Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The week ahead

So I talked about the past week.. and the past weekend.. all of which were nice.  It was nice to have a short work week... and it was nice to have a longer weekend (which usually  goes hand in hand with a short work week, lol).

Anywho - the week ahead is filled with meetings at work.. and then the weeknd is filled (again) with Baby Showers.

Today, I spent the day preparing for the meetings of the rest of the week.
skirt-Motherhood; top-from coworker; jacket-JC Penney; shoes-Ross; necklace-Burlington

Black and White in the Short

This past week was a short week at work.  Ofcourse I am off on my regular Monday.. which last Monday was a full day with doct appts.  And then this past Monday (yesterday) was nice to just sit home and relax. 

Here is a flashback to last week.
top-Old Navy Maternity; pants-Motherhood; necklace-my neice; shoes-Macys
dress-Old Navy; shrug-Gift from BFF Courtney; shoes-Avenue
skirt-old, maybe Lane Bryant; tshirt-Old Navy; necklace-Burlington
The State of MD was off on Friday, which made for a nice long weekend.  I didnt do much. It was to warm out for me.  I like to be in a cool place when its hot outside. unless Im at the beach.  So for most of the weekend, I just chilled (literally cuz it was cold in our house) most of the weekend.  Hubby and I did visit his mom's house for a small cookout, that was nice.  But the rest of the weekend was really low key.  On Sunday, I posted on facebook "I really want to do something but whatever it is I dont feel like doing it." And pretty much that was the sentiment of the weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Preggo Produce

I havent posted any preggo produce pics in a few weeks.  One week I couldnt find the produce (a rutabaga.. but I didnt really look hard cuz Grandma said a rutabaga looks like a turnip, and my Grandfather used to eat them all the time.  I just remember them being a little smelly, lol.) And the next week, I definitely couldnt find an English hot house cucumber.. but another website had an alternative.. an eggplant.  I just never found the time (or the right outfit, lol .. ssshhhh!) to take the pic.

But for today, Im ready - clearly at the end of Week 27. But this week, Baby Hall (ManLee) weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended.
dress-Ashley Stewart; shoes-Ross; cardi-LaneBryant; necklace-from Martha
I dont really have much planned for this weekend.  I really want to complete my baby registry.  Ron has a few events that he wants us to attend - 40th birthday party on saturday and change the locks at the rental property.  Im not sure that I really want to do either. But, I guess I'll be there.  However, he needs to compromise, cuz I want to get that registry done!  I could have completed it long ago, but he wants to have some fun clicking all the things "he thinks he" will need for the baby.  That's fine, I can indulge him, lol!
This week or next week most likely, I want to have a location reserved for my baby shower.  This location and list have slightly caused frustration for some folks in my circle.  But Im not worried at all.  I know that it will be all that I want it to be, so no worries.  I guess the location selection (and reservation) is just not happening fast enough for some on the committee.  But its all good. What one person cant handle.. thats why I have others.  And those folks are more than willing to deal with my sometimes craziness and indecisiveness (although, I happily - although frustrated- put up with craziness and indecisiveness from everyone pretty much all the time, you would think that folks would have some sympathy sometimes, oh well!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It went well!

The meeting went really well yesterday, although there was one crazy question.  Overall, I was happy with the outcome and everyone agreed with the presentation.
skirt-Motherhood Outlet; tshirt-Kmart; shoes-Avenue
So, today, I have to spend the day reading a document... this will make for an interesting day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Presentation

I have claimed that my presentation today will be Productive and Possitive!
Now Let's Go Get'em!!!
dress-Motherhood Outlet; necklace-From Martha; shoes-??
Yup, that belly is poking out there a little more these days.  This is one of the dresses that I got from the Motherhood Outlet when we went to Rehoboth.  It was a major score for only $9.99!!! I have been holding on to this one.. and today's presentation is a perfect debut!
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend of Baby Showers

Back to work after a weekend that was filled with babyshowers and they were all on the same day.  Can you imagine .. I had a real busy day since I was part of the planning committe for both.  But it was fun!
And now, this week - I have to start planning my baby shower for July!
(Dont even ask - YES, I will be planning my own baby shower.  Im a control freak and I want to be apart of the process... so just let me do it please... and thank you, lol)

dress-NY&Co; Shoes-Avenue; Necklace-Lane Bryant
Cousin Derek and Cousin April's Baby Shower Cousin Derek and CousinApril's Baby Shower was a Giraffe Theme.  It was filled with lovely colors.  I love a good time spent with my family.  We got Derek a tshirt that reads "The Man Behind the Belly" ... but we werent sure if it was HIS belly.. or HER belly, lol!! that was the running joke during the shower.


Trina's Baby Shower
We had an excellent Raven's Theme Babyshower for my sorority sister Trina.  We were the referees for the event, with yellow flags and all.  There were some really fun games and prizes.  We had a blast and Trina got some nice gifts.  Her cake was adorable..and specially made for the event.

 It was a busy weekend.. but fun!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The weekend starts here!

Sure, you have seen this dress before. But I thought I would throw it on again today.  Its pretty comfortable and I look nice.
dress-Rainbow Plus; necklace-Burlington
 But I had to add a jacket since I would be at work all day.  Hubby is taking me to dinner tonight, so I will show a few bare shoulders (oooohh, sexy, lol) at dinner, lol.
jacket from Aunt Rita
ofcourse I have another busy weekend lined up.  Two babyshowers in one day!!! .. and I can finally get these bags out of the living room floor. 
Hopefully I can snap a few pics and post them.  Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I missed a day

I hope I dont make this a habit.. but I guess weekly posts are fast approaching for my new lifestyle.  We'll see ... lol
dress-OldNavy Maternity (gift from coworker); shoes-Avenue
After work today, I have to run a few errands.  This should be an interesting adventure.  I need to go to my old house to check on things and get the keys from the current tennant. Also, supervise my Aunt as she gets her items out of the house.  As I said ... "interesting adventure".
top-Garden Collection, H&M; cargos-Motherhood; necklace-Burlington
At some point this week I need to pick up a baby shower gift for my mom to take to Cousin April and Derek's shower this weekend.  I guess I can get that done tomorrow. I should have done it yesterday, but oh well.  Tomorrow Hubby is taking me to dinner before we loose one of our Groupons at a local resturaunt.  We have been there before, but when you have a discount, it doesnt hurt to take another trip, especially when its pretty tasty!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Delight

Hubby really surprised me for my Pre Mother's Day.  I knew that he was going to buy something.. but I had no idea it would be a lovely bracelet from Tiffany's.  My first blue bag... how darling!

After waking to a lovely gift. Hubby and I spent the evening at a cookout with My mother, Cousin Nikki and Nikki's mom (My aunt Ethel).  We had a great time.
top-Marshal's; studded skiny jeans-Motherhood; bracelet-Tiffany's
I had a rough time sleeping last night.  I think it was a little case of insomnia.  I have been cleaning and purging all weekend and now I have my computer in my bedroom.  Well needless to say, that computer (and Hubby's snoring) kept me up all night.  The house is getting back in order after a weekend of cleaning in preparation for Baby Hall.  There are a few things out of place, hence the reason why I am taking my pics in a different location. 
top-LaneBryant; skirt-Motherhood; shoes-Avenue
I did finally get my hair done at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning and I was very pleased with the outcome.  Im sure that my sister will tell me if she likes it better yesterday (curly) or today (a little straighter because I didnt pin curl it last night, lol).

Friday, May 6, 2011

The week in Review

Well not really a full week. But you get the idea...
TUESDAY: So I spent the weekend with Cousin Nikki's little ones.  We went out and did a little shopping for the babyshowers that I have coming up.  And I wrapped them up all nice. But I still gotta go out and get a gift for my mother to take to the shower too, lol.
jacket-JC Penny; dress-NY&Co
 THURSDAY: It was a pretty quiet day at work. But I got some really good news on a project I have been working on.  I was pretty darn excited when I got the letter back with the signatures of approval.  It was a very rewarding experience!!! A great sense of accomplishment for me and my team.
black capris - Motherhood; sweater-Lane Bryant; necklaces - NY&Co
 FRIDAY: And today.  Im just happy and looking forward to the weekend.  I had a rough evening last night... I was supposed to be getting my hair done with a new stylist, but she was totally overbooked and had me waiting for almost 2 hours. When I saw that there was no end in sight, I had to reschedule.  Im supposed to go back on Saturday - we'll see. That experience had me really upset and frustrated.  Im doing much better today.
tshirt-OldNavy; jean capris-Motherhood; jacket-Lane Bryant
So its purge time this weekend.  I have my Grandma and Aunt Rita coming over to help get me organized for the baby.  Hopefully, I can get a few pics of the nursery when its all done.. I took some before pics but yall would be appalled to see the mess and disarray in that room. Im even a little embarressed to show you.  But atleast the transformation will be AWESOME!!! I cant wait to show you.

Welcome to my few new readers.  Thanks for joining my small area of the world. Welcome again!! ... and Leave a Comment too.