Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Held Accountable

I was talking to my sister the other day and I was telling her that this blogging has really made me more accountable for my style. So she asks why, and I tell her because I want to look nice in my pics. Her reply was that everyone has an off day. I said, yea, I can just not take a pic on that day. She said, why, thats you.

Thats true. everyday is not perfect, so this is me...
When I pulled this outfit I wasnt sure what it was going to look like. I got these pants from a friend and I wasnt thrilled when I got them. The best thing about them was the belt that came with them it was a really cute brown stretch belt. just what I needed. I wasnt sure how I wanted to wear the belt on this outfit. So I had Look #1 (belt outside) and Look #2 (belt in the loops of the pants - awful!). I went with Look #1.

Today's outift
Camel tank - LaneBryant
Argyle cardi - Old Navy
Brown high waist pants - AshleyStewart
Brown Tstrap shoes (New) - Aldo
I absolutely hate high waist pants on me. Im not sure, but these may end up in the giveaway bag. They were a gift from a friend, but Im not sure if she really took into consideration what highwaist pants look like when they dont lay flat on your lower belly. So this is the outcome. Sad.. so I will keep it covered up!!!


Danielle said...

I like the belt just not belted around this cardigan. Actually I liked Look #2 better. It gave you a better line. Maybe in Look #1 if you had buttoned the bottom of the sweater and loosened a few top buttons it would have better symmetry. Just some suggestions. :)

And I agree about accountability. Since I started blogging, I pay more attention to my makeup. I'm working on fashion soon. Keep smiling!

Courtney said...

I like look #2 better. The belt takes away from the sweater. I love the high waist pants.

Onika said...

I think you made the right decision accentuating your lovely waist with the belt. A belted cardi is a bit daring but very cute. I love your blog my the way :) I just started reading it 5 minutes ago. You are your husband are too cute!

BBM said...

i like no. 1 and no. 2 but no. 1 is the most flattering. good choice. i love how u also post ure flaws in ure blog. it means ure real girl. and i LOVE it. u look great!

so r u excited for wardrobe challenge? woohoo!

Totally Inspired said...

@ Danielle - Thanks lady... smiles are important. I cant wait to see your fashions too..

@ Courtney - thanks for the feedback.

@ Onika - Thanks for stopping by. I saw your blog and its pretty rockin too.. I cant wait to do the fashion shuffle.

@ BBM - Nope, Im not really ready.. but I am excited.. so here we go.. woo hooooo!!!

Maria said...

I liked look #1 on you better. Look #2 wasn't bad either though. I have a similar problem with high waisted pants with pleats. I just feel like my upper half ends up looking too short or something. Overall, I think you still looked very well put together. Love the necklace, it's so dainty and cute.