Friday, January 28, 2011

I made it did u see me .. LOOK MA!!!!

I sent in a picture for the FabFinds Outfit Inspiration Calendar for February.  I couldnt decide what look I wanted to submit, but I kinda like it.  A few of the blogs that I follow are also in there for February.  Im excited.. and I will surely be using this month for plenty of inspiration.

Im at the end... but I made it!!

Monday, 2/21 - Make a bolero from a scarf (Mode Plus)
Tuesday, 2/22 - Animal print with a splash of teal (Weather Geeque Chique)
Wednesday, 2/23 - Grey and Blush Color Combo (Defying My Closet)
Thursday, 2/24 - Bright Colors and Bold Patterns (Stumble Into Style)
Friday, 2/25 - Feminine Lace (Getting Fine)
Saturday, 2/26 - Long Cardigan and T-shirt (Mrs. Hall in Training)

To check out past Outfit Inspiration Calendars by clicking here.

I was snowed in.... kind of!

Did ya miss me??
Well I didnt make it to work on Wednesday due to the sleet/snow/icy stuff - So no picture.. and although I made it to work on Thursday.. I had some digging to do in the AM so picture taking wasnt really on my agenda.  
But today - TA-DAAAAA!
I know, nothing exciting. Especially for a Friday. But I have a meeting, so boring Friday it is...
cardi - Ashley Stewart; pants - ??; necklace - my Neice.. who just had a 15th Birthday on Wednesday.... and after all these years, its still snowing on her birthday, lol.  She was born in the Blizzard of 1996.. and that snow comes around every year to celebrate with her.  Hatsy Burfday Bree! Over the weekend, maybe she will let me catch a pic of her and her friends at her sleepover this weekend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday recap ... and TODAY

I went to my book club meeting. We had a nice lunch at a local resturaunt called Bo Brooks. I had been to this place before, so I was a little surprised when none of us enjoyed our meals. I mean, it was edible, but not delicious.  We were all a little disappointed.  However, there was a silver linning. All of the members were there (with the exception of one - hope everyone is feelin better in that house). So we had a full meeting.  Ofcourse the usual folks were late, but that's to be expected. And then we had our annual Christmas Gift Exchange.  I got a lovely silver Dereon bowling style handbag. It was nice and I cant wait to wear it when the season breaks.. this may very well be my Spring bag.. so you'll see it soon enough!
tshirt - Kmart; open cardi - ??; camo skinnies - Dots; necklace - Burlington; boots - Nordstrom
Off to work, and still no shoes. I could not figure out what to put on my feet, so I just took the picture in socks again.  I ended up wearing sneakers (I know... lazy! I think I need to go shoe shopping)

I couldnt believe that I had to change this outfit at the last minute.  Well this is what I changed into. I had another top on this morning... but I had no idea that it didnt fit until I put it on.  I had been looking at that outfit for the last 2 or 3 weeks, and just rolling it over and then this morning, I decided to wear it.. and the poncho top didnt fit.. aauuurrrgh! SO .. I went to this wonderful brown cardi.. a great " go to" work outfit. Im sure you've seen it before.. and Im sure you'll see it again!
twinset - DressBarn; pants - K&G; necklace - NY&Co

Friday, January 21, 2011

Its finally here ... FRIDAY!

Can you tell that I am excited? Work has been pretty busy this week, so I just need to relax and let my hair down. (not literally) Im so excited for the weekend.  Although I have a busy and full weekend, Im still excited to be able to destress and do some fun stuff. 

The weekend starts tonight with dinner with my sorority sisters.  Thats gonna be fun. our dinner theme is "Financial Savvy" We are making in expensive dishes that stretch ... we have stuff like tex mex soup (kind of like a chilli), vegetables, strawberries and coolwhip for dessert. We even agreed to wear an outfit or item of clothing that we got for a great deal... I am wearing leggings from Loop 18.. original price $20+.. I paid $1.98. Can you say SCOOOOORE!!!!

And then tomorrow is our Book Club meeting.  We finally get to exchange our gifts from Christmas. Fun Fun FUUUUUUN! I still need to decide what I am going to give in the gift exchange. I bought something awhile back, but Im thinking that I want to get something else.  So, we'll see.. The meeting tomorow is not until 4p, so I have time in the morning to get something else if I want to. Which I probablywill.. Maybe BFF Court will run to the mall with me. (I know she is reading this, lol)

tunic top - Macys; denim leggins - Loop 18; riding boots - Avenue

Enjoy your weekend, too!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday and Today : work weather days

Just a regular work week for me.  I have been pretty low key on the fashion scene this week. Most of my outfits are actually pretty casual. But since its nasty out, Im blaming my fashion sense on the weather.
sweater - Macys; Huby jeans - Fashion Bug; tall riding boots - Avenue
I had to get a little dressed up for a meeting this afternoon. But Im still pretty comfortable.  I need to get out here on the blogosphere, cuz I need some inspiration. What are yall wearing to work in this weather? I'd like to wear more dresses and skirts, but I just cant bring myself to put on a dress or skirt since its so cold.  We'll see .. maybe next week.
red top and pants - Lane Bryant; leopard cardi - Fashion Bug
Nope, im still not wearing shoes in my pic... as long as I have to wear those yucky construction boots in the snow to work, I'll just take my morning pics with no shoes.  Surely my snazzy socks are cuter to look at, lol.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Instead of snow, there was ice.

The ice was all over the place today. I didnt get to work until 9a. But I made it in.. thats all that matters. I didnt take any pics of the ice this morning. I didnt think that ice was as nice to look at.. and I needed to keep my eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.

I wanted to be comfortable today. And thats all I was thinking about when I got dressed this morning. However, when I got dressed this morning I totally forgot that I had an 8am meeting with my Senior Manager... oh well, not only was I late to work but I also missed the meeting. It wasnt so bad, a few other people missed the meeting too.. and I think due to the weather, they will give me a pass on being under dressed

striped shirt and floral cardi - Old Navy; jeans - old???

Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Blog-aversary

This is the day... the day that I was "truly inspired" and I wanted to share it with the world.  I started this blog earlier (2008, I think ), but on this date last year I was ready to go full steam ahead with my blog.  I had no specific plan for my blog, other than a daily log of my fashion.. somewhere along it morphed into a daily log of my thoughts on those days as well. And as the year progressed, tragedy striked in various ways, and I blogged about that too. I still ponder about the content of my blog. And I still have some of the same feelings that I have read of other bloggers - how to draw more followers? how to have content thats interesting and what people will want to read? blah blah.. but in the end.. I always come back to the same resolution.  This blog is for me. All are welcome, but if they arent interested, thats fine too!

I have learned alot of different things through my blogging, including how to take a great picture. Im still working on it.  I know what I want the pics to look like, but they dont always work out. Im still a work in progress on this one. My creativity has elevated through my bloggings as well. I have a strong creative side, and this has been a perfect outlet.

Through this blog, I have met some really great people.  So to my new followers, I say - Welcome! And to my "trusty, stand by me, followers", I say thanks for staying connected.  I appreciate all of you. And I enjoy your comments.

On to the beginning of another year! Enjoy the journey with me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's your content??

I had a chat with a friend yesterday about blogging.  She wants to start a blog about celebrity gossip and she was asking me some questions about content.  My initial response to her was " ... focus, Your blog needs to be in a category or a style or a format, for example - fashion, lifestyle, gossip, diary."

BUT then, last night I was reading a few blogs, that I would categorize as "diary style/format" and it hit me. Your blog is YOUR BLOG. You can write about as much or as little as you like. But if you want the traffic and the followers you need one good quality of a blog - genuine! Thats it. Be true to you in your blog. Self aware and sincerity are the best formula. There is no need to copy what someone else is doing.  Even with the celebrity gossip blogs, what makes them fun and interesting is the commentary.. because the content is all the same on the different sites. But the commentary is what wins over the crowds.

dress shirt-lane Bryant; brown cords-OldNavy; grey cardi-Ashley Stewart

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After the snow

Im always amazed after a first snow. I love how it looks and how beautiful it is outside.  I had to pull over and take a few pics of the magnificent beauty along the way.

I was inspired by this color combination - "cranberry and khaki" from Literal Gemini. She has been combining some really nice colors lately, so I thought I would give it a whirl. Its not really my best work... but I do what I can in the snow. I like how it came together and Im sure I will be pulling these colors together again really soon.
My sweet "snow angel" cleared off my car and shoveled the walk this morning. That was nice. Especially since I was already running late.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing for the snow.

So its not much going on over here.  We are all just preparing for this snow thats about to bare (sp?) down on MD.  Ofcourse with out my snow boots, Im not all ready.. but I have my trusty construction boots that will get me through, lol!

Today I did a color combo that I saw a few weeks ago - Yellow and Grey. I actually like this color combo alot. It calls spring. But im not rushing it.. Spring can take its time. That's fine with me. Im just enjoying the journey.
yellow jacket - from BookClub Member; waffle tee - Old Navy; grey jeans - Ashley Stewart; snow boots - still waiting :)
Since I am posting late today, I had to mention that I got alot of compliments on this jacket. That's nice!

Monday, January 10, 2011

City Chic : Virtual Shopping

I've been doing a little virtual shopping on City Chic. They have an awesome selection of plus size items that are very fashionable.  I decided to put some looks together of what I liked most. Enjoy!

First up was the "DRESS OBSESSION!"
City Chis has some really cute dress for a variety of occasions from day to evening.

Then I fell in love with this skirt... this looks says "Sexy and Sultry"
The top was the main attraction in the next group. Take a "walk on the wild side"
I adored the pants in the next collection.  I thought they had a real safari feel to them. And I think Part 2 is my favorite.  
I loved this jacket.. and I looved the long lines of the tank. So I put them together.
 If you know me, you know I love denim and lace. I would definitely add a string of pearls to this look.
 I adore this dress. It screams comfort. And the jacket was a cute topper with a bit of whimsy.
I submitted a few of these looks to City Chic. So let's see if they are interested in any of them. 
Which is your favorite?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The week in REVIEW

Well I've tried to post all week.. But just getting back to work makes it difficult. I need to get my flow going and get back into the groove of things. Since I did take the pictures.. here they area, all together for the week!
This was my first day back to work after a two week vacation.  The holidays were wonderful and I really enjoyed the relaxing days while I was off. But it was still nice to see all my coworkers when I got back.  I was surprised at how fast the day flew by.. I had 175 emails to read, so that kept me busy.
rose cardi-Macys: black pants-FashionBug: boots-NineWest; red rose necklace-Aldo
This look is inspired by A Pretty Penny oops, it was actually Kendi Everyday. She wore this look as part of her 30 for 30 Remix. I swapped out her fab tweed jacket for a denim jacket.  Just another of my straight to plus looks. Tell me what you think.
How did I do?
(I'll update the link later.. check back tonight or tomorrow)UPDATED on 1/8/2011
brown sweater-Target: denim blazer-Ross: red jeans-from Aunt Rita: boots-Avenue: necklace-from Grandma
Meetings all day today. I wanted to be comfortable. So I grabbed my new dress. I knew this was a great purchase when I got it... and it has pockets! One of my Christmas gifts was a sewing machine. I really may shorten this dress as one of my first projects. Although I am a little intimidated by the sewing machine. I'll conquer it soon!

dress and boots-Avenue: long necklace-from my niece: crown necklace-gift from Hubby
ofcourse I had to represent for my Ravens today! But I have a meeting, so I had to be "business Raven chic"

Ravens tshirt-from Hubby: black pants - Fashion Bug: purple long cardi-Avenue
 And please dont mind those uuuugly boots.  I need a pair of snow boots really bad.  I have been wearing my construction boots everytime it snows. And I've had these boots almost 10 years. YUP.. I dont get much wear out of them.. I had snow boots on my Christmas List, but I think I waited to long to tell Santa. Cuz he already had all my gifts. Oh well..
Here are a few styles that I selected:
I absolutely love this pair. They would be my first choice if I were gonna run out and buy a new pair today!
This is a safe bet. But I dont really like the suede (or faux suede). I dont like it. Thats why UGGS arent on this list. I think they look ugly when they get old. And snow boots are made for snow!
I really think this pair is nice! But I would definitely need a new coat for these babies, lol!
This is just a plain ole regular pair. But I like them.. and they are versatile. Im just not sure if they come up high enough to cover my ankles. That's an important factor in the snow. I dont want to end up with wet socks, lol!
And after all that virtual shopping.. I still might end up getting a $20 pair from Burlington. I dont really wear them that often. And in this case, I need something for function. cuz, baby its cold outside! My aunt bought a pair for my grandma, and I have been searching for them ever since. Imma go out today after work and see what I can find. The weatherman is predicting a few inches of snow next week Tues and Wed. I need to be prepared!

Have a geat weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year is HERE!

As I said I would, I am posting a few pics from our over night stay at the Gaylord National on the Patomac. Hubby and I had a really nice time.  We didnt do the normal partying, although there were a few parties going on in the hotel. We just got dresed .. and went to a nice dinner. There isnt much to do in this area other than sleep (at nice hotels) and eat (at a few nice places). But that was fine with us. We are easy to please and we just wanted to be away, but still close.. and National Harbour, MD is the perfect spot for that feel.

Dress-Macys : shoes-Avenue : necklace-Lane Bryant : bracelet-NY&Co

 Dinner at Old HIckory Steakhouse was really nice. Top Notch - very High quality.  We were certainly pleased.  and I had a delicious cheese plate mm mmmm!
The next morning we went to visit one of my sorority sisters, Robyn and her Hubby. If you recall we went to their wedding in July (see this post for photos of a lovely wedding).  Well they just bought a house and it was very nice.  FAR.. but nice, lol! We live in Baltimore, and they moved to Waldorf... which is only about 20 min or so from where we stayed for New Year's .. so Mr and Mrs White invited us over for a New Year's Day Brunch. It was divine.. and the "hostess with the mostest" even made homemade coffeecake (her mother-inlaws recipe). Delish!

Monday, January 3, 2011

December recap (Pics Heavy)

I know I should be doing a 2010 Recap but since I havent posted any of my fashion for the month of December.. I thought I would post.  I have been wearing clothes, lol.  Also, I have been off from work for the past two weeks so my routine was off not to mention all the other stuff going on.

I present to you .. December 2010 Recap:


 This is what Hubby and I wore on Christmas Day. I had on a eShakti dress. I can offer a review at a later date. Hubby has on an Old navy sweater and khaki's from Casual Male.  If you want details of any of my looks, you'll have to leave a comment or email me. I'll be more than happy to offer details to anyone who wants to know!
Some of these looks I liked, others, not so much. But I posted them anyway. I even pulled out my purple velour sweat suit (gift from Aunt Rita) twice in one month. It was easy and I didnt feel like looking for much.

Next up... I'll post my New Year's outfit and details of what I did.. and maybe a 2010 outfit recap too!