Friday, February 19, 2010

Open or closed?

I know that today's Inspiration Calendar called for a boyfriend blazer, but I wasnt quite ready to debut mine just yet. So I went with a different blazer instead. But I couldnt decide if I wanted to wear the blazer open or closed. Wearing it closed, it looks like a little to much white. Like I need a brooch or something. But wearing it open, looks like it needs to be closed. And I could have worn my orange and pink flower boots, but I just decided to wear the black boots instead. IDK. I actually have on two necklaces, a set of pink tinted pearls and a gold toned chain necklace. But you can see neither in these pics.
Today's Outfit
Winter white tweed blazer with frayed edges - Newport News
Pink mockneck - NewYork & Co
Denim slacks/trousers - Avenue
Black boots - NineWest
Flower Ring- Forever 21
Necklaces - ??
This is a close up of the ring that I am wearing. It was a gift from my BFF. The three amigos (my sister, my BFF and I) went to the mall last night to return a few things ... and buy a few more things (although, I left the mall empty handed, that was cool). My BFF got me this ring and another cute ring. I found her a cute stretchy ring that she bought too,but she liked these for me, so she got them! ... Isnt it qqquuuuuuute!! I likey!


BBM said...

i LOVE that ring! My grandma from the Philippines just sent me ... not kidding you ... 7 different kinds of those big, cutee patutee rings! I think I'm gonna do another Themed Week with each ring being a color pallette inspiration for my Outfit of the Day ... *sigh* ... blogging is so fun!

I love your take on the BF blazer. Try rolling up the sleeves or just cuffing them and VOILA! Instant BF blazer! I say keep it opened and my fave orange/pink flowery boots with that outfit woulda be super duper dangerously cute but ure black boots are happenin too!

im so excited for that wardrobe challenge! i was dreaming of it last night and i think ive decided on a color pallette ... super fun! happy friday friend! :-)

Totally Inspired said...

I cant wait to see what you do with the rings as inspiraion. But I know it will be great! Yea, this is pretty fun.

Hmm, I never thought to cuff the sleeves. Ok. Well I am going out to dinner tonight with my BFFs, so I will cuff it then.

Yea, I am ready for the wardrobe challenge too.. but i am still working on the details. Happy friday to u 2!

Maria said...

I see what you mean about the blazer. I have that exact problem myself. Even with the vest. I couldn't make up my mind. I do like it open because it shoes off the necklaces and shirt better though. Cuffing the sleeves is a great idea too!

FashionAddict said...

I've been a fan of keeping jackets open lately to give a less stuffy feel to a professional outfit. Plus, I like how you can see the necklaces :)

Literal Gemini said...

I like it opened. It showcases the necklaces