Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inspired by Bouchard

When I started this blog I needed some serious style inspiration. I was in a style rut and I had no clue what I was wearing.. I WANTED to look different. I knew I had a style in there somewhere but I had no idea how to pull it out.. SO.. I started blogging.. and thanks to all of you.. I feel more like myself again! Thats why my name is "Truly Inspired"
And I say all that, to say, I often use other bloggers as my inspiration for outfits.. And today is no different... Today I was inspired by Renee T. Bouchard of Style ... The New Black. She made a post on a rainly day post outfit that I thought was so cute and simple. I had to try it.. so, here it isssss! Thanks Renee!
This is the polyvore that Renee put together. You can read her post about each of the items.
And this is what I put together....
Today's Outfit
yellow top - Old Navy
gray skirt - Target
necklace - Andie's accessory giveaway
shoes - ??
belt and bracelet - Scottsdale, AZ
I am wearing this awesome belt that I bought in Scottsdale, AZ. I was on a trip that I took with the book club. I dont get to wear it often, but this was the perfect outfit for it. I have on a really nice silver bracelet that I bought at that same time in AZ, but the pics didnt come out to well.. but it has a really nice floral relif design all made of silver.

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Eve said...

Really cute look Kameel, the necklace and that awesome belt really brings those colours together. :D