Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day with BayBay

top - OldNavy
capris - Lane Bryant
necklace - Dominican Republic (from our honeymoon)
red rose stud earrings - Aldo
bracelets - ??

BayBay and his housemate Mr Erhart.
The family had a cookout over at the Assisted Living Home where our grandfather, BayBay lives. There was plenty of food and laughs.

Cuzin Kylon was enjoying the crabs that Uncle Bay cooked.

Uncle Randy was taking a break from his "grill cooking duties"

hi Cuzin Nikki .. and Cuzin Sterling

Hilarious... some of the aunts thought that Garnet and Sterling were the same person.. not hardly! lol.

Fam chillin under some shade in the yard.

Kids .. Kids .. and more kids

Hi Taylor, but I call her "Ladybug" sometimes she likes the name and other times she doesnt.

Hey Robert!

Uncle Bay and Cuzin Aaron (father and son).. workin hard at the grill

Cuzin April (also my new Godsister) and Baby Kobie.. he was turning 1 years old!

me and Cuzin Kim

Grandma didnt want her picture taken.. ha haaa

The gang all came in to sing Happy Birthday to the "Handy Boys"

Little Chris was turning 3 years old.

Cuzin Kellie and Kobie - Opening one of his gifts, lol

Lil Chris opening one of his gifts

and he waisted no time playing with it.

awwwll, and then it was time to go.

See ya next time! ... and I am exhausted.

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Courtney said...

It looks like you had so much fun! You have got such a nice looking family! I loved seeing these pics, and you looked super cute too. : )
Loving the Reflection