Monday, July 26, 2010

Wet weekend

Hubby and I went to Philly for a Pool Party hosted by my sorority sister. The drive up was pretty nice. We played some good music and this was the first time that we put the new car on the road.. it served us well, lol.

Saturday Outfit
floral maxi - Ross
The pool was all ready for us to get in. And the weather was sooo hot, but the pool was nice and cool. My sorority sister had a full spread of food and drinks. She made an awesome spiked iced tea. We all enjoyed it, lol. And for dessert, she had my favorite cupcakes from Brown Betty's Cupcake Boutique.. AWESOME!!!!!


We were up early on Sunday. I had planned to spend the day in Philly, but Hubby had to get some work done so we hit the road. We tried to stop and have a bite to eat at Waffle House but it was packed.. so we just made our way home and ordered some lunch when we got home.

Sunday Outfit
orange dress - ??
Coach bag
leather braided flats - Payless
Today was filled with errands. But this is the maxi that wore while trying to look chic, lol.

Today's Outfit
floral maxi - Ross
turquoise tank - LaneBryant


Courtney said...

Oooohhh girl, I love that floral maxi dress! So pretty!

Loving The Reflection

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Can you believe I do not even own a maxi dress? What is wrong with me? lol

Eve said...

I don't own a maxi dress either! But I have to get one.

You look FANTASTIC in every outfit! Red is for sure your color! Great accessories too!

That pool looks like too much fun for adults. Hahhaaa Unless you have a little kid in you. :D And don't we all!

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog for a surprise!

Totally Inspired said...

@ Courtney - Thanks Courtney!

@ Renee and Eve - NO maxi dresses???? whats up wit you ladies.. you gotta get you one .. or two.. or three.. Ross is my favorite place to buy maxi dresses.. great selections and good prices.. but they may not last a second season after washing [you get what you pay for].

thanks Chrissie for the blog award! and thanks for reading.