Monday, October 4, 2010

The start of something big

On Saturday, I spent the morning doing a baby photoshoot. This could be the start of something big.
I found inspiration at photographer sites such as fellow fashion blogger Andie and her photosite and another photographer, Tonya -In Hines Sight, that I met at the wedding on Friday. Both of these ladies are awesome!
I actually have another blog (that I have set to private for now) .. "I want to be a Blogger and a Photographer". Maybe I will activate it since I am starting to build a portfolio. Other than the family pics that I snap often, this is my third paid photoshoot. But my first baby photos. I was excited on my way to the site (their home). But when I got there, the parents, my friends Greta and Rod, were sooo excited and that made me even more excited. Little Isaiah was the perfect baby to work with.
Enjoy a few of his photos. I did a little post editting on some of them.

oh yea.. this is what I wore.

tshirt - old Nacy
khaki cargo capris - Lane Bryant
flipflops - Avenue
camera - Cannon Xti


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Congratulations on your new side job. It's nice to hear about people getting to do what they love creatively. I hope you get plenty more paid jobs and that your portfolio turns out great!!