Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last week in Love

This is a roundup of my outfits for the last week of February - the month of Love!
Monday : I had a doctor's appointment for Ryan's 6 month check-up.  So look who was sitting there looking at the camera, lol. I just couldnt crop him out :)
sweater, tank, tights - LB; skirt-Burlington
 Tuesday : Back to the Grind.  Work flow.
sweater-elloqui; scarf-gifted; pants-?
 Wednesday: We gained an extra day in February. Happy Leap Year Day!
cardi-FashionBug; tank-LB; pants-K&G; jewelry-gifted

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Much needed pampering for Mommy

I finally got a chance to make it to the hairdresser (at 6:30am) and it was well worth it.  When I left my appointment I went straight to the mall and did a little "damage."  I had coupons and gift checques galore!!! I finallly grabbed these colored blue jeans that I have had my eye on for some time now..

When I got home I put together this outfit for my book club meeting later in the day.
Busy, Busy, Mommy!
cardi-Macys; tank and jeans-LaneBryant
The Book Club is planning our 10th Anniversary trip. I am charged with coming up with something great for us! We'll see how this goes, lol.
So far I have in mind:
- Alexandria, Va
- Charleston, SC
- Providence, RI
- Virginia Beach, VA
- Atlantic City, NJ
- Philadelphia, PA
- Brandywine, PA
- Charlotesville, VA
- Boston, MA
- (Niagara Falls) Ontario, Canada
We would like to travel to some exocit island, but our funds are limiting us to something local, or a locale that can be reached with a $69 flight (each way, lol).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its his Half Birthday!!! - As he grows - 6 months

do you remember the earthquake??? well I surely do. It was exactly six months ago.. and this is my little blessing to prove it:

Six Months Old
Weight:hmmm, docts appt is on Monday... Ill repost later
Diaper Size: 2 (and a few 1s here and there)
Drinks: 5-6oz at each feeding; eating rice cereal for breakfast and a meal for lunch and then another meal for dinner. We are about to increase the bottle amount and we may go to formula too. Up to this point, Ryan has been drinking solely breastmilk (bottle fed and nursing)
Wearing: 3-6 months

Ryan is flipping around (front to back and then back to front), holding his bottle, and sleeping through the night (from 8:30p or 9:30p to 5:30a).  He loooves to eat all the good food that mommy cooks for him. So far, we have tried - sweet potatoe, banana, apples, pears, peas, green beans and avacado.  The avacado didnt go over to well, but he will eat the peans and green beans IF they are mixed with a sweet fruit or veggie like banana.  Once we pulled out the high chair, feeding has been going veeery well! Ryan loves eating.  He has started to show more of his personality and he likes being held. He likes when Mommy and Daddy talk to him too. He has started to recognize both mommy and daddy voices. Ryan is planning a cruise vacation in April, so he got his first passport!! Exciting! 

Oh yea, and this is me!
I wish I had stayed home with my sweetie cuddlebug today, but I had a meeting. Oh well, gotta make the doughnuts.
I hear that in some cultures people really celebrate their "half birthday" especially if their birthday falls in the summer. Becasue the half birthday will be during school time and then peers can celebrate. I might really incorporate this tradition.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The looks - back to our regularly scheduled program

sweater, skirt, tank - LB; excuse the shoes.. i didnt feel like any heels, lol.
the necklace is from Mom's jewelry box
 top-FashionBug, skirt and tights - LB; I totally forgot my jewelry today.

 and look who was watching me while I clicked a few pics.
So I grabbed him for a photo!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Loving the Weekend

Its the start of a long weekend. And Im so ready! I have a few plans for the weekend but not to busy.
 shirt-Fashion Bug; long cardi-OldNavy; jeans-Ashley Stewart; necklace-LB; boots-Avenue

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love on Thursday

Busy day at work today. But Im so grateful to have a job... even when Im tired and I want to stay home and lay in the bed all day with my "cuddlebug" (Ryan)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After the Love

I thought I would continue the red this week, in celebration of the Love Holiday.
  and look who was all decked out with me. again - I had other pics, but they wont flip.. so i just skipped them this time and used this one. Still cute :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love Holiday

Hubby and I didnt have any big plans for Valentine's Day.  He brought dinner home, which was perfect for me.  Im not really a fan of long waits, expensive and over priced pre fix menus.  Id much rather go out the next week or the weekend before like we did out little getaway in DC.  now my views are nothing against those who wish to do differently. I did get my usual bouquet of lovely flowers.. and some beauuutiful cards.  And Ryan got me a cards and a huge reese cup! I loved it all!
top-OldNavy; jeans-JCPenney; jacket-Avon
and I changed up the hair for ya, lol

My friend (and coworker) Jamaica looked really cute for Valentine's Day. She went to brunch with her Hubby and then they went out to dinner later that evening.  She got this dress for Christmas and its reaaaaally cute. But there are a few challenges with the dress.. its corduroy! Which means its not really an all seasons dress, but at the same time its a halter which lends itself to summer.  So she paired the dress with a turtleneck and boots. Lovely indeed! I think she did a great job.

top-Express, dress and belt-Anthropologie; boots-NineWest
And Ryan was all decked out for the "love holiday" too! (sorry, I couldnt get it to flip, douh!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend of Love

Hubby and I went to Washington, DC for an overnight getaway. I had purchased a hotel night at the website Sniqueaway (very good deals) just for the Valentine's Day occassion.  Auntie Yolanda kept the little man for us.

So we got up early on saturday and took Ryan to swim class (the last class, awwwwlll, and Im not sure if I will sign up again). The when class was over we dropped off Ryan and went to DC for our getaway.  On the way, Hubby and I stopped to get gas and we were feeling lucky, so we bought $30 in lottery scratch offs ... we won $2!! (boooo.... we wanted to win the major prize)

When we got to DC, we were staaarrving. But we checked in to a lovely hotel room at The Dupont Circle Hotel.. Niiiiice!
 The room was quaint, but really nice.  The bathroom had heated floors which is a nice luxury.

sweater and jeans - LB
After checking in, we grabbed some lunch at KramersBooks & Afterwards.  The atmosphere was lively and colorful.  The food was ok. Ive had better, but the experience was nice. And there were some really fun books there too. We laughed sooo hard at a book that explained hiphop lyrics... fuuunnnyyy! We even bought Ryan a few new books for his library. 

After lunch, we grabbed a taxi and went over to the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.

Oh what an awesome place.  The atmosphere is so peaceful and welcoming. Everyone there is truly inspired and in awe of the great things that Dr King has done. Its a silent hush around the memorial.  Oh what a wonderful experience... and then the snow came!

We had planned to take taxi over to Georgetown, but the snow started in huuuuuge flakes! So we headed back over to the hotel, and started happy hour early at the bar in the hotel. Its a really trendy sopt.  I wish we had our brunch there. But what we had for our afternoon snack was deliciosus! Tempura shrimp, french fries with gravy and drinks. mm mm mmmmm!

Then we relaxed before the evening

That evening, we went to dinner at Grillfish DC. As Im getting dressed, I realize that I left my shoes home. Oh well, that wasnt going to ruin my fun!

Excuse the crazy eyes, lol
Tell the truth - you are feeling my curly hair look! Im loving it.. i think this may be my new vacation hair. But my son kept pulling at it. Im not sure how much he likes it, lol
Outfit : shirt-LB; skirt-Avenue
I just grabbed my sneakers and kept it moving.  We had a great time at dinner.  The drinks and appetizers were great.  The entree was ok, but we could have just skipped and went to dessert. The next day, we woke up, grabbed some brunch and went back home to out little man.  I never really understod why people would go away for one night, but after our evening, I coud understand. It was a nice time with just each other.  I love that man!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cupid is in the Air

Im so excited for the weekend. Saturday, after swimming class with Ryan, Hubby and I are off on a romantic evening in Washington, DC.  This will be a nice night alone for us to celebrate Valentine's Day and spend some time together.  We are both pretty excited.  Surely we will miss our little man, but he is gonna be in great care with Auntie Yolanda.

Cupid is definitely in the Air
sweater, skirt, tights - Lane Bryant; boots-Avenue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monochromatic Pattern Mixing

I still havent been able to determine how to wear this scarf. Its the infininty scarf from eloquii.  The scarf is really for cold weather and I feel like it should be worm with your coat rather than a sweater.
 scarf-eloquii; sweater-Old Navy; jeans-AshleyStewart
I got any ideas?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Back to work, I still added a pop of red today. I think the last time I wore this sweater I had on an orange button up shirt.  I think I like the orange better. its looks less like Christmas. but I love the sweater and the fit of these jeans.
sweater and shirt-LaneBryant; jeans-AshleyStewart

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Passport Baby

its time to travel.. so that means Ryan needs his passport. He had his passport appointment today. And after the appointment, ofcourse - it snowed. Just a little snow shower.

Mommy was all decked out for "Go Red for Women's Heart Health"
long sleeve tshirt and sweater - Old Navy; Jeans - AshleyStewart (gift from Aunt Rita); necklace-Christmas gift

Daddy and Ryan watched me as I took my pics, lol. They were ready to go.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Have u ever ...?

Have you ever seen a store advertisement and said "I have to have that shirt" And then when you get to the store the shirt cost $59.95 or $69.95. And you are like "really, for this shirt ... its a sweatshirt for goodness sake"

Well thats what happened with this top / sweatshirt. And since Im an excellent shopper.. I had a $80 gift checque AND a coupon, so I scored this shirt and two pair of jeans (that I need to sxchange size) for maybe $30 or something like that!!!! SCOOOOOORE!
 top-LB; black denim jeggins-JCPenney; Boots-Avenue; bracelet-Bookclub Gift Exchange

I really like this top.  I wish I had on a better "foundation" but with the nursing, this is what I have to go with sometimes, lol. But the details are so sweet. Thats what really sold me on the top. When I went to the store they didnt even know what shirt I was talking about.. I guess ppl arent really checking for it.

Another thing I like is a 'Black and Brown' combo.  I also like 'Navy and Black' too (or black and blue).  I remember in High School, I would NEVER mix any of these colors. But now, there is somthing about a neutral palete color combo that I really like.  Its classic.
 This is the bracelet that I talked about in yesterday's post.  It matches exactly the gift exchange necklace from my bookclub member.  Lovely, indeed!

Tonight I get to see BFF Courtney - I have a special gift for her.. i cant wait for her to see it, lol.  OH, and she is one of my "blog stalkers" too. I forgot to mention her along with my sister.. they are funny. They read my blog and then send me emails about the posts.. Cute!
Im just glad they are reading.. And Im glad you're reading too!
Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get ready to Switch!

So I hear (and see and read) that there is a BUZZ around the blogosphere!!! ...
Google is getting rid of "Google Friend Connect",  [Well thanks Google. You know we dont like change.]
But what does that mean????
Well, if you are following me with Google Friend Connect, You wont get any updates, so you will have to follow using some other platform., ie BlogLovin or GooglePlus, etc. 

I'll send out a newsletter to everyone, because I would surely like to keep all of my wonderful readers!!! (although, I think some of you are stalkers, like my sister, who never comment on my blog posts .. I SEEEEEE YOUUUUUU!!  ..  I still appreciate you and want you to stay connected.)

Here is today's post:
I think I wore these boots everyday last winter.  But this is my first time wearing them this winter. 
 cardi, tank, skirt-LB; boots-Avenue; necklace-gift from BookClub Holiday Exchange
Remember that cute post from my BookClub meeting, well we had our annual gift exchange at that meeting.  I had no idea what I was going to get because I didnt put much on my list.  I know I put lottery scratch off tickets, lol. (I didnt get any).  BUT, I did get some gorgeous jewelry!!! This necklace is one of those pieces.  It has a matching bracelete, but Im not really a matching kind of person, so I'll wear that for another occassion.  But isnt this a gorgeous neck-piece?  I cant wait to wear it with the perfect black dress where it can be properly showcased as the regal neck-piece that it is..

Have you seen this cutie lately???? He is Five Months Old! We took pics last night at The Picture People.  He needed to get his passport photos, cuz we are going to Bermuda in April!!!These pics were an added bonus :)

Plus .. he slept alll night in his room last night!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!! Awesome.. I slept so good, I was late for work, lol.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orange you glad

Who's there .. Banana
Banana who? - "Orange" u glad your not a Banana?

So here is another sweater from my eloquii haul. I had to return this and get a bigger size, which I think fits nicely!

I styled it very similar (ok, its the same) as the model.  
I really like the sweater, its light weight, not really a sweater for the cold of winter.  And since its light, it makes for a great layering sweater and transition sweater into the Spring and Fall when temps are nice.

As for my other items:
 They were sold out of these sweaters in my size.. but they sent the tanks. Im going to return them.

And this came in the mail, but Im not sure I want to keep it. I mean, its a nice sweater, fits well. But I never really "loved" the color.  I was trying something new.. and now that I have it, Im not sure how to style it. I know its a classic piece, so I could always were khaki pants, or denim skirt, or jeans, .. any  other ideas??? Maybe I'll keep it.