Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its been hiding..

You remember this dress. I got it when I went to the Family Reunion in North Carolina. I have been hiding it because its such a nice dress. Comfy and cute. If I didnt hide it, I would have worn it atleast once a week.. and thats pretty boring to see on a daily fashion blog... lol
dress - Ross (North Carolina)
shoes - Payless
necklace and bracelet - Avon
gold hoop earrings - Cancun
I was really tired this morning. Hubby and I have a meeting after work, so we had to get up and at'em early today. we drove to work together so we could just take one car, and I loooove to drive to work with him Besides the fact that I like to be driven around (my own personal chauffer). I do LOVE spending time with Hubby. Even if we are driving in silence. Its amazing because I am a talker.. and my mind is usually going a mile a minute. So often times, I dont appreciate the silence because I feel like we should be saying something. But I have learned over time, that silence really is golden (sometimes). And I like driving in silence (maye with a tune or two from the ipod) with Hubby! Luv ya babes! - And thanks for the ride this morning. Mmmuuuaaah!


MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

Awwwwwwwwww Luv you too!

Bajan Beauty said...

Isn't hard not to wear your most favorite things all the time, lol. I love the color of this dress. Looks like it will be a great transition piece for fall as well.