Friday, October 22, 2010

BBCA - Day 16

Busy weekend ahead.. as usual...
Saturday is my Book Club Meeting (Finally - I dont think we have met allll year!, thats pretty sad. ok ok .. thats an exageration, lol.. but we havent met since April or May. But all of our lives are so busy and varied right now.. We will forge ahead and then next year we will make a fresh start.  we gotta do better)
Sunday, Mom is taking me to see The Wiz at a theatre here in Baltimore, Center Stage. Im pretty excited. She never told me that she got the tickets..and I went out and bought tickets with a few coworkers.  So I gave one of my tickets away, since Im going with Mom.. and I may give my other ticket away to another coworker.. we'll see.  I figure, since I was blessed, I can bless someone else.  AND then, my friend Martha called me and offered me a gift certificate to B. Smith's Resturaunt in Washington, DC.. I told her HECK YEAAAAA! I wanna gooo! I want to plan to go on Election Day, since we are off from work.

On to the fashion for today!
paisley shirt - Macys; brown corduroy pants - Old Navy; shoes - Nine West
 I really adore this shirt.  I adore paisley, thats really what it is.  I have a few different printed shirts in my closed (uh oh, sounds like a theme week coming up, lol) but I only seem to pull this one out in the fall/winter. I used to wear this shirt with a pair of burgundy corduroys, but I couldnt find them this morning.
 I thought I would offer you a close up of this cute shirt.. and my morning smile, lol!
Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I love paisley. Guess I'm not alone in this. You look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

This shirt looks so nice on you! I especially love the paisley print.

misss_e said...

I cant wait to see the pics from your exciting fun packed weekend!