Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where is the purple??? I dont have any...

Today I pulled another page from the FabFinds Outfit Inspiration Calendar. Im not really happy with the way that the pics turned out. But I do like the actual look on. Has this ever happened to anyone? I think the pics made my midsection look a little chunkier than normal.. but I didnt see that in the mirror,lol .. oh well.. here it is anyway.
Thursday, July 29 - Purple & Green Color Combo
I had to work hard at coming up with a combo for today. Originally I had a purple dress that I was going to wear with a green weave cardi.. But then I thought, whew, thats to hot to wear. My dilema is that I dont really have alot of purple clothes. I have a dress that I wore to a friends wedding.. and I have a dress that I bought from OneStopPlus. A nice shift dress - in purple, But I have never worn it. So I had to did deep into the closet for this look today. But I like it. The top is more of a purple-pink. But thats more of my color than purple. I dont mind purple on other people, its just not my favorite purple. Maybe I just havent found that perfect item.. who knows.. Im still looking....
Today's Outfit
Purple top - Macys
green khaki capris - LaneBryant
shoes - Payless
statement necklace - Macys


Beth said...

Love how your top matches your necklace. That looks so cute and put together

Andie said...

that purple is stunning on you!

QueenDiva said...

Come swing by my closet... I got tons of purple. You look great as usual. And I can't wait to see you in that dress that was too hot ;)

Eve said...

You look so pretty in that purple top! And the necklace just sets it off perfectly. I had to click and enlarge on that necklace, it's FAB!