Thursday, February 18, 2010

Classic Black and White

Today's Inspiration Calendar called for classic black and white. So I decided to wear a dress as a tunic. I dont wear this dress often, because I always thought it was so dressy and that meant wearing it to a fancy dinner, church, or a funeral. But today, I decided to pair it with some leggins and my webbed boots, to see if I could get a different look. I think I did pretty well. The dress doesnt look as formal at all. Thoughts??

Today's Outfit

Black and white dress - Macys

Studded leggins - Macys
Black webbed boots - Nordstrom
see that watch.. its still there, lol!

And this is the coat that I wore. I figured if its a theme, why not go all the way. This is the same coat that I wore for the Love Holiday weekend. Its pretty comfy. Dont mind that pic. I was trying to fix my hair and get out the door at the same time. I have no idea what I was looking at.

I went to the hair dresser after work yesterday. I actually left work 2 hrs early to get my hair done. But for some reason, I am not as impressed this morning as I was last night. I am very very (did I mention very) critical of my hair when I get it done. I like it to look a certain way, and I get so frustrated when it doesnt turn out right. MY BFFs always tell me that I am overreacting.

So when I left the hair dresser, I stopped past Fashion Bug. They had boyfriend jeans for $17, so I figured I would try a pair. I am not sure that I am going to like them. The correct size was a little tight in the thighs, and I dont think they are supposed to be worn like that. And the next size up was a little big in the waist, and they look baggy on. Sometimes baggy can translate to sloppy on a plus size woman. I got the larger size anyway. I will try them out, but what do you think? How are the boyfriends supposed to fit?

And another pair of socks!


Marianna said...

I LOVE that INC dress on you! I've tried it on too but couldn't afford it. It's absolutely fab. Wear and enjoy!

Andie said...

I saw that dress at Macy's and almost bought it for myself! :) How cute! you know what would really look awesome with it? A red, royal blue, hot pink, purple, or yellow blazer or cardigan and some tights in a bright color! I love bright colors with B&W! :)

You look super cute!

Becky said...

I like the tunic with the leggings! Personally, I don't do boyfriend jeans for that exact reason. I just prefer things to be a bit more tailored, I can't do the cool, slouchy trends, because, like you said, sometimes it can translate as sloppy. I'm interested to see how they look on you!

Totally Inspired said...

@ Marianna - Thanks!
@ Andie - hmmm.. ok, well I just ordered some red and some royal tights. Next time I remix this dress, I will add the tights and a cardi... But do you think a blazer or cardi would take away from the design on the front of the dress? do I need to add a belt too? Either way, I'll try it!
@ Becky - okaaaayyy.. that means a "virtual" fashion show may be coming soon, lol

NikStar said...

I think its fab that you dressed your INC dress down. It looks pretty darn good!

Yes, let us know about the boyfriend jeans. I had baggy jeans cause I get that whole saggy butt syndrome and my bum disappears! :/

misss_e said...

Cant wait to see them.

BBM said...

wowzers! that tunic/dress is so elegant! good bf jeans are not supposed to hide the buns ... but they are supposed to be baggy on the legs. jcpenney has really great ones.

and did u make up ure mind yet about the wardrobe challenge?

Kimberly said...

Love this as a tunic!! It looks fantastic with the basic black. :-)

Literal Gemini said...

Very cute!!!

cheeky curves said...

Love the dress. Personally I would wear it with a leather jacket and a bright scarf

FashionAddict said...

Just wanted to say that the INC dress look FABULOUS on you :)