Thursday, September 9, 2010

Signature Pose

Seriously.. this must be my "Top Model - Signature Pose" I guess I think my outfits look better with my hand on my hip, legs crossed, and head slightly turned... I was gonna run down all the times that I did this pose.. but there are far far to many.. SO - This Is It... My Top Model Signature Pose... take it or leave it.. but I love it!!
top - Old Navy
skirt - Burlington Coat Factory
shoes - Avenue
necklace - Burlington Coat Factory
bracelets - Cancun
OK.. so today is the last day to enter the
... I will be drawing a name tomorrow!
Good Luck!


Nefertiti said...

tres jolie tenue et tu as toujours ton joli sourir qui fait toujours plaisir !

Jeneca Luckey said...

woot woot! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the pose. You know I think you take the best pix. I'm still a photographer in training