Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BBCA - Day 20

Today I went with something a little casual.  I dont have a busy day at work and its pouring down raining..
tshirt - Old Navy; jeggins - JC Penney; jacket - Target; shoes - Macys
I got this lovely hair comb from my mother. They had a huge yard sale at the church and when it was over my mother grabbed a shoe box full of all kinds of goodies. I grabbed three of these hair combs and a necklace.


Lexy of BeautyFash said...

CUTE! Love that jacket - I have the black and ivory one, that I totally forgot about. I love days when I can be casual and not make a fuss! And that comb is so cute! :)

Eve said...

Nice outfit, but man those socks!! I LOVE THEM!!!

I'm crazy for colourful socks, especially stripes and dots!

Bella said...

What a lovely jacket! Love the shades and it looks wonderful on you.