Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Ahead - Labor Day Holiday

Im sure that I've mentioned before, but I have a work schedule where Im usually off on Mondays. And, well this monday when everyone else will also be off.... i dont like it, lol. Ok ok... but I do like to be off on Mondays when no one else is off. I get so much done.. (least of which is rest, Im usually running errands).

Maybe this monday will be different. I can spend the day with my honeys - relaxing. We dont have any other plans for the weekend.

Tomorrow Im off too, and I plan to go to Happy Hour with some coworkers that I havent spent time with in awhile. It should be a fun night.

But for today ...
I found this skirt at JCPenney and its waaaay to big (to long AND to big in the waist).  I wont even tell you how its "jimmy-rigged" BUT - I like how it turned out.

The shoes and the blues

The Featured Shoes - So I purchased these shoes when I went on my Overnight Weekend with the BFFs.

I thought these shoes were the peeeerfect purchase, so I decided to do a week of outfits inspired by these shoes. I wanted to showcase them with all their cuteness!!

... and then - the blues ... I wore them to work on the first day of the outfit inspiration week .. and I FELL IN THE PARKING LOT AT WORK!!! - yes, actually hit the ground and everything. BUT, I was fine.. no imminent pain. So I continued with my day. HOWEVER, the next day my body ached all over! and my ankle was a wreck (luckily it was only one ankle this time.. last time this happened, I was messed up in BOTH ankles).

At any rate - I still took pics with the shoes, so here goes.
Aug 3
- featured shoes-

Aug 2
- other shoes -

Aug 1
- featured shoes -

July 31
- other shoes -

NOTE : I wore the shoes and another pair of shoes during the week. I wasn't sure I could make it all week it the featured shoes.  The featured shoes have since been shipped to a good home.. I no longer own them!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As he grows - 12 months

Twelve Months
Weight:about 22 pounds
Diaper Size: 3
Drinks: 4-6oz at each feeding but has added juice and regular milk to his feedings; Ryan still likes to eat but he is noticing food texture.  He can clearly tell you when he has finshed eating, he will just spit it back out. no throwing - just open wide and release, lol. He has 4 teeth and one more coming in on the bottom. One of the top teeth sent Mommy to the ER with a sick baby and a high fever of 104. But two days later - Ryan was back to himself, playful and happy!
Wearing: 12 months (and he should be wearing some 18 months too)

I still remember the night before and the days leading up to delivery. It was exciting and nervous and I knew in a moments time, all things in my life would change forever,

well it did.. they changed, this time last year, we welcomed a tiny baby boy to the world ... (and then there was an earthquake, lol)

Im happy to make this post, to celebrate the birth of my baby boy, Ryan Lee Hall. On August 23, 2011 at 12:48p he finally arrived! I still recall having to have my labor induced since he was already a little over a week overdue... (pitocin was the eviction notice, lol)

And today, this baby has brought so much joy and happiness to everyone that he meets. He is so filled with excitement, and love - just as I prayed for all of the days of my pregnancy. Ryan has come to this world to do great things and be a great person.. and in his little 12 months he has already accomplished love, peace, joy and happiness for all who he encounters. I have seen it. He has brought together family members that were not getting along, he has brought smiles to the elderly, and the sick, he has softened the heart of the anxious and weary. He has truly been a light to all he meets. And I love him dearly!

Ryan's birthday party celebration will be this weekend, and surely there will be plenty of pics!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Party Party Party - Cousin Nikki's 40th Birthday

As always, I LOOOOVE a good celebration!
... and this event was no different.
Cousin Nikki celebrated her 40th Birthday yesterday and it was wonderful. I had such a great time that someone might have mistaken the party for my own birthday, lol.

Cousin Nikki did a marvelous job planning this event. She pulled out all her best vendors to have an absolutely exqusite event! .. Big FUN!!

Here are the deets:
Me, getting glam for the event

The arrival

The big reveal

Meet The Halls

... the next day, still fabulous!
... and Im still in "party planning mode" Ryan has a big milestone birthday coming up next week. So stay tuned for his birthday party pics too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cofield Family Reunion - Baltimore,MD

The Cofield Family Reuion was held in Baltimore, MD from August 10-12, 2012
I was the chairperson for this reunion.  The last reunion wa held in Rocky Mount, NC.

We had a great time although this reunion may have been smaller than other past reunions.  There was a huge turn out from the family members in and around Baltimore.  Some folks, didnt stay, but they wanted to meet and greet our out of towners - they stopped by for some family time.  All in all, I loved it. and I had a great team to work with to help me plan.

And here we are in all our "purple tshirt glory"!

Here are a few slide shows of the reunion pics. Enjoy!
Family Reunion Registration and Family Meeting
Family Reunion Banquet

lets catch up

Well Im back from a busy past two weeks.
The first week of August, Ryan came home from daycare with a high fever. So I took him to Patient First adn they said he had an ear infection. So Hubby and I alternated days staying hom - therefore - no outfit of the day posts.

The next week I was in full planning mode for the Cofield Family Reunion held in Baltimore, MD where I was the chairperson. The reunion was a hit. Ill post a few pics soon.

Now - Back to our program. I spent Monday out shopping for this weekend. Exciting things to come - BIRTHDAYS!!!!! Cousin Nikki has her 40th Birthday Party this weekend - so I had to get her a gift and I needed an outfit because she is having a "white party" While at the mall, i just couldnt resist picking up a few things that I didnt need.... and then next weekend - RYAN TURNS ONE YEAR OLD!!! more pics and details to come later on that.. but its still exciting.

Top-AshleyStewart; Skirt-Macys; Shoes-JCPenney

Dress and shoes-Ross[North Carolina]