Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Location

Today I had to change up my picture location a little. My usual location is in front of my green curtains in the living room.. but with this outfit, i didnt think a green background would be to good. Do I went to the front door...nice and bright. (but not as bright as outside).. i think I like this location, what do you think. I may need to work on the settings on the camera to get a more crisp picture (I know one of these gadgets is capable of takign a clear pic)

Speaking of gadgets .. i got a new one.. and ipod touch.. i had been harrassing hubby to use his iphone almost every night to play this one game, so i guess he got tired of me asking for his phone.. so he got me the ipod touch. I asked him, "Is this an early Valentin's Day gift"? He said, "No, we have something else planned for Valentine's Day." He is such a sweet sweet hubby (and i want my red strawberry jelly beans for Valentine's Day too, lol)
Today's Outfit
Jeans - JCPenny
Printed button up shirt - Lane Bryant
I wish I had taken a close up of this shirt. it is so cute. its is filled with historic buildings from europe. the colors are black, turquoise, royal blue, and ofcourse green.
Green sweater vest - K&G (men's wear)

And ofcourse I had on more fun socks!!! There was more snow on the ground again today here in Bmore, so you know I had on my yucky work boots/snow boots. I realized today, that they may be the oldest thing I have in my closet.. maybe.. but either way, they are the most reliable shoe I have in my closet. I need to do a tribute to the yucky shoes.... maybe soon, we'll see!
So, for Valentine's Day, hubby and I are going to Pennsylvania for a ski weekend. Now I have never been skiing, so I might not actually make it to the slopes, but we will definitely go snow tubing.. that sounds fun to me.
Do any of you ladies have any fashion ideas for me to pack on a ski weekend? I want to be warm, cute and ofcourse fashionable... even in the snow.


Becky said...

Cute top and necklace, and I love that you matched your socks! Ski weekend?! I've never been skiing, but I'm guessing it's gonna be cold, so maybe comfy, but cute sweaters? And layers! Lots of layers!

MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

Hey that's my vest!!! lol

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Becky..

MusicMadness(also known as Hubby).. this is not your vest.. I went and bought a new one cuz yours was to big. Imma wear your old black vest later, lol!