Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - But its a little long, enjoy!

Ahead of time I will apologize for this really long post. But I hadnt updated all weekend so I thought, I would just do it all at one time.

Well on FRIDAY night, I went to a party with Hubby. One of his friends (and one of the best men in our wedding) gave his wife a 35 birthday party. The location was really nice. It was at a place called Milan in Baltimore. But the only thing.... it was PACKED!!! waay to tight for my liking. But the birthday girl had a nice time and thats all that matters... So this was the outfit for the party. Originally I was going to just dress up the grey cardi that I had on, but I decided I wanted to be a little more comfortable.. so I just changed it all up and went western.

Friday Night Outfit
Dress - Rainbow Plus
Vest - Lane Bryant
Brown Tights - ??
Cowgirl boots - Arizona

This was the look with the coat. It may have been a bit to much of the camel.. but i love this new handbag. it will most likely be my spring bag, but its heavy when its empty so we will have to see how that works out. But the purse is a leather Steve Madden handbag from Nordstrom. The coat is from JC Penny.
And this was Hubby's look. He was trying to get the directions on his iphone. But I really wanted to share this coat. I LOVE this coat. I got this for him for christmas (a big splurge!). The coat is from K&G and its made by Sean John.

And then there was SATURDAY! So saturday was my bookclub meeting. And this little sweetie in the photo is the daughter of one of my group members. This meeting was at my house and we discussed, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I think overall we all liked the book but we thought that it could have been shorter. By the end the book just got to be to much description. And with all that description, the book fell short with a great ending.
Saturday's Outfit
Grey sweater - DressBarn (more Valentine's Day outlet sales)
Black Leggins - Macys
Webbed Boots - Nordstrom
Im not sure of the outfit that my sweetie has on, but isnt she cute?
She just loves her "Aunt Kameel" And she was so proud of her colors... she loves yellow, lol.

And then today - SUNDAY ... Well I didnt really have anything to do today. But I did want to return a few things.. and I wanted to go to the market so I could try this recipe that a coworker suggested. So I went to the mall to return some shoes to ALDO, and they have the worst return policy ever (**beware, this is a rant, you can move past the itallics if you wish**). I ordered a pair of shoes (3 pair to be exact) and none of them fit. I happened to wear one of the pair of shoes, but the quality was poor and the shoes were ill fitting. BUT because they were worn, ALDO would not return them. So this was the second time that I had been to ALDO to return these shoes. And the first time, I didnt have the emailed print out, and then the second time they are telling me that I have the wrong email because it doesnt have how I paid for the item, basically teling me that I stole the shoes.. paaaaahhhhhlease!!!! Oh and they wanted to give me a damn gift certificate.. I dont want another thing from ALDO shoes.. they can keep it! ... I have way more to say, but i'll just end my rant here. So this is what I wore to run errands and argue with the lady at ALDO (but it wasnt her fault, she was just following directions)
Today's Outfit
Grey cardi - Ashley Stewart
Necklace - Avenue
Sheer top - Avenue
Belt - The Limited
Jeans - Lane Bryant
So I am excited to be joining the wardrbe challenge next week. I plan to list all of my items tomorrow along with a photo of the items. I think that my items are a little boring and not very colorful. But the lot is versatile, so thats all that matters. Im going with it!!


Maria said...

OMG, I love your Friday look. You look so well put together. The dress and the vest go together perfectly and yet I wouldn't of thought of it. I love your jewelry and, well everything. I also really really like the grey sweater you wore on Saturday. I had something similar and I couldn't get used to the length and I ended up giving it away. I'm regretting it now. Overall, really cute outfits!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I don't think your wardrobe is boring...your good with details...the necklace, the belts, the scarfs, you give your outfits a lot of pazazz.

PS~Just started following you!

Beth said...

I ADORE your Saturday look. It looks so comfy and styleish. Very cute!

Nina said...

Your outfit on friday is very cute, I'm loving that handbag and the vest! Your sweater from Saturday is super cute! I can't wait to see what you come up with in your pieces for the challenge. I'm so not ready for it yet.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Ladies.
@ Maria - I was going to return the sweater too, I thought it was to short and makes me look a little preggers. But I'll keep it cuz it was super comfy!
@Honeybunches - Thanks! and Thanks for following!
@ Beth - Thanks, it really was comfy!
@ Nina - I too adore that handbag! But its so heavy.. aaauugh. Just posted the collection for the challenge. Whatta ya think?

misss_e said...

Umm can you do a giveaway...and give me that dress! Thanks! I LOVE IT! The whole look is really cute. I also really love the bookclub outfit!

Sak said...

I love your weekend outfit.btw I am new to your blog. UR hubby coat is awesome, I should get one for my hubby he loves checks and stripes.

cheeky curves said...

Great choice on Friday, oooooooh loved the little sweetie next to you so cute

Totally Inspired said...

@miss_e - Hmmmm, maybe later!, lol
@Sak - Welcome!!Thanks for stopping by. Come back, ok.. ok.
@cheeky - thaaaanks!

BBM said...

dude ... i though i had left a comment on this post ... guess not ... hehehe ... well, wanted to let u know that i love fridays and saturdays outfits ... and i LOVE ure hair pulled back ... u looked awesome on friday ... bet the hubs was happy and hes lookin super cool with that awesome jacket too!

The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

You are just too cute!! You look great in all of these! Especially the vest/dress combo. I've never heard of Milan - is it downtown?