Thursday, September 30, 2010

jacket - LaneBryant
tank - Target
skirt - Jones New York Outlet
shoes - ???
necklaces - ???
bracelet - Cancun,Mexico
I should have taken a pic without the jacket too .. oh well

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feminine Menswear

Not much to chat about today.. After work, I gotta help my sister (BFF Yolanda) start to pack her apartment (thats pretty exciting .. NOT, lol). But check my update on yesterday's post.. "Ladybug" (Cousin Nikki's daughter Taylor) had an excellent time at her party!
top - Ashley Stewart
jean leggins - Avenue
bracelet - Cancun, Mexico
belt - Rainbow Plus
shoes - Macys
OOOHHHH!! and how could I forget to mention..
Leslie at FASHION du jour hosted a giveaway and I won!! Yup, Im pretty excited about that.. I get to go shooooping!!! wooot wooot!! oh yea, oh yea.. lol (I'm pretty pumped. Now, what will I buy, whew!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Birthdays!

I think September has the most birthdays in my family. If you saw the pics from Aunt's 50th Birthday Party.. most of them took a pic together and there was still atleast 1 or 2 missing. Today's birthday belongs to my little "ladybug" (she doesnt always like when I call her that, lol)Cousin Nikki's daughter - Taylor. I will be stopping past their house tonight for icecream and cake.. and definitely some SINGING!!!! (I'll post pics of me and the birthday girl later this evening)
This was today's work outfit .. in the rain. (but I'm not complaining, I know we need it)
tank - Lane Bryant
white cardi - Fashion Bug
skirt - Lane Bryant
necklace - NY&Co
bracelets - Cancun, Mexico
UPDATE : Here are a few pics of Ladybug at her birthday party. She was all smiles and sooo excited about her cake. Being 4 years old is pretty fun!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She had a few other things to do today, so we plan to celebrate later on. But I couldnt let the day go by without a shout out for Mom's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Bernette Lee Jones!
I love you much!

It wasnt until after college that I realized what a true jewel that my mother is. I mean I have always loved her, but between this mother daughter relationship, the appreciation for who she is didnt come until I was an adult. We have very different views about some things. And often times we see the world in a different way. But we have learned over time that we truly love and care for each other and we want the best for each other. We are still in the process of working on a few things in our relationship, but atleast we are willing. I know that I am. We both want to be heard by the other person, and we are still working on respecting the other person's point of view without compromising to much on our own views and opinions. Today its alot easier to talk about my loving relationship with my mother. She is kind, loving and compassionate, a wealth of knowledge. As much as I didnt want to be like her in my younger days... I am so much like her as an adult ... and thats fine with me.

So since I couldnt spend the day with mom. I had an awesome lunch date with one of my sorority sisters. Robyn and I chatted about married life (she is recently married), relationships, self renewal and realization and children. It was a pretty deep and unfolding conversation for both of us. Whenever we share time together its a good time! Luv ya Rob!

I grabbed a look from the September Outfit Inspiration Calendar.
Monday, 9/27 - Mix: Leopard & Army Green
leopard tank - H&M
skinny jeans - Ashley Stewart
green shoes - Stein Mart (Memphis, TN)
I did have a green cardi to wear but I was in the house all day so I didnt really need to wear it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap - INTRODUCING ....

FRIDAY after work,
I attended a surprise 40th Birthday Party for BFF Courtney's coworker and friend, Lisa.

Surprise Party outfit
black tank - Target
shrug - Lane Bryant
skirt - Avenue (altered for a shorter fit)
shoes - Nine West

The theme was a Soul Train Party!

BFF Courtney was part of the planning committee. I loved her hat and the romper was cute too!

Lisa was sooo surprised when she arrived.. and she was ready to PAAARRRR-TAAAAAYYY!

BFF Courtney had her outfit all planned! This was Lisa's 70's look.

more or BFF Courtney's coworkers and friends (Tahirah and Lynnell).

BFF Yolanda and I
Hubby and I attended a housewarming for my sorority sister in Delaware.

dress - eshakti
capri leggins - Macys
shoes - Kmart
handbag - Michael Kors - Nordstrom (i thought this would be my fall handbag.. but I had to rethink that)

ofcourse it was fun times and laughs with all the ladies.

Linda and Dee

Two of my line sisters.
My fall handbag! Yup, I will be sporting this beauty for the rest of the fall. I got this from SteinMart when we were in Hilton Head, South Carolina during our summer vacation... isnt she a cutie, in all her purple glory!

Hubby and I Sunday dinner date

tshirt - Old Navy
jeans - JC Penney
brown clogs - Nordstrom
pink cardi - Lane Bryant

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Black Files

Somehow I ended up wearing black the entire work week (Tues - Fri, Im off on Mondays)..
FRIDAY - today!
top - Old Navy
skirt - Lane Bryant
belt - from an Ashley Stewart dress
earrings - Ashley Stewart
necklace and bracelet - NY&Co
shoes - Macys
dress - Macys
necklace - grandma (I bought this necklace at my grandmother's senior center. She runs the "rummage sale" area.. chock full of clothes, shoes, jewelry, candles, just all kinds of junk (oops! lol) stuff.)
shoes - giveaway winner (i really love these shoes.. Im defintely going to wear them more!)
dress - LaneBryant
cardi - FashionBug
shoes - Kmart
bracelet - Andie's giveaway
necklace - gift from Hubby
belt - from Ashley Stewart dress
cardi -Macys
tank -OldNavy
skirt - Oldnavy
shoes -Payless
silver bracelet - Cancun, Mexico

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aunt Rita's 50th Birthday Party (pics heavy)

The party was held at Cousin Nikki's house. We used a travel theme since Aunt Rita has been all over the world - from Africa to Europe... she has traveled to so many places. Many of the guests, including her sisters, had no idea that Aunt Rita had been to so many places.

The candy table was adorable. It included all different candies from when Aunt Rita was a little girl, buying candy for a penny!

The planning committee included Aunt Patricia, Cousin Kellie, Cousin Nikki and Me!

dress - Aunt Rita's closet (DressBarn)
shoes - comfortable
necklace - Burlington
Next time I wear this dress, I will most likely wear it with a belt. i think it needs some waist definition.
... and the guest of honor!

she wore a long black column dress from LaneBryant. She looked so hot!

Uncle Gerald was pretty sharp too .. and he definitely had a "fox" on his arm.

Cousin Nikki looked stunning in the outfit that I pulled together for her. Comfortable and classy!
Aunt Lynn had on an awesome top. dont u love the colors?

Aunt Berniece and Grandma

Mother and daughter

Aunt Rita with her sisters-in-law

I was explaining the game / ice breaker to my mom

BayBay was telling me all the answers to the game.

The children of Mary and Clarence Jones Sr

Aunt Patricia was part of the planning committee.

Uncle Joe was the photographer for the night.

In the basement, we had a dance floor.. and Hubby was on the 1s and 2s

We snacked on appetizers. Mingled upstairs and downstairs. Watched a slideshow of Aunt Rita and her travels. And after dinner was served ...
Then it was time for cake!

The family all gathered with wonderful things to say about Aunt Rita.

I lit the sparkling candle! (not really sure what I was doing)

Make a wish!

BayBay and Grandma with their seven children.

Grandma and her sisters! .. I always know how to make them smile.

All the September babies gathered for a photo!

The men to carry on the "Jones" name. My grandfather really wanted to take this picture with my Uncle Bay and his two sons.

I love standing next to these guys, they make me look so small and petite, lol!
Cousin Aaron and Cousin Sterling

me and my golden girls again!
Then Aunt Rita opened her gifts as we all "ooohhh" and "aaaahhhed"

We didnt eat one of the turkeys.. so Aunt DeeDee suggested that we wrap it tight and freeze it. I cant wait to taste how this comes out. Cousin Kellie did a great job with all of the food. It was delicious.

It was an excellent night and most of all Aunt Rita and Uncle Gerald were pleased!
Happy 50th Birthday Aunt Rita!