Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eShakti - UPDATE ... and gone for the WEEKEND!

This is the skirt that my BFF got me for my birthday from eShakti. I really like the skirt but it does have a few flaws. Here are my pros and cons:

PROS - The print is really cute and the fabric is very sturdy. The cut is cute as a buttons and makes for a very versatile skirt - versatile from day to evening. This skirt was made with an elastic back and a wide waistband in the front. Excellent for eating out, lol! No really, that is a nice detail in case there are issues with sizing.

CONS - This skirt really needs a lining. I think a lining in this skirt would have made it ten times better. The fabric is a little to sheer, and most of the times I dont wear slips (although I do own a few, I still wasnt able to find one that would fit this length of skirt). Basically, you almost have to layer this skirt over another skirt, but I wasnt doing that this morning, maybe another day. So I know I made this a PRO, but the elastic waist band in the back could be a CON too because, it doesnt really stay in one place. It tends to ride up in the back and I have been tugging at it all morning. I think a sturdier zipper might have made for a better fit in this instance.

Today's Outfit
eShakti skirt
Red tank - LaneBryant
Black cardi - FashionBug
belt - Torrid

So, would I order from them again... Yup, most likely yes. I am about to order another item, a dress this time and I will be doing a review on that as well when it arrives. So check back fro that review too. Overall if you had been thinking about ordering from eShakti, I would suggest to go ahead and try it. The items are well made (hopefully I wont be doing another review of this skirt after it goes through the laundry) and they have an excellent shipping time. We didnt wait long at all. Ha haaa.. you noticed I said, "WE" because she got the cutest skirt too. Maybe she will wear it for you all and let me do a review. The skirt she ordered is reaaaaalllllyyy short, but still cute!

FYI Ladies and Gents - I leave for a mini vacation tomorrow. Im going to Memphis, TN. So this is probably the last most until after the weekend. Unless I just miss you all so much and I sneak down to the business center for an update.. we'll see! TTYL - Enjoy your weekend.. and expect some fun photos when I return!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Business Attire : Presentation

Today I have to make a presentation with our Toastmaster's Group. We are presenting to the Stepping Into Succes Team here at our office. The Toastmasters and I want to deliver a message of building self esteem and confidence in your presentation skills. We plan to talk about delivering a speech that is clear, concise and enjoyable for the participants. So this is what I wore to make that presentation.
Today's Outfit
Brown and gold twinset - DressBarn
Brown slacks - DressBarn
Black patent leather flats - Nordstrom Rack

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yesterday and Today : Seing double

Yesteday was the 8th Anniversary of my BookClub - The EbonyBookworms. Usually we would travel to some locale for relaxation, fun and ofcourse dining. This year, we decided to just have a nice brunch in Washington, DC at a place called Tony and Joe's. They havs an excellent brunch and the resturaunt is located on the banks of the Potomac River. So the scenery was very nice. Although the weather did not permit, there are even tables where you can sit outside and enjoy the weather as you dine. Instead of a big trip this year, we decided to save up our dues and travel to a really nice place for our 10th Anniversary in two years.
Yesterday's Look
Pink shift dress - OneStopPlus
Pink paisley cardi - Macys
Belt - Torrid
Flats - Macys

We carpooled to brunch, and there are a few pics that we took before we left for DC. Pictures above is Debbie (wearing a yellow tweed suit from Ashley Stewart) and Jackie (wearing creme slacks and a pink tweed jacket). I had to tell them both that they were looking very Jackie O.

We all arrived at the resturant after some botched directions. Sometimes those navigation systems can get it all wrong. But we all eventually found the place, and what a treat did we find. The views, the food, the atmosphere were all perfect for a Sunday Brunch with the BookClub! Since the weather did not permit, we all vowed to come back when we could sit out on the deck and enjoy our brunch.
The gangs all here! Including my "little sweetie," Symmone. She and I were dressed in the same colors and she was just too too tickled by that. Pictured above from left to right are:
Dawn (little sweetie's mom, wearing a black and white dress), Jackie, Me, Gia (wearing a black silk ruffle top and black slacks), Debbie, Lyndell (wearing a one piece dress, with a shiny black top and black knit bottom), and Nicole (in her casual look, wearing a teal sweater vest, grey long sleeve tee and jeans).
And then TODAY! .. Sadly I am at work on my day off. I usually have off on Monday and I work 10 hr days the rest of the week. But I had a meeting to attend today, so I had to make it in. One good thing is that I only have to stay half a day today (until noon) because I worked half a day on Friday.
But as you can see, the outfit is pretty similar to yesterday. I really liked this sweater, so I just threw it on again.. and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, but maybe I will wear it down tomorrow. When I went to the wedding on saturday, no one knew who I was. So I figured I would eases this new hair style slowly onto my coworkers, lol!
No need for a description of today's outfit. Its just the cardi and black pants, oh, and a pink ruffle button up. I really wanted to wear this cardi on my vacation to Memphis this week, but since I have had it on for 2 days, I guess I can find something else to wear. I am thinking I will stop past OldNavy tonight cuz I am really feeling their artsy cardi, which are on sale this week. So Imma go see what they have.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wedding Day - Danielle and Robert Black

The wedding of Danielle Edmonds and Robert Black Jr was held at the Savage Mill Manor House in Savage, Maryland. It was a beautiful day to have a wedding with great sunshine and a lovely breeze (that was a nice way of saying that it was cold, lol).
The wedding colors were chocolate brown and teal or turquoise.
Danielle is my coworker, so there were a few coworkers and friends that attended this wedding.

The decor was very elegant. There was a very classic look and all of the printed items were lovely!

Two of the bridesmaids were also our coworkers. They were lovely in their teal. The calla lilies were a nice touch to the wedding. They added to the elegance of the wedding.
The flowers were so crisp and clean. Very modern touch.

This was the lovely couple as they walked off after saying their vows.
It was a very nice ceremony, a little long, but very nice nonetheless.
This couple is very centered around prayer and family. And their ceremony really reflected this.

This was the second dress that the bride wore throughout the reception.
Very Lovely! It was so chic!

This is Jamaica, another of our coworkers and friends.
She did alot to help out with the setup of the day.

A close up with the bride!

During the cake cutting.

And the gangs all here (minus one or two, who knows where they were when we took this pic).
Cheers to the Bride and Groom!
It was a lovely day and a beautiful wedding!


Today was a lovely day here in Baltimore. The weather was a little chilly but the day was very nice.. And Hubby and I had a wedding to attend (wedding pics will be posted in the next post, but it was lovely). Well this is what I wore to the wedding. Does it remind you of something????

This is the dress that I wore for my birthday!
But there is something that is completely different from the last time that I wore this dress. MY HAIR! I got a new weave for my upcoming vacation to Memphis, TN. There is something about vacation that always warrants new hair. I call it my "vacation hair". Usually I like something that is versatile and easy to manage while on vacation.

This time the inspiration came from Project Runway.

I was going for a version of these looks from Maya Luz and Mila Hermanovski on this season of Project Runway. i am still debating if I want to shorten my bangs even more. But this length is starting to grow on me more and more.

Here is a close up of the hair and my makeup for the wedding that we attended.

Hubby's outfit was rather dapper. And he selected it all my himself! YYeaaaaa HuBBY!!!!

... and then THE HALLS ROCK!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 5

I have really been having a good time with the gifts that I won from Andie's Accessory Giveaway. Its so much fun to win.. and I guess I have just been really excited to show you all what I won while finding creative ways to display each accessory. Oh, and above all, I am truly greatful and thankful. Everyone doesnt get a chance to win fun and exciting new things, so, this week has been my display of appreciation.
Today's Outfit
Jeans - ???
Floral jacket - DressBarn
Black long sleeve thermal tee - GAP (mens section)
Black penndant necklace with silver rocker chain - Andie's Accessory Giveaway
Im not sure if the necklaec actually went with the chain, but I didnt have another chain that I could use, so I just made it work. And the combination is fine with me. But either piece, the necklace or the penndant, could have been worn separately.. so does that make it a "two for one" lol!

Here is a close up of the necklace.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 4 (Two for One)

Today's look is another "two for one" I used the necklace from yesterday as a bracelet and I added the scarf from my Andie Accessory Bundle! .. oh and today is finally the day!!!
Khaki slacks - K&G
Creme tank - LaneBryant
Red sweater with gold buttons - Macys
Red beaded bracelet - Andie's Accessory Giveaway

Here is a close up of the necklace and the scarf!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 3

Today I am still using my accessory giveaway as inspiration for my outfit selections. And ofcourse helping to celebrate Andie's Birthday!!! I just got this new cardi from FashionBug and it works perfectly with this skirt. I wasnt sure at all what I was going to wear this necklace with. But I think this look came together well.
Today's Outfit
Red tank - LaneBryant
Jean peasant skirt with seude top - LaneBryant
Khaki cardi - FashionBug
Red and burgundy beaded necklace - Andie's Accessory Giveaway

Here is a close up of the necklace.