Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 - Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated as a versitile blogger by Leslie at FASHION du jour. A pretty nice honor in my opinion. So thank so much! and awaaaay we go..
7 Things You Dont Know About Me
1. Loosing followers makes me slightly sad. I start to question my blog content, but then I am reminded that I blog for the joy of one person.. ME!! (Goodbye to the old followers, but more importantly - Welcome to the new!)
2. Im starting to want a puppy, but not really. I think I like the "idea" of the animal, more than the work associated with having one.
3. I have a shopping addiction.
4. I like when my house is clean, but I sometimes have a difficult time getting it clean, and keeping it clean.. aarrgh!
5. I like number combinations. Strangely, I like numbers but I dont do regular math (add and subtract) very well. But with higher level math (calculus and fractals), I am a BEAST!
6. I have a strong creative side and a strong technical/logical side (left brain and right brain).
7. I love and appreciate my husband very very much. (im sure if you read my blog, than thats not really something new, but I wanted to write it anyway)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your help. You inspire and encourage.

Eve said...

Congratulations on your award! Truly well deserved!

And thank you for sharing your award with me, a cool spirit uplifter :D

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks for the award! That was so nice of you! And congrats on YOUR award! :)

L. Michelle said...

Thanks so so much! I don't blog on Musings of L. Michelle anymore b/c that was just so random!!! SO, I will pretend that you recognized My Hair....Is Me :) I know. LOL

Love ya chica!

L. Michelle

thickandsassy said...

i nomintated u

strivingbelle said...

Hey girlie thanks so much for giving me this award. I appreciate it. I'll try to answer the questions and pass it on. I'm still trying to get myself together from my trip. Take care!