Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to the man I love and adore! Now we are adding a new little man (so move over bacon, here comes something meatier, lol - just kidding).
I am excited about this journey that we are about to embark on together. 

And for this very special First Pre Father's Day I just want to say " I Love You" .. and Im excited to celebrate you as a man and father on many more to come.
 For the occassion, I bought Hubby 2 shirts and I bought the baby matching onesies. Hopefully they can wear these outfits together soon. I'll surely take photos.  Hubby has had these sneakers for a long time and he never wears them, when I found this shirt I knew it would be perfect!

And for the showstopper!!! - I bought Hubby a soda machine maker called SodaStream.

He loved this gift. I was happy that he was soooo excited, but I had to tell him to cool it becasue otherwise I would never be able to top this gift again.  He didnt care at all. He said he is never buying another soda again.. from now on.. he will make his own, lol! It was so funny!
We went to a cookout for Father's Day at Cousin Nikki's house and had a good time with family and food.  It was also Grandma's 85th Birthday!!! You know I looove to celebrate a birthday.  She is going out of town soon (to Mississippi to visit her daughter - Aunt DeeDee).  So I will probably go help her pack her things this weekend.

Still after all the fun and love being surrounded by family, it was a bittersweet day. 
My Grandpa wasnt there. I miss you much Bay Bay!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chilly but Nice

It was a little chilly on my morning drive into work.  Im not complaining, just making an observation.
top-Avenue; jean capris-Motherhood; necklace and watch - Gifts from Hubby; bracelets-Cancun
Today was an experiment in wearing my regular clothes.  I've been doing well so far, but today, I may have chosen a shirt that wasnt up for the challenge.  I think I'll make it through the day, but you may not see much more of this shirt until next summer, lol.  Im not sure that Baby Hall will be able to fit into it later on :)
 I thought I would offer a peak at my profile.  The top part of my belly is all baby!  I think that is where he is hiding :)

The graduation for my little cousin was really nice.  The graduates were all so well spoken as they gave their speeches to the class and audience. I wasnt surprised at all, I was elated to see such poise.  And just as much, I was so proud of my cousin Tanika.  She is such a sweet and hard working young lady.  Im sure that she will accomplish all of her goals.  She is off to New York City this summer to start NYU in the fall.  She has a strong support system and we all showed up (and showed out) for her graduation yesterday!
Proud Parents! Tanika's mom is my father's sister - Aunt Celeste.
She has beauty and brains.. this chick towers over me, lol!

Monday, June 13, 2011

WHAT??? on a Monday

.. yeaaa, I took a few hours off on friday, so I had to come in to work on a Monday (my usual day off).  But its all good because I got to get a pedicure and I had a nice early dinner with my sorority sister Dee. She came down on the train for the evening just to hang out with me.  Hubby was a little jealous, but I brought him a nice goody bag home.. that just made him want to be invited to the dinner even more because the food was deeelish!

Ok, so today, I have my little cousin's graduation when I leave work. And I hope its not to hot.
dress-Rainbow Plus; shrug-LaneBryant
I spent the weekend in Childbirth Classes.  And I finally got the nursery painted.  I cant wait to show you the big reveal. 
dress-OldNavy Maternity (from my coworker)
Nevermind this crazy hair on my head...
and now for a Nursery "Sneak Peak"

Im so excited!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lunch Date

Well, I already told you of the busy weekend that I have ahead, so not much else to chat about there. Today, Im taking off half day.  My sorority sister, Dee, is coming down from Philly and we are gonna grab some lunch.  Thank goodness its alot cooler today than it has been the past few days.  I have to think of someplace nice for us to dine.
tshirt-Old Navy; cargos - Motherhood; shoes-Avenue
 Have a great weekend!!
Maybe I will post a few pics from lunch this evening.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coulda Been a Bad Hair Day

So I did pin curl my hair last night. But it doesnt really look like it in these pics.  I dont think that my camera is really capturing my "good hair side" lol.  At any rate, I do like it better that yesterday.
tunic-FashionBug; denim leggins-Loop 18
I think my tunic is shrinking, lol.. and I think I may need to invest in some capri leggings.  Any ideas on where I can go?? I'd like a black pair and a denim pair. Both of my leggings are long but since Im in the office all day (eventhough the outside temps are near 100 degrees) its not to bad.  They actually keep my legs warm while in the office with the AC going (Thank God for AC... my friend Martha said that her office cuts off the AC around 2p or 3p during high temp days to conserve energy... ARE U KIDDING ME????  I couldnt even imagine having the AC cut off on some of the hottest days of the year)

The weekend ahead should be pretty eventful.  My Aunt Rita is painting the nursery on Satruday and Sunday.  I'll be sure to make a full post about the transformation.  Its bound to be remarkable.  And Hubby and I have our Childbirth Classes at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday.  There is also a barbque on Sunday for my high school, but Im not sure I will make that, especially if its hot outside.. they can forget it.  I will be home putting a crib together and decorating.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shampooed and Sleep

Another scorcher today... but Im glad that when I leave for work at 6:40am (sometimes earlier) its not quite that hot.  It was only 75 degrees when I left the house this morning.  But its expected to get up to 98 degrees. They have already closed schools half day.

So yesterday was my new regular hair appointment day. But I really wasnt in the mood to be in the salon all night.. so I did it myself.. Well really I just shampooed and curled it.  Im not sure how much more of that I will be doing.  It didnt really turn out to my liking this morning. I should have done something different with it last night instead I just curled it tightly and then wrapped it. anywho... maybe I will fix it tonight (if I have the energy) if not, it may be in a ponytail tomorrow, but atleast its clean.
shrug-Ashley Stewart; dress-Marshalls; shoes-Ross
On a nicer note, I do like my outfit.  Nothing fancy, just a strapless dress that I got a few months ago.  I think I got it for my cruise back in April.

Hubby and I had a chat about my pics too. We both realized that my face really isnt this fat. (lol) This is just my morning face cuz if I take pics later in the day, my face doesnt look nearly as fat.  My sister says that its the baby, but really, I think that at 6am when I am taking these pics, Im still asleep.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today with a weekend recap

Well its another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  But expect this week to be a scorcher.  Have I mentioned that Im not really a fan of hot weather. Personally, I much prefer the cold.  I feel like, you can always get warm (with layers and heat ofcourse).. but sometimes getting cool is a major task.

Luckily the weather held up nicely this weekend cuz Hubby and I had a bunch of events to attend.  A few little rain showers, but that was no big deal. 
Here is today's outfit.. and a recap of the weekend.
dress and shoes - Ross (North Carolina); earrings - Miami; necklace - first gift from Hubby (boyfriend at the time, lol)
I spent the day at doctors appointments.  I had a sonogram and Baby Hall weighs in at 3 pounds and 9 ounces.  So he is doing really well.  I havent forgotten about my preggo produce pics.  I just never seem to get to the market to get the produce, lol.  But Im gonna try again this week.  Its only a cabbage!
top-JC Penney; capris-Motherhood; necklace-Mother's Day gift from Hubby :)
Hubby and I had a packed day. We went to a housewarming and a baby shower. 
tunic-Motherhood; leggins-LaneBryant; shoes-Avenue; necklace-gift from Martha
First up was a housewarming for the daughter (Stacey) of one of my book club members, Dawn. She had a cutest studio apartment and it was nice and clean for our visit, lol.  Im sure she keeps it that way.
Never mind me slumped on the couch.  And thats Jackie next to me.  Stacey got some nice gifts for her new home.
And this is the lovely picture that I gave to Stacey so she could spice up her walls :)

Next up was a baby shower for one of Hubby's friends.
The shower was filled with dancing and good food. Yea, they played a few games, but I thought the line dancing was teh highlight of the event.  We left a little early so we didnt get to see all the gifts, but the couple had a nice spread.
I had a great time with my friend Martha for her "Baby Sprinkle" I thought that was an adorable name.  There was definitely good food ... Hubby went too, and the food was the highlight for him.
 Me, Martha's mom, and Martha. 
Yup, Marth is really popping out there.  She is due July 4, which is just around the corner for her.

 The cake was deeeeelish!!!! and Martha got some really ncie gifts, a few of which I had to add to my registry after seeing them at her shower, lol. Oh, and the games - we had a ball.  I tied twice with another of the guest on guessing Martha's belly size. Then we measured Martha's husband's belly.  The other guest and I tied again.. I let her have the prize.  Imma good sport, lol.  We just had a good time. Oh, and thats Martha's adorable some Micah in the forground of the pics.  He was able to take home a gift too. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lovely Day

I felt like singing Bill Withers - Lovely Day all the way to work this morning. It was indeed a lovely day.  The weather was wonderful with a cool breeze and the sun shining bright.  I just smiled and Thanked God for a Lovely Day!
skirt-LaneBryant; top-Target; shoes-Avenue; necklace-Tiffany's
I have another weekend of babyshowers. One of which is for my friend Martha.  She is having a baby girl (can you imagine.. in this - the season of baby boys, lol .. but she has a big brother, so Im sure he will take good care of her).  The other shower is for one of Hubby's friends.  Im not even sure that we will make that shower.  And since Im not in charge, I will leave that up to Hubby to decide.

Have a Lovely weeeknd everyone!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Broken Card - Update

Yesterday I had on what I thought was a cute outfit. I was all decked out for yet another meeting, this time in the sweltering heat. BUT .. just after I took the picture, and was about to throw the card in the bag... it broke!!! Yup, with all my pictures from the entire year (actually since Christmas last year).
Luckily when I got the card home, Hubby was able to take the pictures off the card... so I might be able to show you what I wore....

However, in the meantime, here is what I wore today.
skirt, cardi and tank - Lane Bryant; shoes-Macys; necklaces-Avenue
UPDATE - 6/3/2011
Here is the picture that I wanted to show from the broken camera card.  I was "givin it to them" in the meeting.
 skirt - Avenue; tshirt-OldNavy; necklace-Burlington; jacket-Macys