Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feminine Menswear

Not much to chat about today.. After work, I gotta help my sister (BFF Yolanda) start to pack her apartment (thats pretty exciting .. NOT, lol). But check my update on yesterday's post.. "Ladybug" (Cousin Nikki's daughter Taylor) had an excellent time at her party!
top - Ashley Stewart
jean leggins - Avenue
bracelet - Cancun, Mexico
belt - Rainbow Plus
shoes - Macys
OOOHHHH!! and how could I forget to mention..
Leslie at FASHION du jour hosted a giveaway and I won!! Yup, Im pretty excited about that.. I get to go shooooping!!! wooot wooot!! oh yea, oh yea.. lol (I'm pretty pumped. Now, what will I buy, whew!)

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