Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Total change

So today I was going to wear one of the outfits from Kimberly's Inspiration Calendar. But when I went to put it on this morning, I was thinking it may be a little to cold to pull that one off. So I will save it for another day. I usually plan my outfits for the week on sunday and monday. I have to leave the house so early in the morning, there isnt any time to think. I need to know what I am going to be putting on and go with it. Since this is the case, each week, I will add an additional outfit in case I dont like one of the combinations that I put together.

Today's outfit
Peach Cardigan - Avenue
Brown riding pants - Lane Bryant
(which I think shrunk in the washing machine, aauugh. I need a new pair cuz I love these pants)
Turquoise tank - Ashley Stewart
Cowboy boots - Scottsdale, AZ (some local store in Old Town)

I also wore these cute pearls. I think I have worn them before, and last time I said that I would attach a close up of them. They are from Ashley Stewart and they came with the cutest pin that can be added to the side. I just thought these were darling and I had to have them. The detailed stones in the pin, matched the buttons on the cardi too.. cute cute qqquuuute!


BBM said...

ure right, cute, cute look!

where's the turquoise tank? i wanna see!

Totally Inspired said...

just for you.. i'll post it when i get home

misss_e said...

I love the look. Yes! I think we are kindred spirits too! I love those pearls and the bling on it! And the boots are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, love the juxtaposition of the pearls and cowboy boots!

Marianna said...

LOVE the pearls so much! Fab outfit!

Anonymous said...

Great juxtaposition with the pearls and cowboy boots!

Sabrina said...