashionable.. and her casual looks are just as awesome as her work wear.. i will surely be taking a few style ideas from her. in honor of her 6 months of blogging.. she has a giveaway.. sign up and see if you can win. good luck!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Work ID

So, today I have to go take a new photo id for work. I work for the state as an engineering project manager for highway planning projects. Since i got married more than a year ago now.. i still have not gotten a new ID.. although, I have tried to get a new ID 2 or 3 times so far.. the first time, I didnt have my drivers license changed so they wouldnt accept changing my work ID.. the next time, I got the paper signed, but I let it expire.. and i think i did that the third time too.. but today!!! i am going to get it... wish me luck..

I figured that this would be an outfit that i would like to see over and over again for a very long time.. i even add some makeup today... hopefully that will help the picture some too..
Todays Outfit
pink cardi - Avenue
creme tank - Ashley Stewart
denim pants - Avenue
clogs - Nordstrom

and I have on pink socks, lol.. i like to wear colored socks or striped socks or printed socks.... its like a secret that only I know.. except when i have on clogs (like today) and you can see my heels... lol... or when i take my shoes off ofcourse..

and this was my coat.. i luv luv this coat. it ha ssuch girly details...
OK.. so I have all these fancy cameras.. but the pics are still turning out grainy.. what settings are folks using for their pics? what do I need to change.. some of the other blogs that I have seen have some of the best pics.. Imma have to see whats out there .. i know someone has written an article.. has a webpage.. or created a youtube about taking good blogger pics... when i figure it out.. maybe I will make an article, webpage (probably not).. or a youtube!!!
have a great day ladies.. and gents (hi hubby!!! I know your reading, lol)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

OOpsy Thursday

Today's outfit was another summer remix.. this is an old skirt that I have had for awhile.. and since we are pulling out summer items and wearing them in the winter, i thought this was a perfect skirt...
Today's Outfit
Black sweater - Target
Summer print skirt - Macys
Booties - Nine West
Tights - Nordstrom
Yellow pashmina - hmmmm, maybe a stand in the mall.. who knows

Now here is the "oopsy"... ... ... wait for it... ... ...these tights are actually NAVY BLUE! LOL.. there is clearly not enough light in my bedroom, and I actually went into the hallway (so as not to wake hubby at 5:45am) ... and i thought i checked the color.. but i checked the color against a brown pair of tights... so they look black.. but when i got downstairs to actually take my pic.. i realized that the tights were actually navy blue.. I said, oh well.. i am wearing them anyway.. and I DARE anyone to comment. (which i know they wont..cuz even in the pics, you cant even tell that they are not black) Plus I sit under a desk all day.. surely no one is going under there to

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Friend Blog 1

So this is one of my BFFs.. she wasnt ready to actually blog herself so she asked me to write something.. maybe next time she will write this segment. But any who... I have known her since the 7th grad. yea, a loooooong time... she is really one of my fashion buddies.. she gets me in waaaay to much shopping trouble.. its amazing though.. cuz sometimes we have exactly the same fashion taste.. and then other times we are polar opposites... maybe she will share some of her fashions with you all later...
BFF outfit
Black dress - NY & Co
Pink turtle neck - NY&Co
Grey/black faded long cardi - Fashion Bug
Black tights - Nordstrom
Black boots - NineWest

Same coat today

Today's outfit was pretty regular.. I havent worn this shrug/cardi/ blah blah in a long time.. I have no idea why i dont pull it out more. i actually like it. It has a fun color combo although you cant really see it in these pics. the colors are actually - yellow, red and orange. I really need to work on the settings for my camera to get the clarity and the colors to work right. Evanadine gave me the suggestion to take pics in the daylight (that doesnt work for me cuz, i leave home before the sun comes up.. and I get home after the sun has gone down.. maybe in the spring I will be able to get a few daylight shots)

Today's outfit
Yellow short sleeve turtleneck - NY&Co
Brown Slacks - JC Penny
Green argyle short cardi - LaneBryant
Brown Boots - NineWest

This was my attempt at showing you the colors in the sweater.. it didnt work out to well, cuz the flash was to bright .. adn then i tried to adjust the brightness with some program in the computer... I have all this fancy equipment.. and I cant get it to work. I think i need to take a camera class.. (I have been sayign this since i got that fancy new camera, which is really awesome if I couldget it to work for me)...

what do you do to make your pics come out so perfect???? i'm struggling on this one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

statement necklace anyone?

Well, this is the coat that I wore today.. its probably waaay to bright for this color dress.. but i felt bright and sunny, i guess... The coat is actually orange, but it looks coral in the pics..
Dress - Rainbow Plus
Belt - Ashley Stewart
Tights - Nordstrom
Necklace - Ashley Stewart
Boots - Macys

So, this is the statement necklace.. i really think it was a wrong choice for today.. its to big.. and a little gaudy..and its so big that my neck was hurting halfway through the day... but you know how we do.. i stuck it out and refused to take it off until i got home.aaaahh, relief.. not sure if you all will get to see this one again.. this necklace may go in the giveaway bag.
Was this the wrong necklace? what would you have worn with this dress and outfit?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Errands and a new tripod

I have two cameras.. a casio exilm (which i love) .. and a much more fabulous cannon eos slr (or something like that.. but is a fancy smancy something or other).. but TODAY.. i got something that will hopefully make all of my future photos amazing.. wait for it... a tripod. ta daaaaaa! so now hopefully my pics will be a lot better.. and maybe even a few of them will be clear.

Today was a pretty laid back day. I had lunch with one of my BFFs (they read my blog only occassionaly.. maybe they will come visit one day or dare i say even be a guest blogger one day, we'll see)... got some alterations done at the dry cleaner.. returned a few things and bought some more.. and all the while, i did it in this little number....

black turtleneck - Avenue
black studded leggins - Macys
dress - NY & Co
(i really like the idea of a summer dress in the winter.. talk about wardrobe expansion.. its pretty cool.. and cute)
black boots - NineWest (I shoulda took a good close up pic of these boots.. they are so cute.. maybe later)

Fell 4 Fashion: Giveaway with CSN Stores!

Its give away time... check out the link below for a chance to win!
Fell 4 Fashion: Giveaway with CSN Stores!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movie with Mom

Mom and I went to the movies this evening. We saw Blindside.. (great movie). I wanted to wear something cute and trendy, but still be comfortable. This is what I came up with.
Jean leggins (Ashley Stewart)
Long button shirt (Ashley Stewart)
Belt (Ashley Stewart)
Black Webbed Boots (Nordstrom)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BookClub Saturday

Well today was my bookclub meeting. My bookclub is called the Ebonybookworms. We usually meet the fourth saturday at 4pm. This was our annual gift exchange (we exchange in January because we dont meet in December.. and then we can still take advantage of the after Christmas sales). I even added a little makeup for the occassion. I thought this outfit was really fun!

Today's outfit
Pink turtleneck (NY & Co)
Yellow sweater (Lane Bryant)
Jean skirt (Fashion Bug) [this was a reeeaaallly, good buy... and it has some of the cutest detail on the back with a little kick pleat, i just think it is sooo cute.. although the pics are not that good of the skirt.. maybe i will get some better pics later]
Pink tights (JC Penny)
Black webbed boots (Nordstrom)

I am still learning to take the pics and upload them. hopefully, I will get the hang of this soon...its still a little frustrating cuz the photos never load where i want then to....oh well..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chill Friday

I had a few errands to run after work.. but today was a really nice day. I went on a nice walk.. and this outfit was perfect fro a lunch time stroll. I thought it was gonna be alot of sleet and ice this morning, but i still tried to pull together an outfit and not be lazy...

Black Henly (Mens Gap)
Jean Jacket (JC Penny)
Khaki slacks (K&G)
Black boots (Nine West)
Statement Necklace (Macys)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

outfit 1/21/2010

outfit 1/21/2010
Originally uploaded by Heiress9704

finally .. an outfit.. this is waaaay more technical than i thought to get this photo on here.. i may have to post all my weeks photos at one time.. hold on ladies.. but i will get the hang of this soon.

Today's Outfit

Black dress (LaneBryant)

Long Pink Cardi (Avenue)

Black studded belt (Ashley Stewart)

Alfani knee boots (Macys)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still no pics... 1/20/2010

I am really getting frustrated with not being able to post my pics... Actually, 1.) the pics never seem to come out right when I take the pic and 2.) I got hubby to take the pic, but its clearly all the wrong angles.. so this is just a frustrating process.. Now, i have been coming up with some great fashion combinations .. much thanks to "my sistahs in fashion", lol.. but i cant even let you all see them.. Oh well.. imma get me a camera tripod soon, and maybe i can get my mojo going on the photos... so I'll be posting pics soon... until then

Todays outfit (clearly this is no fun at all.. but here goes)
red turtleneck with really cute details - (Fashion Bug.. supersale $8)
black and grey leopard cardi (Fashion Bug)
black slacks (also Fashion Bug $20.. do we see a pattern here.. they had a good sale, lol)
red boots (NineWest)

So ladies.. how do you take your pics?? do you use a tripod? or does someone else take the pics for you?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Raven's Chic

Well today was "Purple Friday" here in Baltimore. Although I am not really a footbal fan, but I play one on tv, I had on my Raven's Purple. Im still working on getting the photos up, but today I have on :
black tank top (Ashley Stewart)
skinny jeans (Macys)
long purple cardigan (Avenue)
black belt (Ashley Stewart)
black boots (NineWest)

I need to figure out that polyvore site. That would atleast help to show my outfits.

So as I surf the blogger fashion world, I was looking at what things I need to add to my wardrobe. I have figured out that first I need some long sleeve tshirts for layering. I surely wish I could find one with the stripes like Kimberly's fashion in this blog ..cute cute cute! Thats the score that I am really looking for. I think I will venture out to Old Navy or some place to look for some tshirts this weekend.

Have a great weekend! Go Ravens!!!
(ha ha)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's finally time! - I am totally inspired

So the wedding is over.. and we have officially celebrated our first anniversary on November 7. Nope.. i didn't write one blog entry since I got started.. but here we are again.. lets try this year and see what we get.

SO, this is where it started.... I gained about 30 pounds since the wedding, which is probably the same 30 pounds that I lost before the wedding. Now, I have not been a small lady, I am rather voluptuous, but it was pretty nice to be 30 pounds lighter..BUT the fashion selections were not that much better 30 pounds ago... ok ok.. I'm rambling.. the point is.. I lost the weight not by the best means.. so when the weight came back, although I knew it would.. I wasn't feeling very good about it. It made me really sad and frustrated as well cuz there was nothing that looked like me.. it was all plus size old lady stuff.. I started out looking for other "loose weight quick schemes" and I found out about Sensa.. I was on the web surfing trying to find out if folks had any success OR serious side effects (I still haven't figured it out, but I am done with the idea).. and I FOUND THE BEST MOTIVATION A PLUS SIZE WOMEN COULD FIND.... other beautiful plus size women.. who are seriously workin it with the fashion!!! .. I was so excited when I started reading the blogs of Kimberly and Fashion Addict Now I have always been a lover of fashion.. (even as a teen when i was much smaller). So as soon as I saw these fashion blogs.. all i could think was.. HEY, KAMEEL.. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! YOU CAN DO THAT!!!! I showed hubby the blogs and he was really excited for me. He could tell that this was something that I needed and had been looking for .. and here I am !!!

so here we are.. maybe I will be able to keep up with you ladies in my blogging. but i have to be diligent about it.. and although i want to really bad, my blogging track record hasn't been too good... lets see where I go from here..

Oh, and today's outfit was really cute.. as have my outfits been for the past week when I found these fashion blogs. Thanks ladies.. I am totally inspired!!!

Pics soon... but todays outfit was:
Peach Cardigan (Jan 2010 -Avenue $20)
Brown riding pants *perfect fit (Dec 2009 - Lane Bryant $20)
Green tank and pearl necklace (Ashley Stewart $10)
Brown Boots (NineWest)