Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yesterday and Today : User Error

So, I got a new camera recently. Hubby likes to keep me laced with the newest technology, so I got a new camera. Well actually, he wanted to buy himself a new camera (his old one was pretty crappy, lol).. but he knew that I would be pouting if he got a new camera and not me.. so he got both of us a new cameras...He likes to have the latest technology.. and he has been trying to persuade me to get an iphone for months, but I havent caved in yet.. I'll probably take his old iphone like I do with all his other "handme down" technology, lol.
So, anyway, I did take a pic yesterday, BUT - I didnt have the SD card in the camera, so I couldnt get the pic off the camera.. WHY... cuz I lost the damn cord.. How does someone loose a cord to a brand new camera??? dduuuhh.. well, this morning, Hubby found the cord!!! (He is really good at finding my lost stuff too.. he has waay more patience in that area.) - Thanks Hubby.

This is my attempt at an outfit from the FabFinds Inspiration Calendar.
Tuesday, July 27 - Layer an Oxford Shirt over a Dress

Yesterday Outfit
dress - Rainbow
shoes - Wilson Leather
shirt - Macys (Is this an oxford? or not really?)
belt - Rainbow
Necklace - Birthday gift from Sorority Sister
And today, is another look swiped from the FabFinds Inspiration Calendar.
Wednesday, July 28 - Dress up a Graphic Tee

Today's Outfit

black pencil skirt - Macys
shoes - RackRoom
graphic tshirt - OldNavy
khaki jacket - JCPenny
necklace - AshleyStewart


Danielle said...

I really like the second outfit. It would be good for a casual lunch on the weekend too.

Kimberly said...

Two fantastic outfits!! Glad Hubsters founds the cord!

MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

I like this one babe! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this one. The little khaki jacket gives it that fashion edge.

Eve said...

That Ashley Stewart necklace is hollering at me!! I should have to make myself one of those!! It looks so nice with the black skirt and shoes, and the blk & wht t-shirt, this entire look is smoking!

You and hubs complement each other perfectly :D

The yesterday outfit is very nice too, I like the wider belt, and the cute little side look you're giving. :D too cute.

QueenDiva said...

For the record... I am in love with the dress up a graphic tee look. I will be using that outfit idea some day!!!

thickandsassy said...

go to rock the blazer, skirt and graphic tee. kool and funly look