Sunday, August 1, 2010

Making Lemonade - White Wedding July 2010

Hubby and I traveled to Harrisburg, PA to attend the wedding of one of my sorority sisters. Look at that nicely wrapped gift in the back seat.... oh oh.. and that awsome hat.. I wonder who's gonna wear that, lol.

We stayed at the Harrisburg Hilton.

Travel Outfit
Brown skirt - JCPenny
tshirt - OldNavy
sunglasses - Coach
We grabbed a little lunch at Spice.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to get dressed for the wedding. The weather was so wonderful and love was truly in the air.

Wedding Outfit
dress - Ashley Stewart
accessories - Lia Sophia
sunglasses - Coach
shoes (now in the giveaway bag) - Nordstrom

Hubby was looking rather dapper too. Ofcourse he owes it all to his stylist,lol. I love this hat on him. And the linen shirt is so crisp. He was looking good, smelling good, and feeling good (comfortable).
We sat with another of my sorority sisters and her new fiance.. Up next.. a wedding in NYC (or where ever they choose, but the Halls will be in the place to be, lol)

The wedding ceremony began and it was a dream. (ofcourse there were a few bridesmaids and some cute little children but thats alot of photos for one post. I think a pic of the bride and her daddy will do)

The minister mentioned in his prayer that this wedding is ordained by God. And it truly shows in this couple. They are a blessing to each other and a blessing to everyone that they meet. I have known the bride for some time since we went to college together, but after meeting the groom, I knew that she was in good hands. (And the bride's mother agreed, lol). This couple was destined to meet and I am so grateful that the stars aligned for them.

The groom's daughter was apart of the ceremony as well. She said her vows to the marriage. It was so cute.
The reception was splendid. Very elegant and chic with an add of whimsy. So the theme of the wedding was turning lemons into lemonade. This couple has weathered a few storms but their relationship has withstood it all. And their marriage will be even more powerful and wonderful together. We took a few flicks while the hors d'oeuvres were being served. And then we went in to have our meal.. and get the party started!!!

Ofcourse there were pics of my sorority sisters and I. We flicked it up, but again, waaay to many pics for one post. Just know that when we get together the laughs never stop. Now that we are starting to add husbands to the fun.. the laughs are even harder.. and funnier, lol.
They had the cutest candybar. The wedding colors were yellow and guava (like a pink).

I made the bride some sparkly flipflops to wear during the reception. She loved them!!!

And ofcourse we had to sing a sweetheart song to the groom! All of the husbands have to go through it.. and they get the most beautiful bouquet of yellow roses in the end. It was a very fitting ceremony to include the new husband into our circle. We really want him to know that she comes with alot of sisters, lol.

Sunday morning we had brunch with the happy couple.

Brunch Outfit
grey tank - Target
white tank - Old Navy
white skirt - LaneBryant

Raspberries was the location. And the ladies were looking so lovely. We had a blast at brunch talking about all the funny moments at the wedding.


HelloNavyNurse said...

I love your blog!! It was wonderful I wanna keep reliving the moment and am inspired to start blogging again myself. I did it in Kuwait and Haiti. Now to BLog about being Mrs. White!! YAY! Love you Meel!!

Dannie said...

All around nice!! I love her cake!!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

You looked fabulous in that blue dress. Love it! :)
Glad you have fun at the wedding- a friend of mine sings jazz at that hotel all the time- what a small world.

Nefertiti said...

merci du partage,magnifiques personnes et lieux ;O)

misss_e said...

Looks like looked fab of course!

Eve said...

What a gorgeous wedding! You and hubs were looking tight! I loved his shoes and your dress especially! :D

I never joined a sorority in college, your pics are making me wish I had. YOur sisters look like lovely peoples.

Thanks for sharing