Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Red Challenge - Day # 5

After a week of being home.. and happily wearing red the entire time... I am finally back to work. Although getting here included some challenges.. My car would not start this morning.. which is extra strange because Hubby started it and moved it yesterday. I guess the car wasnt ready to come back to work... But I sure was ready.

Today's outfit
Red sweater - Gap
Jeans with button detail - LaneBryant
snow boots - eewwww.. yuck! (lol)

A week sitting at home was starting to take a toll on me.. the boredom was setting in. So, after I tried the car and it didnt work, I had to come in and wake Hubby so he could drive me to work. Did I ever mention that Hubby has the "Midas Touch" on anything technology (say that 5 times really fast).. ofcourse he came out and the car eventually started for him.. but it was to risky, so he drove me to work anyway. I looove getting a ride in to work with Hubby. I feel like a queen being chauffered! (wink, thanks Hubby)

So although this is not literally the end of the week.. technically it will be the end of the week for me. My reign of red is coming to a close. I still had more red items, but i think its becoming red overload. I never wear this much red at one time.. for a few years, i didnt even like red... Now I may add a little red lipstick for Valentine's Day.. but i think my ode to red will end today! Until the next theme week, it was fun!


Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

Hello Kameel,
I've read your blog, and I have to say I appreciate what you do! Love yourself! I'm a follower now :D

I also like the V-day theme you are doing. The sweater is lovely.

Candy9985 said...

Cute outfit.
Had to come back and comment you gonna have that song in my head all day :) .I Love Mary.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks WJ&SW for being a follower. I appreciate the support.

Thanks Candy - Yea, i like that song.. did u skip forward through the player.. there are some really good songs!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! You will probably get more readers if you clean up your grammer and focus your content. Good luck.

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Anonymous for your feedback! Come back and visit often. I usually talk about all of the aspects of my life, which for me is the basis of any blog. My content will usually vary. Take it or leave it, either way, thats cool with me!

And maybe we all need to use spell check every now and then... ie, grammer versus grammar.

Maria said...

No worries Totally Inspired, my blog is also kind of all over the place. But, hey, it's a blog, we're allowed to write about whatever we want. If someone doesn't like it they don't hace to read. So keep writing about al things in your life. I enjoy reading about more than just the outfits.

BBM said...

haters gonna hate ...

i LOVE your blog girl! keep on keepin on!