Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More fun socks

Todays outfit has a really cute detail on the shirt. Its full of ruffles on the front, but its hard to see in the pic.. Oh well. i am back to taking pics in the living room since its pitch black outside when i leave for work at 6:40am... I think I will be working on adding more light to the living room so these pics will come out better... But until then... tadaaaaah!!!

Todays' outfit
Brown slacks - Fashion Bug
Orange ruffle top - JC Penny
Jean vest - Lane Bryant

And ofcourse I had on a fun pair of socks. Baltimore is bracing for another snow storm today, so I wore my snow boots, which are not cute at all.. they are total functionality. So i just took the pics with my shoes off.. that was way more fun!

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BBM said...

love, love the vest! and the socks! hehehe ... ure so cute with ure socks!