Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BBCA Day 13 and Day 14

I have been reading blogs.. and the more I read, the more clothes I want.. maybe I need to stop reading.
Tuesday.Day 13
I had to attend an appointment with Hubby. But nothing else exciting. I watched Housewives of ATL.. and then I watched an episode of Unsung about Stacy Lattisaw. Those stories are always so sad.  Next week on Unsung is the story of the Fat Boys.

Yes, Blogger is loading this pics sideways.. lol njoy!

top - Old Navy; jean vest - Lane Bryant; skirt - NY&Co; booties - Nine West; necklace - Burlington
Wednesday. Day 14
Today was a normal day. Nothing special. But Im still rocking the pink!

top - LaneBryant; greay pants - LaneBryant; pearls - ?; flower pin - grandma


budget chic said...

Love all the pink and the dark denim. Great look, the ankle boots are a nice touch!! Don't know what's going on with blogger and the sideway pictures, but it still works! ;-)

Pretty Fearless said...

That pink shirt is a great color on you and a great look.

Jeneca Luckey said...

hey i have that same denim vest! loves it!