Monday, October 25, 2010

Mail Call! (BBCA Day 17 and 18)

Look what I got in the mail today!! .. I won a giveaway from Christina at Randomness, a la Mode

 Lookie what I got inside.  When I saw these shoes I was thinking "WHOA!!!" Now yall know that I dont really wear high pumps like this (anymore, I used to back in the day)..; but when I slipped these on I was shocked that they fit.. and fit comfortably (relatively). But I think I could actually pull these off..
atleast one time. Thanks!
SATURDAY-Morning (BBCA Day 17)
Yup, It was pretty busy. And I had an early start. I wore something very comfortable and casual (and also seen here).
Tunic-FashionBug; denim leggins - Ashley Stewart; necklace - Avon
Lil G (Cousin Nikki's son) won his little football game. It was so cute to watch them play. And ofcourse Little Miss Taylor (Cousin Nikki's daughter) was there and all smiles.

GO WOLFPACK! No. 1 !!!
duuuh, with that scarf on, I had on the colors for the other team! But who cares when I was shouting the loudest for the  Wolfpack!
After we left the football game, we went to the market.  The bookclub was coming over at 4p, and I still had to cook.  I made three different soups-butternut squash, potato leek soup, and salmon corn chowder. And we also had string beans, corn bread, and strawberry shortcake. deeelish!
Some of the ladies after the meeting.  I still havent selected a book for us to read, but we have started to select a locale for our book club vacation next year.
Sunday - Theater (BBCA Day - 18)
 I got a chance to sleep in a little before the theater. And I needed it because I had to do alot of driving to do.  My mother wasnt feeling well, so I had to pick her up and my little cousin Alice. Which means I had to drive all the way across town. But its was all worth it to spend time with these ladies. 
top - Lane Bryant; jeggins - JC Penney; shoes - Macys; necklace - Burlington; leather shrug - Ashley Stewart
I didnt get a pick of Mom, but here is a pic of Alice and I. We really enjoy spending time with each other.  She is such a sweet little girl. Still innocent and a ball of laughs.
Our grandma clicked this pic. How funny is that, lol!

SSSSsssshhhhhh! At the book club meeting, Jackie had on the cutest pair of boots and she was telling me that she even got a pair from the Avenue that could fit her calves. I ran over there before I picked up Alice and I picked up a few things. 
2 pair of boots, a pair of slouchy cargo pants, and a pair of camo skinnies (Dots). I cant wait to show you. I got a few other things, but I decided to take some things back.


Christina said...

YAY! Im glad you finally received it! :) Hope you enjoy your goodies and thanks again for following! =D

-Christina <3

Eve said...

HOpe your Mom is feeling better.
WoW! Those shoes are HOT!!! Congrats on your win.

All of your outfits were really nice, love your style.