Monday, October 25, 2010

Its coming and I finally have plans!

So our 2nd wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I finally decided on what I want to do..
We were considering:
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Drive time : 2.5 hours
Things to Do: Gambling, Shopping, and hang out by the pool
Pros: Short driving distance, spending time with another couple (Cousin Nikki and her Hubby might join us)
Cons: Been there, Done that (but not with Hubby).  There really arent a gazillion things to do

Remember this?
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Drive time : 6 hours
Things to Do: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, trolley car sightseeing
Pros; Visiting a locale that we have never been to, Spending quality time driving together
Cons: Driving 6 hours, hotel may be 25 mins from downtown

Location: Tampa, Florida (St Petersburg)
Drive time : nope - Flight time
Things to Do: Sun and Fun
Pros: We have never been here, so we would be visiting a new locale, Cousin Nikki and her Hubby may join us on this trip
Cons: The flight is not direct, so we loose half of a day of fun and sun; The cost of this trip is a little more expensive that the other options.
 We finally decided on TRIP 3.. 
I cant wait to tell you all about it!


Anonymous said...

You should go here,I want to move to Tampa bay.

Eve said...

HOpe you have fun. You surprised me, I would have thought you'd choose trip 1 :D