Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Book Club Meeting

So I selected this outfit because of what BFF Court had on the night before at Cousin Kellie's Birthday Party.  She had on a very similar color scheme and this exact same dress.
jacket-LaneBryant; dress/tunic-NY&Co; grey leggins and boots-Avenue

 A few years ago (2006) we went to SanDiego, CA and BFF Court bought a jacket for the trip. Here is a pic of the back of the jacket.. too too cute from Lane Bryant.  She wore this jacket over the above dress to Cousin Kellie's party. She looked cute and so did I!
Thats Danielle in the pics with BFF Court.


This is the outfit that took me from 6am to 1am the next morning!
I went to an event to honor my mother.  We attended the grand opening for a new facility by the Light of Truth Center which is a transitional house for women who are recovering from addiction.  The building is being named The Jefferson-Jones House. Exciting evening.  And such a rich legacy to my mother!
The fam was all there!
And later that evening, I attended the 30th Birthday Party for my cousin Kellie!
She looked FABULOUS!!!! I loved the dress that she chose.. Im trying to get her to give it to me, lol!
Ofcourse her Hubby was there to support his Wifey.
A wonderful evening!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

Just another look snatched from the pages of the FabFinds February Inspiration Calendar.
cardi-?; pants-K&G; tank-OldNavy
EvaNadine made a great look with this combo!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I spent the day visiting old friends. We took a long drive into the mountains for the visit. The drive actually wanst to bad.  I must admit, I didnt really want to take the drive, but in the end, I went. I thought it was more important to spend time with my old friends. And it actually ended up being a good day.. LONG day... but good nonetheless. Actually, the same thing happened on Sunday. My mom called and said she was going over to my grandma's house. I wanted to go, but I didnt want to go. Mom came and got me, and we ended up having a great time. Im glad I went.
top-OldNavy; khakis-new; sneakers-old
Tuesday - Animal print with a splash of teal :
It snowed. I really was going to just go into work a few hours late. So I had my outfit all picked out. But, I stayed home.. I guess it was that long drive the day before. I just wanted to sleep in... and so I did.
cardi and tank-Lane Bryant; pant-FashionBug
Yup, I made it in to work..  and thats all I have to report. lol
cardi-DressBarn; skirt-?; boots-Avenue

Saturday - Drumline LIVE

The show was awesome!!! Hubby and I had a great time. We were really surprised at how different the show was as compared to what we expected.  We thought it would be just the drum section of the band.. but no, it was the entire band, and they did all different types of music. From the roaring big band sound of the 20's to the soul stomping 70's.. and there was even a section for The King of Pop himself .. Michael Jackson!! It was really a good time.
 I had a total other outfit selected to wear to this event. I was gonna wear this long black dress. Alot more formal than what you see below. .. but when I got home on Friday, Hubby said that he went shopping and bought himself something to wear.. (UH OH!!!)... So I was like.. ok,what did u get? He showed me a blue hoodie.. really.. that looks like your regular clothes.. BUT. thats what he likes to wear. and he feels comfortable. and since this was his event.. I just selected something a little more casual.
cardi-Torrid; white tee-Old Navy; necklace-LB Outlet; jeans-new; earrings-Miami; boots-Arizona
 AND he looked awesome in what he put together. I really liked the hoodie with the sneakers.. He was happy, and so was I.
shirt-Polo; jeans-OldNavy; hoodie-Casual Male; hat and sneakers-Flight Club NYC
 Im not sure if I ever mentioned how much this man loves sneakers. And when we had the opportunity to go to NYC a few years back (I think it was a Valentine's Day trip). He wanted to go to a store called Flight Club. If you are a :sneaker head" then you know this is one of the best stores in the world to buy sneakers. They have the best selection of hard to find, sold out, or vintage sneakers around.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Denim/Black with Silver

I decided to go with bare legs today.  Its gonna be in the 70s, so I thought that tights would be to hot...
dress-RainbowPlus; black tee-OldNavy; silver accessories-random
Im ready for the weekend....
Saturday, Hubby and I are going to use one of his Christmas/Valentine's Day gifts. I bought him tickets to see Drumline Live at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

 Its a perfomance of the college band sound. 
Hubby loooves the movie I thought he would really enjoy this show. We are so excited!

Drumline was awesome!!! More pics in another post. But I wanted to add a pic of my girlfriend and coworker- Jamaica. Im not sure if you have seen her on the blog before, but I wanted to showcase that she had on the Denim/Black with Silver combo on Friday too..
And here she is....
denim jacket and dress - Gap; belt - old; Boots-Nine West
Jamaica added a pop of pink to her combo .. and it still looks fab! I scored this dress for her a while ago from the Gap for only $3!! They didnt have my size, but i could resist leaving it in the store.. so I got it for her.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belted Vest

I was very pleased with this look today... however.. I am cheating once again.. I flipped those shoes off as soon after I snapped the picture. LOL!
top-FashionBug; skirt-eShakti; vest-Lane Bryant; Booties-NineWest; belt-from another dress
I was happy to see some daylight when I left for work this morning at 6:40am. Its nice to have a little light when you start your day. Starting the day in darkness, makes for a very long day. Especially because I dont have any windows in my area. So I am usually coming to work in the dark, and then leaving work at 5:30p in the dark.
Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monochromatic Pattern Mixing

I know, I think that my attempt at monochromatic is a little lame.  Yea, sure - grey and black is monochromatic, but its pretty boring. BUT, I did the challenge for the day.
dress-OldNavy, grey striped tee-Avenue
ROUGH day ahead today at work... there was a water leak AND its near my desk.. soooo that means I may need to relocate.. I dont like when things are in disarray. I like consistency.. aaaauuurgh!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Recap - And Today

Hubby and I went out for our Valentine's Day Dinner. We were invited by one of Hubby's friends to join them in a celebratory dinner. Our friend, Tim, won a competition with Black Planet which gave him a "night on the town with friends" which included a dinner limit of $2,500!!! WOWSER!!! .. we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner and it was deeeee-licious.
striped dress-Ashley Stewart; floral cardi and red tights - Nordstrom; belt-from another dress; shoes - old favorites; red rose necklace - Aldo

 We had sooo much food that we had to take dinners home. We ate appetizers galore .. and ended up taking home 2 dinners each. So we were able to enjoy our dinner for two more days.. and Im still gonna be able to enjoy some dinner tonight! I cant wait to get to it!
Sunday, I went to a baby christening for my sorority sister's baby, Connor. He is so adorable. And the service was excellent. The Reverend preached about God's Purpose. God has a purpose for all of us and we will be here until our purpose is fulfilled. Thank you GOD! Amen.
purple jacket-Lane Bryant; floral skirt-Fashion Bug

Baby Connor and Proud Mommy (Shemeika). The Godparents are standing in the wings just behind Mommy.
I spent my Valentine's Day with my family.  Sadly, Hubby said he would have to stay home alone and sing sad love songs.. he is so dramatic, but I love that he wants to spend time with me, lol!  Cousin Nikki and I traveled to New Jersey to the funeral of her mother inlaw - Ms Meredith Person. Cousin Garnet (Nikki's husband) was already there, so we joined him for the event.  It was a loving tribute to a woman who was well loved by her family. She was very intelligent and quite eccentric in her own right.
ME: dress-Dressbarn; Jacket-Lane Brynat Outlet; COUSIN:dress-Burlington; jacket-?
When I got home, Hubby was sweet enough to have a full display of Valentine's day gifts for me.. My regular flowers.. I love love looove them! .. AND, the best gift was a new cell phone.. YEAAAAAAA! I needed a new phone soo bad. I played with it all night... until I fell asleep.
Well, today.. yup. I made it in to work , EXTRA EARLY today. only to find out that my office was partially flooded over the weekend.. There are huge fans blowing in every direction and its noisey as all get out. BUT.. none of the things in my office were damaged, so thats a plus! and Im leaving early today to be apart of a research study on "paper towels".. I get paid $150 for my efforts.. and Im not sure if Im more excited about leaving work ealry, providing my honest opions about paper towels, OR getting $150 big ones!! GOD IS MY SOURE! and I already have plans for the money.

SOOooo, in fashion news.. these are a new pair of jeans.. how do u like them? I like them alot, but i need to either pull out that fancy sewing machine I got for Christmas.. or take them to get them hemmed (Thanks XX for the great hemming ideas). Cuz, I think they are a tad to long, especially since I will be wearing them for a few more months to come and I doubt that my shoes will be any higher when I wear them.
long Hubby cardi-Old Navy; yellow mockneck-NY&Co; necklace-?; jeans-new!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink and Blue - Slouchy Top with a Denim Skirt

I realized today that I love this color combination! Pink and Blue is really cute together. Im not sure if this is really a "slouchy top" but this is the best I could come up with.  I like it ... Well onto a nice weekend.
slouchy sweater-Nordstrom; tank and tights-LaneBryant; skirt-FashionBug; boots-Avenue
Saturday - Got dinner plans with Hubby.
Sunday - Got a Baby Christening to go to ... then off to New Jersey
Monday - Got a funeral to go to in New Jersey. Then back to Bmore.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pin a waterfall cardigan into an asymmetrical silhouette

Thats a pretty silly smile that I am wearing today... but i like the look.  I had to scramble through the house last night looking for my long, open cardi. After tearing up a few rooms.. Hubby says.. there are still some clean clothes in the basement.. he came back up and brought me the sweater.. Thanks!
Now, my looks all done!
pink mocksirt-NY&Co; buton detail jeans-Lane Bryant; black open cardi-JC Penney; boots-Nine West; floral pin -giveway from Mom.
OK - so I cheated.. I didnt really wear these shoes to work. But they look nice in the photo, lol!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Classic with a Funky Twist

I had no idea what I was going to do for this look from the FFU50 February Calendar. So this is what I pulled together. A classic look - jeans and a black (pleated front) shirt.  And for my "funky" I added the vest. I know ... not really that "funky" but its all I could come up with.
shirt - JC Penney; Hubby jeans - Fashion Bug; vest - Lane Bryant Outlet; clogs - Florida

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perfect in a Pencil Skirt

I have been holding on to this skirt for a few weeks now. It just keeps moving from one week to the next. And each week, I never seem to get it on.. But when I saw today's FFU50 February Calendar for today.. I knew I could pull this look out. 
lime cardi, tweed pencil skirt, polka dot tank, turquoise bracelet - Lane Bryant
I really like this skirt.  Its actually a tweed skirt with navy and lime green.  Its such a classic skirt. I think Im gonna find some ways to make it more casual. Each time I have worn it, I've dressed it up for work. Maybe I can wear it with a jean jacket to make it more casual.  We'll see. 

Another funny about today's look - I have on two different shoes.  My flats and my studded booties.. I couldnt decide what I wanted to wear, BUT in the end, I went with the flats.. I know BOOOORRRIIING!!! But I did do a little pattern mixing today.  Checkout my polka dot tank, lol.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Times Saturday Night

Saturday night, my sister and I went to a party for one of my oldest friends - Tonya. It was a surprise party and she was totally surprised.  It was nice to see some of our friends from the old neighborhood.  We laughed really really hard. Good Times!

tunic - Macys; black leggins-LaneBryant; webbed boots - Nordstrom; necklaces - random places

sweater - Walmart; skinny jeans - Forever 21; boots - BareFeet
 Pics from the party: