Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a little late

WHEW! It was rough this morning.  I guess I was used to wearing pink, and I still had a few looks that I had not worn but I was ready for a change.  Plus the looks that I had left werent really for a Fun Friday. I may go to happy hour after work, so I wanted to be cute.. and comfortable.. and I reaaaaaally reaaaallllyyy wanted to wear my new Jalisa Lace Back Tall Riding Boots from Avenue.  I adored these boots the moment I saw them. And I liked them so much I bought both colors, but the brown ones I ordered online (and a coat) and they havent come yet.

So I was late (just a little) getting to work, cuz I had no idea what I was going to wear. This is exactly why I select my weeks wardrobe on Sunday or Monday... that way I can easily jump into my clothes during the week.  I guess wearing all that pink got me a little caught up.. but I made it through, lol!
 sweater-Dress Barn; skinny jeans-Ashley Stewart; boots-Avenue; bracelet-Andie's Giveaway

Yea, I had no idea which coat to wear this morning. So I chose between these.
black leather bomber -Lane Bryant
orange double breasted wool coat - Ashley Stewart
green leather jean jacket style - Newport News

Which would you have selected????
I thought that the orange coat was a little to bulky with the sweater. So, I chose to wear the green leather jacket. I thought it added a little color

So I wanted to do a review of the boots that I think are so soo cute!
These boots are HAWT! And they are seriously in fashion.  They go well with skinny jeans, denim jeggins, or leggins of any kind.  And I can see myself wearing them with a long denim skirt or even a short denim skirt. I cant wait to get the brown ones in the mail. I even want to find a way to wear them with a dress or skirt.. any suggestions? send me pics.  Another benefit is that they actually fit my calfs (or is it calves?) and I can slip my jeans down in there. I have tried a few different tall boots (some I can fit and others not so much. Mostly I can fit the stretchy boots - either fabric or that fake leather [more on that later]) But this is the first pair that I can slip my jeans down in. I was super excited when I tried these on! .. "These boots is made for walking!"
They dont really fit.. I know I know.. silly - but I needed a 7 1/2 and they only come in 7W or 8W.. they skipped the half size all together, duuuuh!!! Some of us do wear 7 1/2.  The other issue I have is that they are not leather. I like quality items. So I would much prefer that these were real leather.  Also, since I had to get an 8W, I think they are a little to slouchy at my ankles. I dont really prefer them to look that way, but oh well. I like them to lay more flush against the flesh (say that a few times, lol)

**Side Note: Hubby wasnt really feelin the boots.. he said they remind him of riding boots from the 80's. And I remember those boots all too well.  In Baltimore we wore riding boots but the lace up was in the front. And we wore "city boots" with the elastic band at the top near the calf. I was lucky enough that my mom actually bought me a pair of riding boots. In a camel color. They were perect. And I am happy to replace those with this new Jalisa pair.. Everything old is new again!


L. Michelle said...

I would have worn the orange coat. It just looks better. I purchased boots from the Avenue a few weeks ago and wore them last night to one of my UG chapter's events...I get there and in true UG form, one of my Sorors goes, "Puss N' Boots is in the building" LOL

Happy Friday!

Toya said...

Soror your too cute, I love the side note about Hubby's opinion. I'm looking for a pair of knee high boots haven't founf any yet but I have hope and sales to help with that.

I too liked the orange coat for a pop of color.

Linda said...

I saw those boots at the store and was disappointed that they didn't have my size. I should look online. They are adorable!

Totally Inspired said...

@ L. Michelle, you make me laugh.. that was hilaaarious!!! LOL!!!
@ Soror Toya.. yea chile, all that pink had me caught up..I couldnt figure out a thing this morning to wear. I needed to get out of that stuff, (#wink, lol).
@ Linda.. hurry, hurry.. they are soo cute.. you shoulda had them call another store. OR just order them online!
Mrs Hall In Training
Thanks Yall for reading.. Njoy your weekend!

Kimberly said...

I ordered these boots earlier in the week after not getting around to getting to the store to buy them. I got a half size, so perhaps they were just out of the 7.5 online when you ordered. Can't wait to wear them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you do. Your blog gets better and better. Love all the outfits. In my closet trying to duplicate right now. The red coat is adorable.