Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She had a few other things to do today, so we plan to celebrate later on. But I couldnt let the day go by without a shout out for Mom's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Bernette Lee Jones!
I love you much!

It wasnt until after college that I realized what a true jewel that my mother is. I mean I have always loved her, but between this mother daughter relationship, the appreciation for who she is didnt come until I was an adult. We have very different views about some things. And often times we see the world in a different way. But we have learned over time that we truly love and care for each other and we want the best for each other. We are still in the process of working on a few things in our relationship, but atleast we are willing. I know that I am. We both want to be heard by the other person, and we are still working on respecting the other person's point of view without compromising to much on our own views and opinions. Today its alot easier to talk about my loving relationship with my mother. She is kind, loving and compassionate, a wealth of knowledge. As much as I didnt want to be like her in my younger days... I am so much like her as an adult ... and thats fine with me.

So since I couldnt spend the day with mom. I had an awesome lunch date with one of my sorority sisters. Robyn and I chatted about married life (she is recently married), relationships, self renewal and realization and children. It was a pretty deep and unfolding conversation for both of us. Whenever we share time together its a good time! Luv ya Rob!

I grabbed a look from the September Outfit Inspiration Calendar.
Monday, 9/27 - Mix: Leopard & Army Green
leopard tank - H&M
skinny jeans - Ashley Stewart
green shoes - Stein Mart (Memphis, TN)
I did have a green cardi to wear but I was in the house all day so I didnt really need to wear it.

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