Sunday, May 27, 2012

10th Anniversary - Ebony Bookworms Book Club (Pics Heavy)

After 10 years we finally made it! A milestone for most book clubs.  I love these ladies and we have been through so much together - births, deaths, marriages, separation, divorce.  We could probably write our own book if we put our stories together.  We have a bond, a union that is connected to each other.  We are not perfect, we dont always read the books, and we dont always meet regularly, but its our club and we honor and respect it as best we can.
(Sorry the pics are to large, Im still trying to learn how to upload my pics ... work in progress)

So for our anniversary we went "Wine Tasting" in Charlottesville, Virginia
This location was selected because of its proximity (3 hour drive from Baltimore).  I had no idea when I planned the trip, that this locale would be so steeped in history and variety of things to do. 

Here are the highlights:

The Gangs all here
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We started our trip at the home of President Thomas Jefferson, "Monticello". We toured the historic home as well as the grounds including the slave quarters.  It was an interesting trip. 
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view of the early start to the vineyards from the slave quarters - Mulberry Row
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 Jacket-LaneBryant; jeans-AshleyStewart; boots-Avenue

After a long day of driving and then a historic tour, that night we tried to go out for drinks but shops were closing up early.  I still decided to get dressed up.
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top-AshleyStewart; jeans-LaneBryant

We spent another day visiting several vineyards and going wine tasting.
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We toured where the wine is made in these huge tanks.
Very interesting - the aging process and grape selection.
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Top-OldNavy; denim trousers-JCPenney; necklace-??

We did a few other things like spa day and shopping, but no pics for those events.  Overall we had a great trip.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As he grows - 9 months

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Nine Months
Weight:20 pounds or more.. probably more
Diaper Size: 3
Drinks: 5-8oz at each feeding; Ryan eats lots of stuff for breakfast including pancakes. We tried pancakes and he loved them. Ryan has started to have more solid food with the help of Mommy doing a lot of mashing foods up. Pretty much everything we have tried, Ryan likes. Ryan likes to eat .. his food and food from Mommy's plate too.
Wearing: 9 months and a few 12 months

Ryan has finally gotten his first two teeth - on the bottom.  Ryan is starting to attend birthday parties. All of the babies that were born the same year are starting to have their first birthday parties. Ryan likes to see other babies and play with them. He squeals with delight when they visit. Ryan made his first painting!! Mommy got a text of his masterpiece - made with yogurt and food coloring. Proud Mommy moment, lol. Ryan is also starting to notice Mommy more. He cries when Mom leaves (sometimes he cries when Daddy leaves too).
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbows Ahead - Yellow

Just a normal day at the office.
top-JCPenney; brown capri-?

... And then there was SUNDAY!
The afternoon started off with a charity benefit for Muse 360 which is a nonprofit Dance Group.
... and then there was ... dinner at Kona Grill before the main event ...
The New Edition Concert
dress-AshleyStewart; purse-Aldo; shoes-Avon

Sure, I've had this dress on before. and Each time I wear it, I think its even more awesome!!
I went with Cousin Nikki to the New Edition Concert. We had great seats (after we actually settled in). And we had an even better time.  Those guys put on an awesome show and that Bobby Brown - well, they kept him in the show for a reason.. comedic humor.  The other guys didnt miss a beat. They we all on point and those good ole songs brought back the fun times of puppy love and screaming teenagers! Fun Times, Indeed!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rainbows Ahead - Orange

This week, I did much better with taking pics.
Orange is a great color! and it works so well with the change of weather in the Spring.

top and skirt-LaneBryant

top-LaneBryant; skirt-Burlington; belt and shoe-Avenue; necklace and bracelet-Claire's

dress-Ross (bought on vacation); shoes-NineWest (gift from BFF Court)


top-OldNavy; jeans-AshleyStewart; necklace-Bermuda while Cruising (April 2012)

inspired by Pretty Fearless

I have a follower by the name of Pretty Fearless. Her blog is so awesome. She has a way of putting looks together that are truly inspirational. It just makes me want to run around in my closet and see what I can come up with. (Ofcourse it really makes me want to shop, but I am trying to have some restraint, lol)

As I was browsing her blog, I came across a look that I too adore.. pink and khaki color combos.

I recreated this look some time ago (in the winter).
Here is what I came up with.
sweater and skirt-LaneBryant

I think I will recreate this look again soon, for the spring/summer. stay tuned!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bet on Black - Atlantic City (first trip)

Atlantic City is TOOOOOTALLY different!
My friend, Jamaica and I found a great mini vacay on Goupon for a weekend at The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  If you havent been to AC in awhile, its actually fun and can be a relaxing place to visit.

We went to Happy Hour at Izakaya and then we had tickets to the Comedy Club

White Jeans - Aunt Rita's closet; Top-Marshall's (Jessica Simpson - $14.99 SCOOOORE!!!);

Jamaica wore an adorable white/creme sequin shirt (Anthropologie) with a starburst design and fitted jeans (DL Jeans-South Moon Under).

Then we spent the next day at the spa.
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Yall know I had on a bangin bathing suit.. but my head was a MESS!!! .. so no pic :(

Finally we did a little shopping and then headed home.

top-OldNavy; jeans-LaneBryant

Jamaica wore a dolman sleeve (Anthropologie) printed top and jeans (Citizens for Humanity - Nordstrom).

Short and Sweet! ... we'll be back to AC soon (literally)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Looking in the past ...

Here are a few of my past blog outfits that I havent posted.

THURSDAY, March 22
Lovin this LOOK!!
Sweater-eloquii; Skirt-LaneBryant

SATURDAY, March 17
This is what YOU see ...
Cardi-Target; tank-LB; "Hubby"jeans-FashionBug

then look who jumped in the pic

 ... and this is what my living room looks like with a new baby
but look at that smile :)

FRIDAY, March 15
Sweater and Tank-LaneBryant; Bracelet-Mommy's Closet; Skinny Jeans-JC Penney

THURSDAY, March 14
Necklace-Grandma's Closet; Sweater-gift from Bookclub Member; Grey khakis-LaneBryant

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rainbows Ahead - Red

For some reason I was inspired by a rainbow, so I decided to create my own theme ...
Rainbows Ahead. 
I've taken each color of the rainbow (ROY G BIV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and used the color as inspiration for a week of clothing.

Red was the first color for this themed week. Weeeellll, I did wear red everyday, but I had a harder challenge making sure I took a picture everyday. Sadly, I only got one photo this week. And I had to have my coworker snap the pic for me.
red jeans-my Aunt's closet; top-JCPenney
oops, and I couldnt rotate it either

I'll do much better next week - Orange!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Oh well, so I went to make a post.. and catch up with a few photos on the blog, BUUUUTTT - Im out of space in picasa (photo hosting). So I had to find a new place..I moved to photobucket.. lets see how long I can last there..

So, this is a test, to see if the pics will actually come through.

Dont worry folks - Ill be back in the groove soon. I have been taking the pics, now to get them on the blog.

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Here is a sneak peak from my mini-vacay to Atlantic City with my friend Jamaica. We spent the day at the spa. This is my view that I didnt want to leave.