Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is IT!

.. and not the Michael Jackson version.

This is it.. my blog layout for right now. Hubby is a genius when it comes to technology and all things gadgety (lol). He was able to fix the issue I was having last night with the nav bar and I was sooooo excited. And then this morning as I was reading the daily dashboard, I asked fellow fashion blogger Texas Love, Life and Fashion, how do I get the three column layout? I figured it out.. and wowsers!!! I was so excited. But I figured that I had spent so much time on this one last night... (adding music and my own pic), I will just have to keep it for awhile. And change to the three column, maybe around my birthday time. We'll see!

In the meantime, this is it... my new blog layout! Do u likey? and what do u think of the muuuuusik! click through the player.. there are other good songs, and I will be adding more, so come back.. okay?.. ok!

Oh... fashion pics (and weather pics) later today... stay tuned...
I took some great morning pics of the snow in my neighborhood... two blizzards in one week... craaaazy!


BBM said...

oooh girl! loving the new "digs". very chic and very stylish!

Maria said...

I like it. And the snow pictures look so beautiful. It's too bad it's so darn inconvenient.