Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - But its a little long, enjoy!

Ahead of time I will apologize for this really long post. But I hadnt updated all weekend so I thought, I would just do it all at one time.

Well on FRIDAY night, I went to a party with Hubby. One of his friends (and one of the best men in our wedding) gave his wife a 35 birthday party. The location was really nice. It was at a place called Milan in Baltimore. But the only thing.... it was PACKED!!! waay to tight for my liking. But the birthday girl had a nice time and thats all that matters... So this was the outfit for the party. Originally I was going to just dress up the grey cardi that I had on, but I decided I wanted to be a little more comfortable.. so I just changed it all up and went western.

Friday Night Outfit
Dress - Rainbow Plus
Vest - Lane Bryant
Brown Tights - ??
Cowgirl boots - Arizona

This was the look with the coat. It may have been a bit to much of the camel.. but i love this new handbag. it will most likely be my spring bag, but its heavy when its empty so we will have to see how that works out. But the purse is a leather Steve Madden handbag from Nordstrom. The coat is from JC Penny.
And this was Hubby's look. He was trying to get the directions on his iphone. But I really wanted to share this coat. I LOVE this coat. I got this for him for christmas (a big splurge!). The coat is from K&G and its made by Sean John.

And then there was SATURDAY! So saturday was my bookclub meeting. And this little sweetie in the photo is the daughter of one of my group members. This meeting was at my house and we discussed, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I think overall we all liked the book but we thought that it could have been shorter. By the end the book just got to be to much description. And with all that description, the book fell short with a great ending.
Saturday's Outfit
Grey sweater - DressBarn (more Valentine's Day outlet sales)
Black Leggins - Macys
Webbed Boots - Nordstrom
Im not sure of the outfit that my sweetie has on, but isnt she cute?
She just loves her "Aunt Kameel" And she was so proud of her colors... she loves yellow, lol.

And then today - SUNDAY ... Well I didnt really have anything to do today. But I did want to return a few things.. and I wanted to go to the market so I could try this recipe that a coworker suggested. So I went to the mall to return some shoes to ALDO, and they have the worst return policy ever (**beware, this is a rant, you can move past the itallics if you wish**). I ordered a pair of shoes (3 pair to be exact) and none of them fit. I happened to wear one of the pair of shoes, but the quality was poor and the shoes were ill fitting. BUT because they were worn, ALDO would not return them. So this was the second time that I had been to ALDO to return these shoes. And the first time, I didnt have the emailed print out, and then the second time they are telling me that I have the wrong email because it doesnt have how I paid for the item, basically teling me that I stole the shoes.. paaaaahhhhhlease!!!! Oh and they wanted to give me a damn gift certificate.. I dont want another thing from ALDO shoes.. they can keep it! ... I have way more to say, but i'll just end my rant here. So this is what I wore to run errands and argue with the lady at ALDO (but it wasnt her fault, she was just following directions)
Today's Outfit
Grey cardi - Ashley Stewart
Necklace - Avenue
Sheer top - Avenue
Belt - The Limited
Jeans - Lane Bryant
So I am excited to be joining the wardrbe challenge next week. I plan to list all of my items tomorrow along with a photo of the items. I think that my items are a little boring and not very colorful. But the lot is versatile, so thats all that matters. Im going with it!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Neutral Round-Up

I realized this morning that I have been wearing neutrals all week. With the exception of Monday where I wore black and white, the rest of the week has been soft neutrals. I guess black and white is still a neutral, just not to soft. from sneakers to stilettos did a study in neutrals last week and after I looked at what I wore all week, I saw that I too had been wearing neutrals this week. Dont mind the hair.. I was trying to do something with it this morning.. but whatever that was, it didnt translate well on to camera, lol...

Today's Outfit
Grey sparkly cardi - DressBarn
Black wash jeans - Old Navy

cardi closeup

Here is a roundup of the weeks outfits.
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Tonight, Hubby and I are supposed to be going to a birthday party for a friend. I will post picks on what I decide to wear. I can't decide between remixing the sweater that I have on today (and turning it into a night outfit) or just choosing a new shirt with more color.. So, we'll seeeeee!! check back tomorrow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not my best dress

Well today was really not my best work when it comes to putting together an outfit. Actually After looking at the pic, I thought this outfit is pretty boring. The shirt has pretty nice details, but the colors are all so subtle. And there is nothing going on... I guessI thought this would be much better. Oh, and never mind the hair, it wasnt combed yet, and i didnt really have a good shoe choice this morning, soI wore clogs..

Today's Outfit
Creme sweater with rhinestone buttons - Macys
Grey slacks - JC Penny
Black clogs - Nordstrom

The details here arent to bad. The buttons are dainty rhinestones, and the sleeve has a nice rouching (sp?).

Ok, so this is what I was supposed to wear today. I was pulling an outfit from the February Inspiration Calendar. Today called for a dress worn as a jacket, but for me, this look just wasnt doing it. The dress is nice by itself, but over this sweater its not really working for me. I just didnt feel comfortable, so I took it all off. Again, not my best look (it actually looked better in the pics that in person), but its a trial and error process.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 at 50 or 51 .. who's counting?

After two months of fashion blogging, I am happy to say that I have 30 followers and this is my 50th or 51st blog post. Surely when I started I had no idea who would be reading this blog (other than Hubby and my BFFs, they all read daily, lol). But happily, I have found a new community and you gals are all awesome. I appreciate you all visiting and reading each day, and ofcourse all the comments that you leave. I couldnt be more happy!! (so thanks - a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck)

I tried to pull together a little something today. These are a few pieces that I got on Valentine's Day when we went to the outlet. I actually got a few other things too so I will just let you see them a little at a time.
Today's Outfit
Grey striped shirt (new from internet shopping) - Old Navy
Oatmeal long cardi (new fromoutlet shopping) - Old Navy
Jean skirt - Fashion Bug
Grey tights - Avenue
Belt - ?
Necklace - NewYork&Co
Cowboy boots - Scottsdale, Arizona

Camel booties - NineWest
So which did I wear? The camel booties or the cowboy boots?

Happiness is Infectious - TAG

I was honored to be tagged by NikStar on her happiness post. And it has taken me this long to develop my list. I know - sad, but I know the things that make me happy, its just hard to pin them into 10 things.. and even harder for me to develop a list. I feel like I am going to miss something or leave something out. But I guess I can always write another list… So on this my 50th fashion blog post, I am happy to tell you some of the things that make me happy:

1. God is my Source – It makes me happy to know that God is my Source. Although I am blessed with a pretty good career, one that I actually like going to most days. Its not the job, its GOD. All of the things and experiences that happen in my life are because of God, and I am grateful! Thanks GOD!

2. Loving my husband – It makes me happy to love my husband. No matter how that reflection of love comes forth.

3. Spending time with my family – Whenever I am around my family for holiday dinners or just to hang out, I have a blast. They really make me happy. It also makes me happy to be able to spend time with my maternal grandparents (grandma is 84 and granddad also known as BayBay just turned 86). Spending time with them puts a smile on my face and theirs too!

4. My friends – Any time I spend with my friends is happy times. I have a variety of different cicles of friends. Im not sure if that’s strange to anyone else. MY BFFs, well you know they are the best. The one keeps me grounded while the other keeps me laughing (she is truly the funniest person that I know). Then there are my sorority sisters, my coworkers, the girls I grew up with, and a few different homies from random points in my life.

5. Relaxing and doing nothing or Relaxing and doing something – As much as I like people, sometimes I just want to do nothing. And then there are other times when I want to do everything. It just makes me happy to be able to live the life of my choosing.

6. A delicious meal – I am a sucker for a delicious meal. Now a good restaurant with great food, that makes me happy all the time.

7. Blogging and reading comments – After two months I have made 50 blog posts and I have 30 followers. It makes me happy to know that I am not the only one going through something. It makes me happy to read all of your comments (even the ones that I questioned). This blogging community is very supportive and provides the best feedback! Its awesome.

8. Painted fingernails and toenails – have you ever heard the expression, “Smiling on the inside” well that’s how I feel when I see my nails or toenails painted is a gorgeous color. There is something about painted nails that brings a smile to my face.. and makes me happy.

9. Realizing and witnessing growth and unfoldment for other people – This one is a little harder to explain. But when someone makes a change in their life and they are able to move forward with a goal, aspiration or even better clarity on something that was troubling them, that makes me happy. I like to see people moving in the right direction, especially when they are struggling with something. To see that a person has made a breakthrough in their thinking and now they can manifest something great in their lives truly makes me happy (ok, I know that one was really heavy, oh well).

10. Being alive – nuff said!

And since I was asked.. I am passing the happinesss on. If you have done this before, I apologize, you know I'm still fairly new and I may have missed it. Please make sure that you repost back to whomever tagged you (im not even sure how to do this, but it was part of the directions) and then tag 10 other people! Fun fun fun! I could have come up with plenty more wonderful blogs, but here goes …
.. and BBM gets and Honorable Mention, but NikStar tagged her in the post too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Held Accountable

I was talking to my sister the other day and I was telling her that this blogging has really made me more accountable for my style. So she asks why, and I tell her because I want to look nice in my pics. Her reply was that everyone has an off day. I said, yea, I can just not take a pic on that day. She said, why, thats you.

Thats true. everyday is not perfect, so this is me...
When I pulled this outfit I wasnt sure what it was going to look like. I got these pants from a friend and I wasnt thrilled when I got them. The best thing about them was the belt that came with them it was a really cute brown stretch belt. just what I needed. I wasnt sure how I wanted to wear the belt on this outfit. So I had Look #1 (belt outside) and Look #2 (belt in the loops of the pants - awful!). I went with Look #1.

Today's outift
Camel tank - LaneBryant
Argyle cardi - Old Navy
Brown high waist pants - AshleyStewart
Brown Tstrap shoes (New) - Aldo
I absolutely hate high waist pants on me. Im not sure, but these may end up in the giveaway bag. They were a gift from a friend, but Im not sure if she really took into consideration what highwaist pants look like when they dont lay flat on your lower belly. So this is the outcome. Sad.. so I will keep it covered up!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Errands and Breakfast

Well today I did my usual.. running errands. I had a few returns to make and then my BFF is redecorating her living room, so she wanted to get a few things for the room. We stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast (which was awesome!) and this is the photo that she took for me.

Today's Outift
Black and white striped shirt - Avenue
Black boyfriend cardi - Old Navy
Denim leggins - Ashley stewart
sneakers - ?
earrings - ?
Steve Madden Purse - Nordstrom Rack

I finally got my striped shirt!! Actually, I ended up getting about 4 or 5 different kinds. So the stripes will be in effect through the spring. YEAAAAA!!!

Oh, and that purse, I will be sure to take a better pic later. But I got this a few months ago. It is really cute.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BFF Blog # 4 - Game Night

What started out as Game Night for adults, ended up being Game Night for the kids. My sister is a member of a social group and her group had a Game Night last night. The ladies all brought their children and it ended up that the children took over the game night while the ladies just chilled out. They sat around most of the night talking about the various plans that the group has for the next year, including a plethora of vacations. Sounds like fun to me!!

BFF outfit to Game Night
Cowneck Shirt - New York and Company
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Studded Boots - Rainbow Shops
Accessories - New York and Company
This is a close up of the boots. They are a comfortable heel height with Rock Star details. She is really kick azz in these studded boots! hmmm, I wonder if I could fit these. She really wanted to find a pair of boots that her jeans would fit down in and I think this was an excellent choice (Im going to see if I can fit them too! I want a pair of boots that my jeans will fit into so badly!)

... and didnt I say that the children took over. well this is my lovely niece. she wanted to get in on the blog action. when she took the pic for her mom, she said, "take my pic and send it to aunt moo-moo too (i know, aunt Moo-Moo, who calls a plus size woman Moo-Moo. But she has been calling me that for years. I have learned to embrace the name as a term of endearment, lol). She recently turned 14 and ofcourse everything at that age is pure fashion and has to match exactly. although you cant tell, the jacket has some purple, hence the purple shirt.

Niece Outfit
Plaid jacket - Simply Fashion
Purple blousy gather shirt - Garage
Denim skinny's - Old Navy
Brown Uggs - Nordstrom
Juicy Couture Necklace - Nordstrom
(outfit description from Niece!, lol)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few weeks early

Originally I had no intention of leaving the house today. okay, well I was gonna leave the house to return a few items, but then I didnt feel like it. So I had decided to just stay home. Hubby had gotten dressed and asked if I wanted to take a ride with him to his mom's house and a few other errands. He agreed to buy me lunch at this local dive that serves great fried fish. They have been black owned since 1974, and that says alot. But either way, I love their fish. So when Hubby agreed to take me there, I got dressed and we were out the door.

This is what I wore:

Todays Outfit
Green cardigan - Fashion Bug
Black printed tee - ExpressMen
Jeans - Macys
Clogs - Nordstrom

And who knew that Hubby and I were both wearing green. I guess this was our inner leprechaun coming out.. a few weeks early.

Handsome Hubby Outfit
(I'm lovin that smile)
Green sweater and jeans - Old Navy

BFF Blog #3 - Ladies NIght

So the three amigos went out last night for some much needed laughs. All of our lives are going through different changes and although we talk often (atleast once a day), we still needed some laugh time. So we went to a place and had a few drinks and some dinner. The food was ok, but the drinks were good so that more than made up for mediocre food.

One thing about us is that we can laugh at the most random stuff in the whole wide world. But it will keep us laughing for hours and every time one of us mentions the incident the laughs start all over again. I am smiling on the inside just thinking of how much fun we had.

My outfit last night was the same as the post. I was supposed to roll the cuffs of the jacket, but yea, that didnt happen. So the outfit looked the same. Maybe next time. But either way, this is what the BFFs had on! (I am so happy that they play along and take the pics for my blog, lol)

BFF Outfit
Grey sweater (with the cutest button detail on the sleeve) - LaneBryant
Grey jeans - NewYork&Co (although when I asked her she said "Lerner" Its so sad that we still refer to NY&Co as Lerner.. I guess we are telling our age, lol)
Black boots - NineWest []
Heart necklace - cart in the mall

BFF Outfit
Camel leather peplum coat (that I totally adore!) - One Stop Plus
Brown Sweater - gift from mom's closet
Belt - shop in New Orleans, LA bought during the Essence Festival
Jean skirt - Gap
Boots - Ninewest

Friday, February 19, 2010

Open or closed?

I know that today's Inspiration Calendar called for a boyfriend blazer, but I wasnt quite ready to debut mine just yet. So I went with a different blazer instead. But I couldnt decide if I wanted to wear the blazer open or closed. Wearing it closed, it looks like a little to much white. Like I need a brooch or something. But wearing it open, looks like it needs to be closed. And I could have worn my orange and pink flower boots, but I just decided to wear the black boots instead. IDK. I actually have on two necklaces, a set of pink tinted pearls and a gold toned chain necklace. But you can see neither in these pics.
Today's Outfit
Winter white tweed blazer with frayed edges - Newport News
Pink mockneck - NewYork & Co
Denim slacks/trousers - Avenue
Black boots - NineWest
Flower Ring- Forever 21
Necklaces - ??
This is a close up of the ring that I am wearing. It was a gift from my BFF. The three amigos (my sister, my BFF and I) went to the mall last night to return a few things ... and buy a few more things (although, I left the mall empty handed, that was cool). My BFF got me this ring and another cute ring. I found her a cute stretchy ring that she bought too,but she liked these for me, so she got them! ... Isnt it qqquuuuuuute!! I likey!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

REPOST: Classic Black and White.. I stand corrected!

Well ladies (and gents),
So Hubby reads my blog daily. I mentioned on someone elses comments that three of the people that I love most in the world are daily readers of my blog. well, I ran to the store this evening with my sister and she tells me that Hubby said he read the blog today. I was like, yea, what did he say. She said that he told her... I see she (Kameel) went to Fashion Bug last night and bought some "boyfriend jeans", She needs to be buying "HUSBAND JEANS"! .. LOL, I thought that was hilarious.

So, I stand corrected, I bought "husband jeans" at Fashion Bug last night. And I will be sure to show you ladies how they fit in a future virtual fashion show. I got a few other items in the mail today (dont we just love deliveries). I cant wait to show a few of these items off. I am really tempted to switch tomorrow's outfit to one of the items that I got today in the mail. I am so impatient. I always want to wear my new stuff right away. Is anyone else like that?

Cute on the Cheap - Shoe Giveaway

Dont we just love giveaways. And shoe giveaways are pretty sweet!
Head on over and try your luck!
Cute on the Cheap is hosting a shoe giveaway.
Good luck!

Classic Black and White

Today's Inspiration Calendar called for classic black and white. So I decided to wear a dress as a tunic. I dont wear this dress often, because I always thought it was so dressy and that meant wearing it to a fancy dinner, church, or a funeral. But today, I decided to pair it with some leggins and my webbed boots, to see if I could get a different look. I think I did pretty well. The dress doesnt look as formal at all. Thoughts??

Today's Outfit

Black and white dress - Macys

Studded leggins - Macys
Black webbed boots - Nordstrom
see that watch.. its still there, lol!

And this is the coat that I wore. I figured if its a theme, why not go all the way. This is the same coat that I wore for the Love Holiday weekend. Its pretty comfy. Dont mind that pic. I was trying to fix my hair and get out the door at the same time. I have no idea what I was looking at.

I went to the hair dresser after work yesterday. I actually left work 2 hrs early to get my hair done. But for some reason, I am not as impressed this morning as I was last night. I am very very (did I mention very) critical of my hair when I get it done. I like it to look a certain way, and I get so frustrated when it doesnt turn out right. MY BFFs always tell me that I am overreacting.

So when I left the hair dresser, I stopped past Fashion Bug. They had boyfriend jeans for $17, so I figured I would try a pair. I am not sure that I am going to like them. The correct size was a little tight in the thighs, and I dont think they are supposed to be worn like that. And the next size up was a little big in the waist, and they look baggy on. Sometimes baggy can translate to sloppy on a plus size woman. I got the larger size anyway. I will try them out, but what do you think? How are the boyfriends supposed to fit?

And another pair of socks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Things I Love About Me

Monique over at Curves and Chaos made this awesome post. She shared it with all of her readers and I asked if I could share it with mine.
She suggested to print it out and use it as a daily affirmation. I thought it was great. Enjoy!

Back to the regularly scheduled program ... more boots with bows

Today I finaly joined Kimberly with the February Inspiration Calendar. If you read yesterday, I was supposed to wear an outfit from the calendar, but it didnt work out. Today is a pretty good combo.
I bought this dress awhile ago from Macys. And when I got it, I was going to take it back because i think it makes me look pregnant (which, Im not). Its actually sleeveless (i shoulda snapped another pic of the dress without the jacket, maybe next time). But when I did my usual fashion show for Hubby (whenever I do a big haul, I will do a fashion show for Hubby. He just laughs at me) this is one of the items that I was going to return. He suggested that I keep it and Im glad that I did. The dress has an asymetrical hem line, but you cant really see it in the pics. With the tights everything looks black on the bottom. The pearls actually came with the dress. (I know, more pearls.. I shoulda named my blog something about pearls.. any name suggestions, maybe I will use it one day)
Today's Outfit
Black sleeveless dress - Macys
Tan jacket - Lane Bryant
Pearls - came with the dress
Boots - Macys

More boots with bows. I guess I like bows and pearls, lol! (name suggestions???)
Oh, and see that watch.. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch. More details later. I will probably do one big post of some of my regular/staple "wardrobe favorite things" .. but let it be known. This watch is a staple in my closet!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Because I said I would

Because I said I would (to BBM, lol), here is a sneak peak under the cardi. It really was turquoise. The color in this photo is pretty bad, but oh well, you get the idea.

I have been pondering joining and starting/revamping two different blog activities.

The first is the wardrobe challenge with The Small Fabric of My Life. I think it will be fun. but I have no idea what ten items i would choose. There is so much inspiration out here in the fashion bloggie world. I will have to see what i can come up with. anyone want to join me?

The second is a revamp of the Traveling Scarf that Kimberly did. She has done it twice and I thought it was a cute idea. So I would love to try it. I was thinking of using a purse. I just got the cutest purse from old navy and I really wanted to share it with all my bloggie friends. would anyone be interested in this revamp?

Just some of my random thoughts. Tell me what you think?

Total change

So today I was going to wear one of the outfits from Kimberly's Inspiration Calendar. But when I went to put it on this morning, I was thinking it may be a little to cold to pull that one off. So I will save it for another day. I usually plan my outfits for the week on sunday and monday. I have to leave the house so early in the morning, there isnt any time to think. I need to know what I am going to be putting on and go with it. Since this is the case, each week, I will add an additional outfit in case I dont like one of the combinations that I put together.

Today's outfit
Peach Cardigan - Avenue
Brown riding pants - Lane Bryant
(which I think shrunk in the washing machine, aauugh. I need a new pair cuz I love these pants)
Turquoise tank - Ashley Stewart
Cowboy boots - Scottsdale, AZ (some local store in Old Town)

I also wore these cute pearls. I think I have worn them before, and last time I said that I would attach a close up of them. They are from Ashley Stewart and they came with the cutest pin that can be added to the side. I just thought these were darling and I had to have them. The detailed stones in the pin, matched the buttons on the cardi too.. cute cute qqquuuute!

Best Friend Blog # 2

I have been trying to get this chic on here since I started to blog ... so SURPRISE!!! here she is. This is my sister and also my best friend. Ok, so we have known each other also since the 6th or 7th grade. We spent so much time together when we were younger that everyone asked if we were sisters. We had to keep explaining so much that we just started saying yes.. and no one asked anymore questons. So she will forever be my sister and she goes into the best friend blog. She and I have a connection that we cant even explain. We find ourselves thinking and sayign the same things often.. Even this morning, i called her and she had emailed me at the same time. Its a connection..we cant explain. She is not really my shopping buddy as much as the other BFF, but this BFF keeps me grounded. She is the one that brings me back to reality with any aspect of my life, no matter how crazy it gets. Sometimes, I wish I had as much luck on bringing her back ... but neither of my BFFs listen to me.

She has been holding out on being added to the blog until she found the perfect outfit. And I think this one looks gorgeous on her. She looks so cute and slim (way to go.. great pic!)

Yesteday's BFF outfit
Gray cardigan - New York and Company
Gray and black striped slacks - New York and Company
Black shell - Target
Earrings and Necklace - New York and Company
Black boots - by Nine West

Monday, February 15, 2010

What do you do ?

Well, today I stayed in all day so there wasnt an outfit to post. But ofcourse I will be back at it tomorrow. It has been a fun day "blog surfing" and reading all the fun things that people did to celebrate the Love Holiday! I am happy for you all.

On another note, i got a pretty weird comment today. Do you all keep your "interesting" (and I use the term loosely) comments? I decided to leave the comment and just add a response. But I guess I can totally see how someone (blog writer) could get frustrated by a comment that someone writes to their blog. Everyone is entitled to their comments and thats fine.. so this was a nice test.. Thanks Anonymous, you really made me grow in that respect. Because what I really wanted to do was rip you a new one in a new post. But I decided not to.

I have only read two other blogs where there were not so kind comments left on their page (clearly much worst than the comment that I got). One person was about to stop blogging all together and the other blogger just made a new post which had some excellent points. I decided to do neither and just left a response after the post.

What would you do if a person left a nasty, not so favorable comment on your blog? How would you or have you responded?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The weekend of LOVE!

We started out on our Valentine's Day weekend and I wanted to look cute and be warm. All of the advice that I got from my blog friends was to dress in layers. I did my best.

Saturday's Outfit
White ruffle blouse - JCPenny
Yellow VNeck Sweater - Lane Bryant
Denim trousers - JCPenny
Tights - JCPenny
I added a pair of Juicy (Nordstrom) sunglasses. I knew there would be alot of sun shinning off of the bright snow. These glasses are actually grey and black which is a very versatile combination.. You would think that I wear them often, But I dont. So I pulled them out for this weekend and they were perfect. Also, the bracelet that I am showing off is my silver charm bracelet. I have been collecting charms from every place that I travel. Some of the charms from different locales are:
Georgia Peach from Atlanta, GA; Eiffel Tower from Paris, France; Steamboat from New Orleans, LA; Roullete wheel from Las Vegas, NV; Kokopeli from Scottsdale, AZ; There are a few more ... and counting ...

On to the reason for the season. We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday night. After we went snow tubing (see pics below), we arrived back at the hotel and had an awesome dinner. If you get the chance, visit Wyndam in Gettysburg, PA. It was such a nice hotel. The restaurant was nice but the service was not as high quality as the actual location.

In honor of the Day of Love, this is the outfit that I wore, which was an inspiration (copycat) from Gilding the Frilly from one of her recent date nights with her new boyfriend.

The Love Day Outfit
Blue silky shirt - Macys
Jones New York skirt - Macys
Brown shrug - Lane Bryant
Belt - ?
Gold shoes - Nine West
I even got Hubby to pose for a photo. Isnt he handsome?!
Hubby's Love Day Outfit
Grey sweater vest - K&G
Joseph Abboud Striped Shirt - K&G
Black slacks - ??
Shoes - ??

The next morning, which was today, we woke early for a nice breakfast and then we went to the outlet mall for a little shopping. This is the outfit that I wore to the outlets and back home.

Today's Outfit
Black sweater vest - Express Men
Yellow and black print shirt - Lane Bryant
Denim Trousers - JCPenny
This shirt had a really nice design. The designs are line drawings of ladies and men dressed in victorian clothing. Hmmmm, maybe not victorian.. but some other period clothing. Either way its cute!

Well, these are a few pics of the activities that we did over the weekend. We stopped in downtown Gettysburg and had lunch at a little diner called Ernie's Texas Lunch House. It was a little spot that I found on google maps, mostly a spot for locals. As soon as we walked in, we felt as if we walked back in time. And they werent really used to seeing folks like us (black and city folks) to often either. No one was rude or inappropriate, but you could still just tell. I cant really explain it.

Ernie's is known for their hotdogs loaded with chilli and onions. It was pretty good. Hubby had a hotdog and he got a breakfast sandwich too.. now THAT was soooo good!! He got bacon, egg and cheese on english muffin.. and it was a reaaally good sandwich.

After lunch we made our way to the slopes at Liberty Mountain.

This was the tubing lanes and it was sooo much fun. I dont think I was fully dressed with enough layers and socks, but we had such a great time snow tubing. We have agreed that we will definitely go back again!!
Yup, thats Hubby with his face all covered up. The wind and snow was making him loose his breathe, so he needed to block some of it. We will be better prepared for out next trip out there.

well we had an excellent weekend celebrating our Love! I look forward to reading all your comments .. and seeing what you all did for the Love Holiday!